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"orange" you lovin' these colors...

Thursday, April 2

look at the mix of orange & pinks going on here...i'm lovin' it! ella looks so spectacular in her new digs from uncle mike. these are some shots i "grabbed" from video - taken on tuesday while out with my mom:

i have to apologize for the "listless" state my blog seems to be in right now. can't add anything fun yet because i'm still learning my way around the mac - loving it of course but it's definitely a learning curve right now. don't have my ps loaded and although i'm maneuvering around photos and videos now, i don't have my programs for applying my frames, etc. yet. i like to keep things interesting and fun and my posts have been way too frumpy lately. i...especially have a complex about it because things always have to be visually appealing to me and this just is NOT cuttin' it lately.

in response to the complaints i'm getting about the fact that there are no pics of me. well people...i'm always "behind" the camera. i did have to take some time today to scrounge up a photo of myself for the photographer's workshop. i actually had to reference a video my little cousin kalie took of me while we were at ema's swim lessons. kalie just picked up "the flip" - out of curiosity - and just started filming. so i went through the video and "grabbed" a photo. (not great - but it's current). *big smile* - thanks kalie.

next, we have ms. ella scarlet - enjoying her new "exersaucer" the other day...her little legs barely reach the bottom - & believe it or not, she's already managed to twist the seat around to look at the full spectrum of eye candy going on. (could she just stop being in such a rush to be such a big girl??!!)

what else? i'm learning soooo much from the photographer's workshop i started on monday. (not even about photography...yet...just info. about things such as the best place to purchase lenses and photo "blog books". yes people, you can actually have a book printed related to all of your blog posts. how amazing is that? i figure it's something i could do once a year - i'm really excited about that. a blog is not only an online "journal" but it's also a scrapbook too. as you might imagine, my head is spinning with the ideas of the endless possibilities this opportunity presents. (slow down...girl...sloooowwww down).

off to get down and dirty with real life - dinner plans, cleaning, brushing my teeth, etc. but i WILL make today exceptional somehow - how about you?


Rhonna Farrer said...

i AM lovin those colors! she's adorable! and i lloove your sunglasses!

Unknown said...

thanks..i think she's pretty adorable too! *wink*
sunglasses are by fossil - they are pretty scratched up...i'm in need of a new pair - gotta have'em in this florida sun! thanks for the comment. just got some of the newer hof3 goods - can't wait to play. lovin' the mac - thanks again for your input/advice.

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