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just a few things...

Wednesday, March 31

in between the packing, moving and painting...
i just wanted to squeeze in some of the "customer-request inspired" designs i've been working on...
the middle item has already been added to the shoppe...

and aren't these inserts a GREAT idea for requesting books instead of cards?
these could easily be adapted for a birthday party too!
(these aren't in the shoppe yet...but will be soon).
i'm up to my eyeballs with painting!
i think i'll take my camera with me to the new house today...
i'm sure you'd love a "behind the scenes" peek into the process. *wink*
i've painted swatches of colors on numerous walls throughout the house. yikes!
j went and picked up most of the paint yesterday.
my mom is meeting me over there this morning to begin the painting process...

wish us luck!

hugs to everyone.
i miss you like crazy...
but i'm enjoying the process of the move!

packing tape...

Monday, March 29

this is what my life is going to consist of for the next week or so...
packing tape.
and lots of it.
i'm not using these colors to tape the moving boxes closed.
these are being used to "color code" each box.
each room of the house has been designated a "color".
i'll put a little strip of colored masking tape on each box to indicate which room to put the box in.
it was an idea inspired from the flylady.
if you haven't heard of her you should check out her site.
she'll help you organize your daily life and de-clutter.
she's got a fabulous section dedicated to "moving tips"...
it's good information.
(it can be a little O.C.D.'s all good) *wink*

do you want to see my "little" list of house-related tasks to complete?
(these are calls i need to make & to-do's):
re-key the house
alarm service
garage doors (re-key remote openers and adjust 2 of the doors)
landscape (trim crepe myrtles, pull weeds, sprinkler system & new sod quote)
fencing (have home depot come out to evaluate)
painting (exterior and interior)
internet service (cancel and restart)
satellite/cable - (cancel & transfer)
lawn service (cancel with current & start up with new company)
change of address (post office as well as family/friends postcards)
furniture appointment

busy! busy!
PLUS...i'm working on some super FUN projects.
a cake logo/invite for a customer...
(i can't WAIT to share it with you)

but here's another fun project i played a small part in recently...

i designed the little fairy silhouette & butterfly for her to use on her daughter's birthday party invites.
i can't WAIT to hear/see all of the details from the party that occured this weekend...
i just KNOW it's going to be fabulous...

i took on a LARGE order through my etsy shoppe and i've got to have everything mailed out by next monday...phew!

so i must get on with my day!
LOTS to get done and i'm already behind schedule...6:41a.m. - yikes!

happy monday.
i'll keep updating you on the house with pictures...

Keeping It Real:
it took at least 12 different shots to get the perfect one of the packing tape...silly...aren't i?

it's closing day...

Thursday, March 25

we'll be walking through these doors...(from the outside in) just a few short hours.
today is closing day.
we meet at 5p.m.
i've already met up with the realtor and completed the "walk-through".
i've been assured we are 100% ready to go...
so unless something VERY strange happens...
by day's end, these will officially be the doors to our new house.

we are excited.
my mom is coming to watch all 3 girls for us while we're tending to the paperwork.
she's also making us a "picnic-style" dinner to bring right over to the new house...
for all of us to celebrate together.
she's even doing the fake champagne and wine glasses for the girls...
thank you SO much mom!

it's definitely a day for celebrating!!

a VERY happy thursday to everyone...

Keeping It Real
Is it terrible to already be dreaming of the front doors i'd REALLY love to see on the house?
and convincing myself that painting them black, for now, will help me love them a little more until we can replace them?
It's okay to dream, right?
I shouldn't feel the least bit guilty...right?


Wednesday, March 24

it hit me this morning...
my life is filled with boxes right now.
some are REALLY heavy & big.
some are like little presents i can't wait to unwrap.
and then there are some that are empty...waiting for me to fill them up. (literally & figuratively)

first on the list:

with us closing on a house tomorrow...
you'd think i'd be buried in boxes and paper-fill.
unfortunately, i'm behind.
like REALLY behind.
i think i've got the "one foot in and one foot out" mentality.
you know...
not REALLY convinced this is all happening.
don't think i'll be convinced until we've got the keys in our hands tomorrow.
thankfully we aren't pressed for time as to when to be out of the house we are currently in. *phew* helps a whole heck of a lot to be moving a mere 7 minutes from where we are right now. *wink*
my garage is filled with boxes.
but most are empty right now.

next up?

By this i'm referring to the accomplishments/goals i've been determined to cross-off.
- the treadmill every morning. (well...almost every morning) *wink*
- crossing off the "to-do's" for the move. (emails, paperwork, utilities, insurance, etc.)
- marking off the everyday "to-do's (doctor, dental & oral surgeon appts., etc.)
- meeting deadlines for orders through my etsy shoppe
- satisfying some of the goals noted on my before birthday list. (the most recent? #30 - brio's for cheesecake only - thank you kris for going with me and spending hours fun!)

and finally...

- i've been pushing myself creatively - trying new things/techniques (it's been amazing)
- i've actually "jogged" a few times on the treadmill. (no more than 5 minutes at a stretch - boy is it a challenge for someone who doesn't LOVE to run) *wink* but it feels good to push myself.

now do you see what i mean by all of the boxes i'm surrounded by?
i couldn't be more grateful for each and every one of them.
i look at the boxes as "vessels of transition."
it's up to me as to whether or not to use them.
they are merely opportunities...
opportunities to either be filled up or emptied out...
each one containing the keys for opening and closing different chapters of my life.
and it's wonderful.

happy wednesday to you all.
looking forward to normal blogging time in the not-too-distant future!

Keeping It Real
I bought 6 different colored masking tapes to identify rooms/boxes through the packing/moving process.
too bad only clara and ema have actually been able to use it since they've both taken the initiative to start packing up their rooms. (it sure helps that they are both excited).
oh...and that birthday party for ema???
thank goodness she's agreed to wait until april.
believe me...i'm going to be pushing for "LATE" april to buy me some more time! *grin*

{party inspiration} raggedy ann

Monday, March 22

(photos via one charming party)

i cannot TELL you how much i ADORE this raggedy ann inspired birthday party.
this color combination has been REALLY hot and it makes SO much sense with this theme.

i'd first come across this picture awhile ago via nicole hill

i LOVE the idea of wrapping sandwiches with coordinating party colors.
it's simple but has such a WOW factor.
just take your boring ole jam sandwiches...
wrap'em up with some CUTE paper...
and BAM....
now they are "JAMMIN" sandwiches...*wink*
it's all about presentation people...

so anyway...
now....brittany from one charming party is posting more photos in segments...
the photography is stunning
and the colors are brilliant together.
so...a HUGE "thank you SO MUCH" for the inspiration one charming party & nicole hill!! you did an AMAZINGjob of pulling together a beautiful party...

this post is actually also serving as a little "shout out" to "i run for cake" -
she left me a comment a few posts back & needed some inspiration...
i immediately thought of the sandwich wraps and posted a comment.
(i'm just not sure she ever got the comment and now i've got MORE photos to share with her).
so i decided to do an entire blog post not only to share with you...but for "i run for cake" as well.
she was looking for party decor ideas for a shower she's got coming up...
listen to her ADORABLE idea/inquiry...

I run for cake!, March 17, 2010 7:07 AM

All of your stuff is adorable! I have a friend who is having twins in September...this will be her first babies...yeah! She doesn't want to know the sex, but her husband does! So here is their plan...Only her husband will find out the sex of the babies, put it in an envelope and give to me...I will then bake a cake with the layers color coded to match the sex of the babies (blue = boy, pink = girl) and it will be revealed at a party for them for all their friends and family to find out...what a fun idea right? I have been racking my brain trying to think of a cute "theme" for this type of party or color combo since it could be a boy/girl, boy/boy or girl/girl but no one will know the sex until the cake is actually cut...any cute ideas you have for invitations, theme, etc would be great


don't you just LOVE the fact that the sex of the twins will be revealed during the cutting of the cake!? what a completely unique idea.

i immediately thought of this color combo because it covers ALL bases...

red/blue covers both female and male and then the stunning combination of the two could EASILY be adapted for an "ALL boy" OR "ALL girl" party.

what do you guys think?

happy's going to be a GREAT week. LOTS going on!

65 years ago today...

Friday, March 19

For those of you who know me...
you know my grandfather was my absolute HERO!
He wasn't just my grandfather, he was also the father-figure in my life.
My grandfather had the BEST sense of humor with an infectious laugh.
He appreciated life.
He had a gift for gathering friends and family together.
and he was always finding the good.
I was lucky enough to spend most of my formative years growing up in his house with he and my grandmother.
They were SUCH awesome examples to me.

It's for those reasons,
I couldn't let today go by without acknowledging him...
or rather,
acknowledging just ONE of the significant life-changing events in his life.

It was 65 years ago today...
March 19th 1945.
My grandfather, Charles J. Richardson, Jr. was 21 years of age.
He and his pilot, Eugene J. Tougas, were flying their B52 bomber over the Inland Sea near Kure Harbor, Japan.
It was World War II.
They'd just gotten a direct hit on one of the Japanese aircraft carriers.
The flak from the explosion as well as enemy fire had damaged their aircraft to the point of forcing them to make an emergency water landing.
They survived the impact of the crash and floated in the sea for hours.
After somehow surviving being run over by a Japanese battleship as well as dodging the gunfire as it went by, they were then picked up by a Japanese fishing boat.
They were taken to a nearby village and were beaten & abused by the townspeople until the Japanese military arrived and took possession of them.
He was taken to the P.O.W. camp in Ofuna, Japan
He spent the next 6 months enduring unspeakable amounts of cruelty and abuse.
- Forced to sit cross-legged on a blanket 16 hours a day
- unable to bathe or brush his teeth
- served only 1/2 a teacup of saltwater twice a day with occasional fish heads, tails and scales
- punished with beatings sometimes involving clubs
- medical attention denied
- lice infested and prohibited from removing them

And many other things none of us will EVER have to experience.

He was released when the war ended...September 2nd 1945.
He'd lost over 55lbs. & had developed beri beri due to starvation.
He spent the next 3 months recovering...
and even after all of that...
my grandfather continued to serve in the Navy - later fighting in the Korean War.
He retired from the Navy 20 years later.
(and still continued to work for the Pentagon and other various government institutions).

His example of strength, dedication and loyalty runs deep in my veins.
He is a modern-day hero.
Not just for his service to our country.
But for his service to the love of his life - my grandmother, Dorothy Louisette Richardson.
(That's an entirely different story which deserves a post of it's own).

My grandfather has since passed away.
There REALLY hasn't been a day that has gone by that I've not thought about him.
I miss him terribly.
He was an amazing person, a loving father, a selfless husband and the best grandfather I could have ever wished for.
Everyone that ever met him LOVED him.
I know you would've loved him too...

big brother/little sister

Wednesday, March 17

remember the "big sister to-be" invites from the other day?
i had a customer request for a "big brother to-be" invite...
what do you think of this one?
i'm REALLY loving the plaids lately.
the bonus is i'm seeing plaid EVERYWHERE...especially in fashion.
how does that benefit me/us?
it makes it super easy to find coordinating party elements: ribbon, fabric, etc.
so tell me what YOU are looking for...
send me your ideas.
i MIGHT pick someone's submission and create a custom design for you...
and then i might just send you the design...
for FREE...*hint hint*
let's put our "creative thinking caps" on...

have a wildly fantastic wednesday...
hugs everyone!

Keeping It Real:
By the way...."Happy St. Patty's Day"!
Wish I had some cute "green" things to share/post/inspire you with.
Been SO busy with life and "house stuff". (if all goes well, closing is next week).
Looking forward to being able to "chat" more and respond to the many comments you are leaving.

happy birthday ema...

Tuesday, March 16

it was eleven years ago today...
my sweet ema was born.
3 weeks early...
weighing 7lbs.
born at 7a.m.

emalyn anne is her full name.
"ema" is just her nickname.
the "lyn" part is my middle name.
"anne" covers "joanne" & "lannette" - her two grandmothers.
"anne" also covers her two GREAT grandmothers: "ann" and "annie"

she has the BIGGEST heart ever...
she'll give everything she has away...
if it means someone else will benefit or is in need.
she's selfless.
she's a snuggler.
she's also stubborn.
and she has a little temper.
i've always said "she might beat you up...
but she'll also be there to nurse the wounds afterwards..." *wink*
i love her SO. MUCH.

happy birthday ROCK!

by the way...the picture is of the cookies i packaged up to take to em's class...
it's her last year of elementary...
i don't think bringing cookies to school from here on out will be "acceptable". *sniffle*

{my shoppe} big sister invites...

Monday, March 15

inspired by a recent customer request...
"big sister to-be" baby shower invitations now available in the shoppe.

4 versions available to suit your taste and a coordinating "celebration package" coming soon...

my weekend was super nice...
i was extra happy because the sun was shining and the temps were up! (heaven)

i've gotten some super sweet comments from blog readers lately...
just wanted to say i ADORE you all.
you inspire me and i'm grateful for the stories you share.

looking forward to a day filled with errands and "box checking"...
first on the list?
car detailing to help remove the remaining moisture from the car...

here's to a GREAT week...
ema's birthday is tomorrow.
st. patty's day is wednesday.
next week is the closing on our new house.
lots to be excited about!

find the good...

Friday, March 12

these last couple of days have been quite challenging...
wednesday was filled with ella being clingy, grouchy and determined not to take a nap or was not content unless she was in my arms.

thursday brought new hope...
however, not only did it turn out to be filled with more of the same...
it brought additional struggles as well:

so instead of just posting the "doom and gloom" of it all...
let's play a little game called "find the good"...

ella was still clingy, grouchy, unhappy unless i was holding her & still refusing to take naps.
the good: holding her caused me to slow-down, focus on her and eventually we both took a nap together. *wink*

stormy, rainy, windy weather induced calls and texts from my mom requesting i turn on the news and take cover.
the good: since i had to log off of the computer in fear of power surges/outages, the software updates i'd been avoiding were finally loaded when i logged back on later. (although true...that one was a little lame...let me try another one)...
the good: because ella and i huddled in the hallway with blankets & pillows for part of the afternoon with our trembling dog, hamilton, nervously sitting with us - was a bit of a bonding moment for all of us? (not sure if that one was any better)? *wink*
the good: no of my biggest fears...AND no harm to anyone. (there...that sounds much more grateful and "good").

i was met with puddles of water when i ran out to the car to pick ema up from the school bus. the puddles weren't on the ground...they were in my truck...yeah!
(having left the sunroof open the day before, my truck quietly collected the record amounts of all-day rain).
the good: ema was able to do a "good deed" by graciously offering to help clean it all up because...well...ella was still clingy, grouchy and unhappy unless i was holding her. (there's more good...keep reading).
the good: the truck is the cleanest it's been in a long time...having removed every item, including ella's carseat allowed for a VERY thorough cleaning. (wait. there's more good...)
the good: when j got home, he took charge of ella which allowed me a much needed break. so i ran up to the gas station to command use of the industrial vac. (it beats the feeble use of the hair dryer attempt from earlier).

when i got back from the industrial vac scenario, my nerves were almost completely shot. (and j could tell). my shoes & pants were soaked from standing in puddles of water while using the 7-11 vac as well as the fact the seat of my pants were like a sponge to the still-damp leather. plus...the ziploc bag of wet coins i'd collected from the center console spilled out onto the pavement as i got out of the car to toss out remaining drenched paper/ garbage. nice. (and you better believe i picked up every single penny...because that's what most of the change was...pennies...erghhh)!
the good: j let me take an "early" shower after he and the girls prepared most of the dinner and after clara had given ella an early bath.

and the best part?
today is a new day.
i'm keeping my fingers crossed it will hold a much different scenario.
but if for some reason...
things are still a bit crazy...???
i can always play another round of "find the good"...
and honestly...
it was pretty fun. (not to mention reflective).

what a perfect way to start the weekend...
happy friday everyone!

Keeping It Real:
i SERIOUSLY wanted to pull my hair out yesterday...and the day before.
the good: i didn't. *wink*
the good: the super cute "find the good" print i created resulted from my desire to add some visual appeal to this potentially boring post...and it's making me REALLY happy to look at right now. *big grin*

it feels good...

Wednesday, March 10

it feels good to be unexpectedly recognized...

this is a magazine i've been featured in.
i had no clue about it...
...until a couple of days ago.
i had a customer mention she'd found me in a magazine she subscribes to called review it!
at my request, she forwarded me the article.
i looked it up online and found a digital version of the magazine - go here to take a peek.
(the feature is on pages 28 & 29)
it feels good to be recognized...
and the "unexpectedness" of it all makes it even sweeter...

so that got me thinking about all of the other things that are making me feel good lately...

- to step off the treadmill having accomplished my daily exercise - especially on the days i lack motivation.
- when i make healthy eating choices
- to discover something new
- when i figure out an easier way to do something
- to do custom orders people love
- when i design something i completely adore
- to receive an unexpected card in the mail from a long-time friend
- to have my creative journal filled with ideas to try and concepts to make happen
- to be consistently accomplishing things listed on my "before birthday goals"
- knowing i have all of the ingredients i need to officially start my journey through the babycakes cookbook
- when the sun is shining and dreary winter days seem to be behind us. (finally)
- snuggling up to my 3 girls
- when ella takes a LONG nap *wink*

and the list could go on really...

i have a lot to be grateful for.
making this list is exactly what i needed today.
so how about you?
what's making YOU feel good?

Keeping It Real:
today is NOT one of those "LONG nap" days for ella...
in fact, i'm quite irritated about the ruckus going on next door - one of the neighbors is building a pool and the noise has ella all out of sorts...(focus on your list jessica...just breathe & focus)...*wink*

{my shoppe} new prints in the house...

Tuesday, March 9

remember THIS?

want to see it in "PRINT"?
here you go...

how about with a "canvas" finish to it? (my FAVORITE finish right now)...

i LOVE getting them back from the printer...
they are even more adorable "in print"...
and the "mini" size makes me love them even more. (these are only 3.5x5 inches)
super adorable....
the matboard they are mounted on makes them super sturdy and...
they are cute enough to tuck into that birthday card you are about to mail out!
wouldn't your bff just LOVE to get one of these???

boy do i need a "create balance" reminder right about now...
(the packing process is moving along slowly...but surely)...
the official closing date for the new house is march 25th!

hope you all are having a fantastic tuesday...

let's take a walk...

Monday, March 8

let's take a walk today...
a "creative" walk.
a walk that takes us through the planning process of an event/party.
a party i actually took part in this weekend...

you up for it?
c'mon...get your shoes on...
or better yet...
take your shoes OFF...
let the information creep...
in-between your toes...

30th birthday party for mike - one of j's best friends & "uncle mike" to my girls

my #1 PARTY TIP:
when you are planning a party be sure to draw inspiration from the person(s) the party is for...
it's key for creating a "personalized" event.

avoid trendy "over-the-hill" themes
make the party as original as the guest-of-honor
throw all of the "proper party etiquette" rules out of the window...
this party is for mike...
and mike lives by his own set of rules...
(borderline tacky is NOT off-limits)...*wink*

brainstorm things that make Mike "mike"...
- junk food junkie
- SERIOUS ongoing fashion faux-pas
usually mismatched plaid shorts, striped shirts and bright yellow tennis shoes with shoe strings tied in an unusual/unique way.
- loves movies and has a passion for quoting exact lines from his favorites.
- a very fun-loving, generous guy who deserves to be recognized and appreciated.

with information gathered, we had a SOLID foundation to begin formulating ideas.

the INVITE: the most important element when party planning.
i build the party off of the invite.
the invite creates a "buzz"...
it sets the entire tone for the party...
it keeps me focused. *wink*

so to get the creativity flowing on the invite we needed a source of inspiration...

plaid & striped ribbon

we chose some ribbon we felt were in color combinations we've seen him wear.
by recreating the stripes and the plaid...
an invite was born...

did you notice the last line on the invite?
sooooo fun!

once the invite is complete...

next up...

the MENU:
this was super easy...
he's a TOTAL junk food junkie...i mean SERIOUSLY!
a spread of his favorite "garbage" foods was the perfect choice.
at first, we couldn't decide on whether to do cupcakes or a cake.
we decided to have a cake made replicating a crazy sandwich he once made AND ATE...
(think bologna, chocolate chip cookies, fritos, mayo, mustard)...oh my?!
thankfully his sister had a picture of it to give to the bakery.

the DECOR:
we wanted it simple.
and fun.

this translates into framing posters of his favorite movies...
having stand-ups of some of his favorite characters...(rocky, hulk hogan, etc.)...
and a food table with a massive spread of...
like i said...
garbage food.

it was decided personalized coozies were JUST the thing to commemorate the big event.

gathering matching paper goods & utensils.
figuring out the tablecloths/runners.
did we want balloons or not. (we did)
gathering pictures from birth to age 30 for a slide show.
videotaping "birthday messages" from friends/co-workers
finding movie posters.
ordering the coozies.
ordering the cake.
assigning tasks to those who were willing to help.
devising a plan to keep mike away from the house on party day.

and my favorite part....
creating all of the decorative party elements for the food table:

matching blank food tags, toothpick circles, customized confetti

food labels

"celebration circles" to be used with toothpicks and skewers (regular & mini-sized)

the "be like mike" award for the person who came dressed the best

and then finally...

the PARTY:
it's time to put it all together...

the food table spread

the infamous sandwich cake
kind of gross looking...huh? but mike LOVED it.
and that's a picture of the actual sandwich propped up behind the cake...crazy!

the party turned out great.
everyone had a good time.
and it just goes to show that sometimes a little bit of tacky can actually work. *grin*
and once again...
i ran out of time to take pictures of every detail...
but you get the picture...

i'm in complete love with the plaids/stripes and the color combination.
in fact,
i'm so in love that i'm going to be offering it in my etsy shoppe...
i can totally see a beach themed birthday party using this...
can't you?
and don't you think changing up the color scheme to say???
pinks & oranges?
wouldn't that be perfect for a girly beach party...??
so fun!

thanks for taking that "creative walk" with me.
i hope you feel invigorated.
lace up your shoes
or slip your heels back on...
the day awaits...

Keeping It Real:
i did NOT do this party on my own.
in fact, most of the planning and ideas evolved through the brainstorming that took place between mike's mom, one of his sister's, his girlfriend, and myself. my main area of focus was the digital design aspect...i think they did the hard parts while i got to do the fun stuff?! *wink*

{my shoppe} celebration package

Friday, March 5

i just added this item to my etsy shoppe...
i call it a "celebration package" .
it includes all of the little details you need when hosting a baby shower.
and of course....
these digital file goodies coordinate with the pottery barn -inspired shower invitation.

for more information, go here.
hope you enjoy them...

agenda for today?
finish up some projects for an event this weekend.

i wanted to mention...
if you are looking for a drive-thru menu offering a quick-fix for those creative hunger pangs...
it's my outlet for posting all things inspirational/creative that i just can't squeeze onto the blog.

hugs to you all.
looking forward to a SUPER weekend.

Keeping It Real:
this is just a silly admission:
whenever i refer to my etsy store, i purposely call it my etsy "shoppe" (with two "p's") instead of "shop" because "shoppe" makes me feel like i own a boutique. *wink*

makes you stop & think...

Thursday, March 4

i came across this video the other day.
powerful stuff.

(PAUSE the music on the side bar before watching the video)

was i right or was i right?
i hope you all are having/have had a GREAT thursday...
get "buckled up" for a fantastic friday!!!

Keeping It Real
the moving process is keeping me pretty busy...
made gluten-free pancakes last night & they gave new meaning to the phrase "flat as a pancake". they were "paper thin" and oh so runny. wouldn't even hold their shape.
they tasted good though. (thankfully). and the blueberry syrup i made was pretty tasty too! *wink*

{clever} terra cotta cupcake tower

Wednesday, March 3

the clever use of terra cotta pots & saucers...
after stacking, just add cupcakes...

cupcake pedestals anyone? about a diy cupcake tower?

i LOVE the simplicity of this cupcake tower and the cupcake pedestals...
you could do SO much with this concept.
garden party...
outdoor event...
women's luncheon...
mother's day brunch...
kid's party centered around dirt cake & gummy worms...(you know the one i'm talkin' about)

add ribbon or tulle (tulle being one of my absolute favorite, economical & EASY elements to incorporate).
paint the terra cotta to coordinate with your event...solid, stripes or some fun polka dots...
or leave them as-is for a more earthy, garden-feel.

so many possibilities...

speaking of possibilities...
today is wednesday...
what are YOU going to do with your day?

Keeping It Real:
I'm over the cold weather.
It makes me really grumpy.
Please bring me Spring & sunshine.

{gluten-free} energy pops

Tuesday, March 2

my very first gluten-free snack...
(if you don't count the gluten-free peanut butter cookies from last week). *wink*

i call these energy "pops" - because they are tiny enough to just "pop'em" in your mouth.
these are intended to be cut into "bars" but i liked the idea of a cute round "pop" instead.
they DID turn out cute, didn't they? *wink*
they are actually pretty darn tasty and weren't difficult to make at all.
ema took some with her to school and i've had a few "pops" already today...

peanut butter
agave nectar
brown rice crispie cereal
sunflower seeds
pumpkin seeds
dried pineapple
& a bit of salt


enjoy your tuesday everyone!

Keeping It Real:
i cut the post short because ella is screaming to get up from her nap...*grin*

Monday, March 1

new week...
new month...
new house...

the month of march holds so many possibilities.
and today is the very 1st day.
which means we are now 29 days away from closing on a house.
(we actually could be closer than that because we don't have an official "closing" date).
we just know the bank is requiring us to close before the 30th.

i've been wanting to share pictures with you...
i'm afraid i'll jinx myself & things will fall through.
is that ridiculous?
i'm a little paranoid.
i don't want to count my chickens before they're hatched.
even my realtor said not to get excited until the papers have been signed.
but i can't help but think this is a journey we're traveling together.
if i don't give you some direction as to where we're going...
well that's just no fun.
so despite my apprehension...

how about a couple of pictures of the kitchen???
these are some i took the other day during the inspection:

can't wait to fill those shelves with beautiful cookbooks...

here's a view looking into the dining area.

i've ALWAYS wanted a harvest table.
the dining area accommodates it PERFECTLY!
we measured and i think an 11 x 3 foot table will work.
anyone out there know of a GREAT place to start looking?
please send me your recommendations.
i'm thinking it'll have to be custom made?

and how about one of my favorite features...

the over-sized walk-in pantry. *pinch me*

so there you go...
it's out there - jinxed or not! *wink*
needless to say i'm excited.

but there are other things i'm excited about as well.
- i've been working on some things with kim at the tomkat studio
- more inventory for my etsy shoppe
- i've got ema's birthday party to continue planning for
- i'm part of the planning for a surprise event coming up

and packing...lots of packing.
what's not to be excited about lots of boxes?
i need to look at packing as an opportunity.
i'm fortunate the moving process seems likely to occur during spring. (this would be march in florida)
we all know how the "spring cleaning bug" bites all of us.
i think the timing is perfect...
it's all good.

i've got a lot on my to-do list today.
so i'll leave you with that.
i hope your weekend was great and i hope your week turns out even better!

Keeping It Real:
my attempt at starting a gluten-free eating plan last week is being RE-started today.
our grocery shopping and meals for the week had already been planned out and by friday...
i was REALLY struggling with what to pack ema for school lunches & what to make for dinner.
em and i decided on friday to end our attempt and restart on monday.
after researching weekly menu plans & finding some good recipes over the weekend,
we are now in a much better position to "win". *wink*
(i even ordered the "G-free diet by Elisabeth Hasselbeck) - i hope it's good.
so here's to a 2nd try...
day one of 30 days.
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