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STYLiNG | The Pastry Pedestal • Sparkle + Shine Style

Thursday, January 31

For the girl who has loved all-things-silver and platinum for most of my life...
especially the last 20 years...
I'm quite surprised by my gravitation towards the "gold" trend in fashion, home decor and style that has resurfaced.

You've seen bits and pieces of my pink + gold color palette HERE and HERE...
as I've been planning and prepping for a sweet Valentine's Day celebration.

Today...I'm hoping to inspire you with this super-easy technique 
for adding a little glitz and glam to your next showcase of sweets.

The Pastry Pedestal • Sparkle + Shine Style

This easy technique doesn't require much time or skill...
you'll be tapping into your inner child when you get out the glitter and adult-style glue.

Supplies needed:
The Pastry Pedestal™ Starter Kit
Glue Dots 1" Glue Lines (or use the Continuous Glue Lines if you prefer).
• Glitter of your choice  (see RESOURCES below for links to the ones I'm using today)

Prepare to use Glue Lines by separating them from the roll. (approx. 9 lines for every Pastry Pedestal™ Round) 

Apply Glue Dots Glue Lines by pressing onto the edge of The Pastry Pedestal™ Round.
Peel away the Glue Dots liner.
Continue until the entire edge of the The Pastry Pedestal™ Round has been covered with Glue Lines.

Pour glitter onto a flat surface.
Paper or plate or better yet...a paper plate since you can easily fold it up to pour excess glitter back into its original container.

Roll the edges of the The Pastry Pedestal™ Round into the glitter, pressing as you roll.

Remove any excess glitter by shaking, tapping and even blowing on the edges.
You can even try using a small paintbrush to remove any excess? I didn't.
This will help prevent glitter from coming into contact with food items you'll be displaying - or making a mess of the rest of  your dessert table/display. *wink*

Try using different glitter grain sizes and colors too. The one above was created using fine gold glitter. This one below is shown with a larger grain glitter.

In my opinion, I'm in love with both options!!
It really just depends on your preference for the end result.

After adding some sparkle to The Pastry Pedestal™, top it off with a pretty pastry of your choice.

Do you love them?
I can't stop staring at them!!
For me, they are "squeal-worthy" results, do you agree?
I HOPE you agree! *wink*

Last day of January!! Can you believe it?
Already one month out of our NEW YEAR - gone! Just like that!!

I'm excited to join you back here tomorrow with another simple DIY
for the official kickoff to Promise Me 2013!!!

Last day to enter to be chosen as one of THREE WiNNERS for the inspiring 52 Weeks of Gratitude Kit!
Go here for the full details about the kit itself  --------> 52 Weeks of Gratitude Kit by Live-Inspired
Go here to actually enter the giveaway --------> Enter to WiN!!

The Pastry Pedestal™- 
Glue Dots Glue Lines - JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores
Fine Gold Glitter - Florentine Gold from the 3-pack glitter kit via The TomKat Studio Party Shop
Large Gold Glitter - JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores
Polka Dot Baking Cups - JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores (Easter section)
Vintage Pink Cupcake Sprinkles - The TomKat Studio Party Shop

Those pretty cupcakes I took photos of are STiLL sitting out - displayed in my office.
I'm surprised ants haven't found them yet...
although I would guess being displayed on The Pastry Pedestal™ makes it a challenge to get to?

COMiNG UP | The Pastry Pedestal • Sparkle + Shine

Wednesday, January 30

Looking forward to sharing this easy technique for adding some glitz and glam to your next celebration...

The Pastry Pedestal • Sparkle + Shine Style

In the meantime...
a couple of quick reminders:

Our adventure begins on Friday, February1st!
Got your name on the list?
Want to pin to our "Promise ME 2013" Pinterest Board?
Leave a comment or email  me at: pnpflowers AT live DOT com

Only one day left to enter.
THREE Winners will be chosen.
Go here for the full details about the kit itself  --------> 52 Weeks of Gratitude Kit by Live-Inspired
Go here to enter the giveaway --------> Enter to WiN!!

Remember the Thank You Note I shared with you?
I updated the post with a photo and the outcome.
Check it out >>>> HERE!!

So much to share...
not enough hours in the day to do it.

Pulling my hair out folks.
Too many irons in the fire...
along with a healthy serving of serious mom-guilt going on over here.
Time for some re-evaluating and prioritizing...AGAIN!! *wink*

SHARE | Game Day Ideas

Monday, January 28

With Super Bowl Sunday on our heels...
I thought I'd share with you a couple of my favorite ideas/finds you may want to tackle on Game Day!

Whether you are a die-hard football fan that goes all out on game day...
or someone who watches the SuperBowl for the fabulous commercials and half-time show...
I'm certain you'll be inspired to try one or two of these fun ideas...

Creatively served on a shot glass filled with your favorite beverage/soda

So many creative finger food ideas on this table, like these cheese tortellini and basil pesto shooters

With single serving french fries - complete with ketchup

Create an easy backdrop for fun photo opportunities!

A variety of topping ideas to create a fun Hot Dog Bar

Such a clever presentation!
Are you ready to rumble? Ha!!

So which one(s) are you going to try out?
Find more ideas here >>>>> Game Day Pinterest Board!

If you've found some ideas you'll be doing I'd love to see them!
Leave a comment, share a link or send me an email:

Let's get ready to rumble!!!

Promise Me starts on Friday, February 1st!!
Are you in??

Hoping to share a DIY Game Day Banner with you.
Although, I have to admit...
the first try was quite comical - I'll share details soon.

iNSPiRE | Handwritten Notes + Live-Inspired Giveaway

Friday, January 25

You should know by now handwritten notes/letters are one of my very favorite things...
not only to receive...but especially to give.

A handwritten sentiment...
in any powerful and touching.
It shows thoughtfulness...
it carries a sense of warmth...
and it even conveys a bit of nostalgia since a handwritten ANYTHiNG is quite rare these days.

I shared the 52 Weeks of Gratitude Kit (and challenge) from Live-Inspired the other day.
The year-long challenge to write a handwritten Thank You Note every week is something I absolutely adore.
I've been enjoying the last few weeks...
using the little journal that came with the Gratitude Kit...
to jot down the names of people I want to send notes to over the course of this year.
I've been able to check off a few of those names, record the dates the notes were sent...
and write down a little bit about why I sent the notes.

So today...
I wanted to share the story behind one of those notes...

There's an older gentleman named Herb who lives just down the street with his wife and dog.
He is retired and spends a good portion of his day working in his yard - with his obedient dog right there beside him.

His day starts off with a walk every morning.
I'll see him walk by my house WITH the dog...
and then awhile later, he'll be cruising by again WITHOUT the dog.
It's the same routine every morning.
I mean EVERY morning.
It's something I count on seeing now.

Although I don't know Herb all that well...
I've developed a real soft-spot for him.
I think because he reminds me of my grandfather in a lot of ways.
He's happy. He's friendly. He's regimented. He's a hard worker.
And he's from an era I truly respect and admire -  The Greatest Generation. 

Herb's daily routine...
his every day walk...
it's now become part of MY routine.
I didn't realize this until over the holidays.
Just after Thanksgiving, I noticed I hadn't seen Herb for a few days.
I assumed he was on vacation with his wife - who loves to travel.
It then turned into a couple of weeks and I remember thinking,
"Wow! I bet Herb can't wait to get back to his normal routine when he returns from this long vacation."
After a few weeks went by...concern set in:
"There's no way Herb would've agreed to be gone this long. He doesn't like to travel. His wife is the one who likes to go
on trips and Herb is content with staying at home. Something isn't right."
Of course I'm thinking all of these things as if I actually KNOW Herb personally but I don't.
It's only information I've obtained in passing and from a few conversations with he and his wife.

As I'm returning home one day...driving by Herb's house... I see his wife outside with the dog!
Uh oh. Now I know something isn't right.
I stop to inquire.
Turns out, Herb had been in the hospital recovering from triple bypass surgery. *gasp*
He'd had a heart attack one morning after he'd come in from a little yard work.
I was so happy to hear Herb was home now and recovering quite well. *phew*

In this same conversation with his wife, I found out a little more about Herb.
This "older gentleman" who I guessed might be around 65 years old is actually 80!!
This super-young 80 year old is very much routine-oriented.
Wakes up at the same time every day.
Eats breakfast at the same time every day.
Exercises at the same time every day.
When he was a younger man, he ran 6 miles a day.
For the past 20 years, he has faithfully walked 3 miles every day.
And guess what?
Herb has never been sick a day in his life!

I'm happy to say that within 2 weeks of Herb returning home...
he was back at it...working up to his 3 mile routine.
Can you believe that?!
It took him a few weeks...
probably much longer than he wanted...
but my mornings are whole again.
I see Herb out there, with his dog, walking his 3 miles.
I even saw him on a bike the other day!!

According to his wife, the doctors said they expected to see a lot of damage when they went to do surgery on Herb.
They were quite surprised to see how healthy he was and attributed it to his daily exercise routine for the past 45+ years.

My fondness for Herb has been doubled!
He's totally my hero. (and I've only given that title...that one other person in my life - my grandfather).
I decided Herb needs to know how much I appreciate the quiet example he sets for me!
For Herb - it's just how he rolls.
For me...he's a beacon of strength!

So I wrote Herb a Thank You Note...

I wasn't about to squander the opportunity to tell him how very much I appreciate him...
how grateful I am for his example.

I'm not sure what he'll think when he reads it.
he needed to know.
Or perhaps it was really that I needed the opportunity to tell him!!

This 52 Weeks of Gratitude challenge is something I feel SO incredibly blessed to be part of.
I realize not every Thank You Note will have a heart-felt story behind it.
And that's the beauty behind this challenge.
It will continue to PUSH me (my action word for 2013)...
to reach out...
to take the time...
and to recognize my gratitude for others...
acknowledge it...
and most importantly, express it...
through the gift of a handwritten note.

If you want to be a part of Live-Inspired's challenge of collectively sending ONE MiLLiON handwritten Thank You Notes this year...
I have WONDERFUL news!!
I'm giving away THREE of the Gratitude Kits...thanks to the generosity of Live-Inspired!


If you don't want to wait to get started...
you can purchase a kit on the Live-Inspired website.
This really is a well-crafted, beautiful gift for yourself...
and perhaps for someone else you know who loves the expression of a handwritten note.

Contest starts: Friday, January 25th
Contest ends: Thursday, February 1st
Winners announced: Friday, February 2nd

Good Luck Everyone!
Have a beautiful weekend!!

I'll be strawberry picking on Saturday with my three girls. *wink*

I wanted to say thank you to all of you who've left comments, sent emails and responded via social media to this post. I didn't realize how many of you would be touched by it and I'm so grateful you found it inspiring.

I wanted to share a photo of Herb I took the other day - prior to me giving him the note.
I took this photo when I unexpectedly found myself walking behind him one morning. I felt like SUCH a creeper taking his photo without him knowing but he's just SO darn adorable - and so is his dog.
I knew there would be so many of you who would be appreciative of having a visual of this darling man.
This photo is a treasure!

So what happened after I gave Herb the note?
Here's the whole story...

I put on my walking clothes one morning, grabbed Herb's note 
which I had misplaced for 3 days and was about to just write another one out of frustration, when I finally found it
and made my way to his house.

The whole way there I was battling back and forth about whether or not to just stick it in his mailbox. 
This option would be easy and less awkward! *wink*
However, I didn't want to do "easy". 
I felt Herb deserved more than that!
So I PUSHED myself (there's my 2013 Action Word again)
and I walked right up to his front door and rang the doorbell.
His dog was barking like crazy and after a minute or two he came to the door.
He didn't open the door - he just peered through the glass trying to figure out who the heck was ringing his bell at 7:50 in the morning.
I waved through the glass and he told me he was still getting dressed for the day.
I said, "No big deal. I've got a note for you and I'll just leave it right outside your door."
He said "Thank You" and then I went on my way.
I felt happy to have finally left the note behind that I'd been wanting to give.

About 20 minutes later, after I'd made one lap around the neighborhood...
I look up and see that Herb is out on his walk with his dog and our paths are about to cross.
I got a little nervous.
My mind kicked into high gear.
I'm wondering what in the world I'll say...
wondering if he now thinks I'm a complete weirdo...
If he knew about the photo I took of him he would.
I started playing out awkward scenarios/conversations in my mind...
and then...

There he is...coming right to me.
As we approach one another,
he's got a smile on his face and says, 
"That was the best way to start my day today! Thank you. Come here and give me a hug!"
I was so relieved and surprised in the same moment.
I was also hoping I wasn't perspiring too much when I hugged him. 
I just reconfirmed to him how grateful I am for his example, told him he's my hero, thanked him again and then we both continued on our walks and went about our business.

The story doesn't end there though.
Later that day...
his wife rang MY doorbell and proceeded to thank me for the note! 
She said it was perfect timing...
and that Herb was so happy to know that at 80 years old, he was actually inspiring someone. 
I immediately blushed knowing I had originally told you all that Herb was 90! Oops!
I apologize everyone, he's actually ONLY 80. 
and Herb looks AMAZiNG!!
Eighty years old...
and Herb is quietly inspiring those around him...especially me.

My visit with his wife was short and sweet...
and it's during her visit that I felt the power and significance of my Thank You Note to Herb.

The note has been written.
Now I have to go down there and give it to him. *wink*

STYLiNG | The Pastry Pedestal™ - by Steffany Lannoo

Wednesday, January 23

It's super chilly outside...
39º is WAY too cold for this Florida girl...

I'm taking matters into my own hands.
I'm creating my own sunshine and warmth today...
by transporting my mind to an island paradise...cue Hawaiian music

Luau themed cupcakes displayed on The Pastry Pedestal™ 

I can totally imagine my feet in the warm sand...
unwrapping one of the salt water taffy from above - cleverly used to hide the styrofoam supporting The Pastry Pedestals™ underneath
sipping on a pretty tropical beverage - with a pink, cute striped party straw, of course
and looking out across the vast blue ocean.

I'm feeling a little more toasty already!! *wink*

This is just a teaser photo.
I've got more images to share from this REAL PARTY -
styled by one of my favorite customers - Steffany!

Looking to add pizzazz to your own set of Pastry Pedestals™ for your next event?
It's super easy to do using these puppies...

Glue LINES by Glue Dots

They are the perfect size for the edges of each Pastry Pedestal Round.
Add ribbon, beading, trimmings, rhinestones, paper - you name it.
Get creative.

Be sure to follow The Pastry Pedestal™ Pinterest Board for ongoing inspiration!

I'd love to see the creative ways  you are using The Pastry Pedestal™.
Shoot me an email or post a link in the comments.

Or if you just have ideas you've been thinking of but haven't tried them yet...
I'd love to hear those too!!

Thinking of creating a Design Team specifically for The Pastry Pedestal™.
I think it would be fun to round up all of your creative minds out there...
to inspire others through your talents/ideas.
What do you think?
Would you consider participating?

Glue Lines via Glue Dots - JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores
Cupcake Holder - The Pastry Pedestal™

Short post = busy day ahead!
I'm sure you've figured that out by now. *wink*

You can look forward to that Live-Inspired Giveaway to be announced on Friday.
I wanted to get a couple more Thank You Cards under my belt before I launched it!

STYLiNG | Pink + Gold Valentine's Day Party Preps

Monday, January 21

I have a dream...
granted it's not nearly as inspirational as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream...Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day everyone!!

I have a dream that the Valentine's Day party I've been working on
will turn out as lovely as the collection of party elements I've been gathering along the way.

Here's Round TWO of the snippets of details I will be using...(see Round ONE details here)

Valentine's Day Pink + Gold Styling Elements

Can you see how it's all coming along?
I'm hoping by sharing these snippets of the party elements I have collected and intend to use...
when you finally see the end results you'll have a better understanding of how it all came about.

perhaps you'll see one or two things you'll want to incorporate into your own celebration(s)...
be it Valentines' Day, a Baby Shower, a Bridal Shower, or even Birthday Party!

I love Mondays!
For me, they are a fresh start...
setting the tone for the week ahead.
Let's make it a good week friends!!


Photo 2: Shimmering Hearts Edible Accents by Wilton - JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores
Photo 3: Pink Pearl Candies - The TomKat Studio Party Shop
Photo 4: Pink + Gold Glitter Eyelash Twine by Martha Stewart - (Rose Quartz and Yellow Gold) - JoAnn Fabric and Craft  Stores
Photo 5: Pink Polka Dot Baking Cups - JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores (Easter Section)
Photos 1 & 6:
- Solid Pink Cardstock by Coredinations Foundations (Baby Pink Pearl) - JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores
- Pink + Gold Polka Dot Paper by The Paper CompanyJoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores
- Doily Craft Punch by Martha StewartJoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores
- Pink Polka Dot Ribbon by American Crafts - JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores
- Gold + Ivory Polka Dot Ribbon by OffrayJoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores
- Heart Shaped Fondant Cutters by Wilton - JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores
- Gold Glitter from The TomKat Studio Party Shop

After an exceptionally stressful week...
I was given a MUCH needed break this weekend when J took Ella for the day
and both of my older girls were off doing their own things.
I was able to get a lot done!
It's amazing how refreshed one can feel after just a few hours of quiet time - no distractions.
I highly encourage it.
and look forward to more of it on a regular basis! Ha!

iNSPiRE | Smash Book + Candy Hearts

Friday, January 18's cold outside here in Florida.

However, the excitement from the "Promise Me" movement we've got going on over here is sure warming my heart!!
The "Promise Me" Pinterest Board I've set up for those of you who are joining along has been filling up.
The emails have been pouring in...
genuine enthusiasm has been shared by so many of you...
and we are all inspiring each other - already.
and it's not even February 1st yet - our official start date. 

One of the bits of inspiration that has come about from this Promise Me adventure...
completely unexpected from the suggestion/comments from some brilliant Pen N' Paperflowers Facebook Fans...
Was the suggestion of doing a SMASH™ Book as part of the Promise Me journey!
If you don't know what a SMASH™ Book is...
Sit back and enjoy this short and sweet video from K&Company

This concept is SO right up my alley.
And since I've not done a SMASH™ book yet...
The Promise Me journey is the perfect way to get my feet wet!!
I will be picking up the supplies I need this weekend!
Perhaps you'll be inspired to do the same?

I'll also be finishing up the Promise Me graphic to share with you next week.
If you have a blog or site, you'll be able to post it loud and proud as a reminder to yourself...
and as a badge of honor sort of thingy! *wink*

I'll be randomly selecting someone every month to send a little something special to.
I've been compiling my list of  these "special gifts" and I promise YOU...
each one of them will be fun and inspiring. 

If you have no idea what Promise Me is about but are interested in learning more, GO HERE.

If you have not yet gotten your name on the list and would like to be included...
shoot me an email: pnpflowers AT live DOT com

If you are already on the list but forgot about being invited to pin to our Promise Me 2013 Pinterest Board,
send me another email to let me know you want to start pinning: pnpflowers AT live DOT com

If SMASH™ Books or the Promise Me journey isn't your thing...
I've got something else for you...
Perhaps you'll try it out this weekend if you've never done it...

Candy Hearts

Hot Tamales (Red)  - WiNNER!! Cracks aren't as visible and sealed back together nicely.
Jelly Belly Jelly Beans (Light Pinks) - Runner Up - I personally don't like how visible the cracks/seams show.
Good & Plenty (Dark Pink) - LAST PLACE - Cracked Under Pressure - but could be used as a symbol for a "broken heart" Ha!


Cut your choice of candy in 1/2 at a 45º angle.
Flip one of the pieces and immediately squeeze the two candy pieces back together - the insides act as a glue.

Such a simple technique to turn any ordinary tubular edible object into something special...
Have the kids help - they'll love it!

I've seen this done with HOTDOGS - PINNED HERE
I've done it with a CHEESESTICK - using the same toothpick technique shown with the hotdog linked above.
I was told it works great with CHERRY TOMATOES - PINNED HERE!

If you want to chime in about the Smash™ Book...
or the Promise Me...
or if you have any other cute ideas for turning food into heart shapes...leave your comments.
I always love hearing from you!!
Have a fantastic weekend everyone!!

I'm REALLY needing a "Momcation".
I thought I made that word up until I found it in the Urban Dictionary! Ha!
You know what that means?
I'm not the only Mom out there who feels this way...
which makes me feel a little less guilty for feeling that way! *wink*

I made the chart above because I was too lazy to photograph my results with my REAL camera.
The photo at the top was from my iPhone camera - not great quality but you get the point! *wink*
Besides...I actually love how the chart turned out.
So see...
sometimes it's good to be lazy?
Although taking the time to create the chart doesn't really equate with "lazy" does it? Ha!

BAKE iT | Chocolate Ganache Frosted Cupcakes

Wednesday, January 16

I am STiLL obsessing over the Chocolate Ganache frosting recipe I shared with you in December.
I used it for a cake...
and now for these...

Chocolate Ganache Frosted Cupcakes

Just in time for Valentine's Day...
or any day for that matter if you are a chocolate ganache + cupcake lover.

I did not pipe on the frosting like I would typically do for several reasons:
• The ganache frosting is softer than typical frostings and I feared it would not keep it's perfectly piped shape.
• I was too lazy to get my piping bags and tips out.
• I've been VERY interested in vintage desserts and frosting techniques and decided to use the good ole hand-frosted method.
• I wanted to roll the edges with these darling pastel sprinkles.

I hope the next batch of cupcakes you'll make...
you'll consider this chocolate ganache frosting...
you could core the cupcakes...
and use the ganache as a filling too! Yum!

Did you notice the pink sprinkles just so happen to match the Valentine's Day color inspiration I shared with you? Love!!

Before I go...
doing a quick check-in with all of the people participating in the Promise Me movement we've got going on here.
If you haven't gotten yourself on the list yet, email me at: pnpflowers AT live DOT com
Also - if you want to be part of the Promise ME 2013 Pinterest Board - let me know in an email!
So excited to get started.
You've got until January 31st to finish creating your lists.

I had to crop the first photo so you wouldn't notice the nibbled edge on the mini cupcake.
I left them unattended for just a minute as I was setting up to photograph them.
Two seconds later, I caught my mischievous jack russell, Hamilton, red-handed.
Just in the nick of time, I might add. *wink*

Want to see it?

I'm SO lucky he didn't just gobble the entire thing...c'mon...what dog "nibbles" anything?

COLOR | Valentine's Day Inspiration

Monday, January 14

First, let me say how absolutely wonderful it is to have a steady, consistent internet connection again!!
I. am. SO. grateful.
After nearly a week of hit or miss service...
I'm back up and running!!

Let's celebrate with a blog post, shall we?!

I've been putting together some ideas for Valentine's Day...
and thought it would be fun to share with you my typical process for determining a color palette.

Valentine's Day 2013 - Color Inspiration

This is my starting point.
The final outcome can vary considerably.
But this gives me a good foundation to get me going...
and also serves as something fun to continue referring back to along the way.

I'd love to know what you are doing for Valentine's Day!!
Any special plans?

Be sure to stay tuned for some cute Valentine's Day ideas
and watch the blog this week for a giveaway you won't want to miss!!

Sources of items shown here:
Paper Flag Punch - TomKat Studio Shop
Polka Dot Tissue Paper - Hallmark
Pink Fiskar Scissors - Office Depot
- White Embossed Swirl - The Paper Company
- Embossed Gold Dot
- Yellow/Gold Card Stock - Iced Cocoa (Canvas Texture :: Coredinations Foundations)
- Dark Pink - Lotus Flower (Canvas Texture :: Coredinations Foundations)
- Light Pink - Pastel Pink (Smooth Texture :: Coredinations Foundations)

Embarrassing moment: (even though no one was around)
I was SO frustrated by my internet being down last week...
after the 100th phone call to my internet provider...
being on hold for 40 minutes every phone call...
being disconnected numerous times...
and ultimately getting nowhere day after day...
I actually threw/slammed my iPhone down on my desk
and broke a key right off of my keyboard! 
Not. good.
(Don't tell J)
And yes...
I do get mad.
But it's not really who I am most of the time...*blushing*

I'm thrilled to be back up and running.
I'm sure my keyboard and phone are too! *wink*

LOVE iT | Gorgeous Christmas Card

Wednesday, January 9

I know...
Christmas has come and gone.
Time to focus on Super Bowl parties and Valentines' Day!

I absolutely cannot move ahead with the festivities that await...
until I share one of the most amazing Christmas Cards I received this past Holiday Season.

I first have to say I received a lot of beautiful Christmas cards this season.
So many of them showing beautiful photos of my sweet friends with their adorable families.
Each unique in their own way...
and each one feeling like a small gift I always get so excited to open.

With that said...
the card I'm about to share with you today stood out...
and you'll see why in just a bit.

You know we all have that one friend or family member...
who's holiday card we REALLY look forward to getting every year.
We find ourselves stalking checking the mailbox every day like clock-work...
because we know when it arrives...
the creativity and thought behind it will blow our socks off.
You know who I'm talking about...*wink*

I'm happy to say...
I hit the jackpot when I was added to SHE Paperie's Christmas card list this year.
I'm very familiar with the stunning work Suzanne creates.
Her attention to detail and her style resonates so much with me...
it seriously makes me want to pack everything up and move to Nevada to be her bestie!!

Everything she does is gorgeous.
From her beautiful photo shoot styling...
to the lovely letter pressed wedding invitations she designs...
I'm always in awe of her work.
This girl has super powers because she's also a busy mom to two adorable twins - Liam & Elle.

When Suzanne asked me for my address so she could send me a card...
the anticipation of its arrival was almost too much to bear.
Okay...I'm being ridiculously dramatic.
But honestly...
I KNEW I would be "wowed"...
and. I. was. 

Tucked in an oversized cellophane envelope.
I immediately noted the whisk on the address insert card - did you?

Return Address Showing on the backside of the envelope through the creation of this sweet kraft tag. LOVE!

Officially out of the cellophane envelope - feeling the texture of the wax paper and baker's twine.
Starting to put together the theme at this point? Whisk + Baker's Twine + Wax Paper

Unwrapping the wax paper revealed a gorgeous 1/8" thick, 10.5 x 5" letter pressed Christmas Card.

Adorable candid family photo and lovely letter pressed details.
Be still my heart!!

This super sweet Holiday sentiment was perfect for tying the whole theme of the Christmas Card together. 

A delicious Hot Cocoa MIX recipe...thoughtfully perforated for easy removal to be added to my box of recipes.
This was the recipe I shared with you when I posted the Hot Cocoa Bar I created

The card opens to reveal additional candid, happy + fun family photos...

I know you love it.
I know you appreciate the thought, time and effort that went into this.
I know I do.
This was an absolute gift!
Thank you so much Suzanne! 
I was so touched to be added to your list.
How did I ever get so lucky?

Reasons I LOVE iT:
• Oversized Super Thick beautiful paper/cardstock
Letterpressed = gorgeousness
• Use of some favorite popular/trendy elements - Baker's Twine, Washi Tape, & calligraphy text
• The tiny little red heart used in 3 different places - did you notice that little detail? 
• Wrapped in wax paper and tied with Baker's Twine to keep with the "Baking/Kitchen Theme"
• Beautiful Candid Photograph for the front
• Detailed individual photos on the inside
• Detachable Hot Cocoa Mix Recipe
Whisk graphic used on Hot Cocoa and Mailing Address
Attention to detail - did you notice the faint pattern on the inside of the card where the "Merry Christmas" sentiment is?

Hope this makes your heart smile.
Tuck it away in your Holiday files...
or better yet...
Pin it! *wink*

Hugs everyone.
Now that I was finally able to share this with you...
We can officially move onto Superbowl Celebrations and Valentine's Day.

Dealing with technical difficulties again with my internet provider.
Been trying to post this for 2 days now.
When this finally does post...
you'll know I quickly pushed the "PUBLISH" button...
during one of the rare opportunities when my Internet light came back on.
Goodbye current internet provider...I'm done with you.
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