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it was JUST a bowl. right?

Friday, February 26

HUGE sigh...
these are the remnants of one of my very favorite bowls.
i dug them out of the trash this morning after they're burial last night.
i'm laying in bed (9:30ish) - lights out.
i was completely exhausted.
with j in the living room catching up on tivo, it was a rare opportunity to be falling asleep WITHOUT the t.v. on in the room. (heaven)
i was so relaxed and getting ready to drift off to sleep...
and then i heard it.
a loud crash and the sound of something "spinning" on the floor.
at first, i didn't get up.
nothing sounded like it was broken.
with j being the only one awake i knew he'd handle it.
but then there was that distinct sound...
the one i know all too well.
it was the sound of broken remnants being put in the garbage can.
uh oh?
what got broken?
how serious is this?
my mind immediately kicks into high gear with a checklist of possible casualties:
my grandmother's fruit bowl
my "special" casserole dish
my favorite bowl?...
j had forewarned me earlier in the evening that once the kids were in bed he'd be sneaking some ice cream - even though our new rule is dessert once a week). *clearing throat with disappoval*
i make my way to the kitchen, my heart beating with anticipation.
i start the interrogation:
me: "what broke?"
him: "a bowl?"
me: "what bowl?"
him: "just one of the bowls. i don't know. a green one." (SUCH a typical guy answer)
me: "which green one?"
him: "just a round green bowl."
me: "the wavy green one?" (praying it was this one because i personally don't like it much).
him: " i don't think it was wavy. it was just round."
me: "my favorite bowl with polka dots on it?"
him: "i don't think so."

i say nothing at this point.
i'm fearing the worst.
and as i peer into the bottom of the trash can -
my suspicions are confirmed.
a bowl i acquired many years ago when i was a southern living at HOME consultant.
(that's a whole other story...)
the emotions kicked tears. just frustration.
this was the 2nd favorite bowl of mine that has been broken over the last year. (by j) *wink*
the other bowl was also a southern living product called the "tiny bubbles bowl".
i didn't say much.
i was REALLY sad about it.
i reminded him it was the 2nd favorite of mine he'd broken. (he didn't even remember the first)
and i figured that was enough said.
it was a complete accident for crying out loud!
so i quietly crept back into bed.
silly, i know, but it was difficult for me to fall back asleep.
thoughts about my TWO favorite bowls spinning around my head.
reflecting on both of their roles over the years, (birthday parties, celebrations, late-night snacks, etc.)
but it's JUST a bowl!
i'm not materialistic, so i don't normally place a lot of value on tangible items.
but if the items have sentimental value then WATCH OUT.
(like the fruit bowl i have that my grandmother made and painted).
thank goodness it wasn't THAT.
i should just be grateful it wasn't THAT...
this bowl doesn't have ANY sentimental significance.
so WHY am i so attached to it?
i LOVE handmade pottery.
i LOVED the polka dots clearly produced by hand with a brush.
i LOVED the little imperfections you don't find with manufactured items.
i don't know...
the bowl just made me HAPPY when i ate from it.
it made whatever i was eating seem even better/more beautiful.

although i'm sad about it, it's time to move on.
i mean really!
no one in their right mind would dedicate an entire blog post about a broken bowl...
...let alone do a special photo shoot for the broken remnants.
that'd just be CRAZY!
it was JUST a bowl...

Keeping It Real:
I'm really trying not to have an aversion towards ice cream now.
If you think about it...(which I obviously have),
it's ONLY because of the ice cream addiction j has that put my bowl in harm's way! *wink*

how about a "blow out"?

Thursday, February 25

good thursday morning to you all.
i'll be heading to a hair appointment a little later today.
don't you just LOVE those days?
the excitement got me thinking about the super cool LA salon i came across recently.
it JUST opened in february & i was REALLY intrigued by the creative genius behind it.
i LOVE it when people come up with "cutting edge" ideas.
this salon was designed with one purpose:
no cuts.
no color.
just "blow outs".
i think you'll agree... this will certainly be a TRENDSETTER!
(pssst....there's franchise information if you are interested)...


you must watch this...(pause the blog music)

and here's some news footage for more detailed information:

you should be.
this is a girl who's making her dreams come true...
here's her blog
and here's her website
(definitely take a minute to read the "about us" section).

hugs to you all.
happy thursday.

{gluten-free} peanut butter cookies

Wednesday, February 24

and so the journey has begun...
after a visit to the doctor on monday, i've committed to go 30 days gluten-free.
i thought this was a reasonable sacrifice...
considering the $500 lab fee i would incur for food allergy testing.
i shared my commitment with ema over breakfast yesterday morning.
she whole-heartedly volunteered to make the trek with me.
we quickly skimmed the internet & a long list of foods we COULDN'T have...
and that was pretty discouraging for her.
after packing her a gluten-free lunch to take to school...
and thinking about her sweet gesture to tag along with me on this journey...
i spontaneously decided -
at 3 o'clock in the afternoon -
to make these half-dollar sized gluten-free peanut butter cookies.
needless to say, it put a little "spring" back in ema's step when she returned home from school.

i must say...
they are REALLY easy...
and pretty darn tasty.
they aren't absolutely "to-die-for" in my opinion...
but what's not to love about peanut butter and sugar?
(and trust me...there's A LOT of sugar).

a side benefit to having made these?
it meets the requirements for TWO of my goals #11 & #39...

before i sign off -
as of yesterday morning,
we've officially received the "approval" from the bank.
they have indeed accepted our offer on the short sale we've been trying to buy since august/september.
we are beside ourselves.
completely excited.
completely relieved to finally have an answer.
and mostly...
we feel SO fortunate.
it's a GORGEOUS home.
we must close by march 30th.
the inspection is scheduled for today.
wish us luck!

Keeping It Real
I was SO excited to make the peanut butter cookies with Em yesterday.
she had invited a friend over and they ended up making the cookies together. (*sniffle*)
I was kind of looking forward to the "together-time".
But you's okay.
They had a lot of fun together - & it'd been awhile since they hung out together.
And i LOVE to hear/watch my kids having fun/interacting with their friends.
Besides, I got to do the 2nd batch all by myself (after they ran off to play and totally forgot to put the first batch in the oven).
And baking by myself is really nice too.
Don't worry. They came back to sample some...*wink*

the happy meal...

Tuesday, February 23

we come up with a lot of creative analogies in our house.
#1: because i'm a deep thinker
#2: because j is quick-witted

today's post is an analogy about the "happy meal"...
(this all derived from a very "heated" walk on the treadmill this morning)...*wink*

i think it's pretty safe to say most of us have eaten a happy meal.
and if we haven't eaten one, we've purchased one for someone else to consume.
it's REALLY convenient.
it's fast.
it's easy.
& it's satisfying...
to an extent...

is it the BEST choice?
is it a HEALTHY choice?

but we do it anyway.

and that's what has me so fired up this morning.
how many of us indulge in "happy meals"?
not the "actual" happy meals from the golden arches...
i'm referring to the "happy meals" of life...
- settling for less.
- expecting less.
- accepting the status quo.
- choosing the path of least resistance.
- giving up on our dreams
- losing hope.

filling ourselves with those "happy meals" leave us feeling...
bloated! *wink*
& even starving.

bottom line is this.
why don't we hold out for the "real meal"?
the meal that has unsurpassed quality.
the meal using the freshest ingredients.
the one that satisfies every nutritional requirement.
the meal you walk away from nourished, satisfied, inspired & enlightened by.
the meal you can't stop talking about for months.
you know the meal i'm talking about.

the definition of a "real meal" is different for all of us.
but the craving is universal.

isn't it time we expect more for ourselves?
do we all need a visual here?
let me help you...

settling on the "happy meals" of life would be like:

eating these...

...instead of these

or driving this...

instead of this... maybe the "tricked-out" hello kitty bug isn't your thing...
but you get what i'm saying?
don't you?

if you've pushed some of your dreams to the side & thought:
"it's too late"
"i'm not good enough"
"i don't deserve that"
"this is just how things are"

forget it people!
you are important enough to be treated to a gourmet meal.
stop going through the drive-thrus!
fill yourself up with wholesome goodness by following your dreams.

put the "happy meal" down and step away from the car!
turn around
& put your hands in the air...
and then seize the day...
because every day is an opportunity.
an opportunity to better ourself.
our life.
our world.

stop making excuses.
stop with the "should haves".
replace your paper napkins with cloth...
your plastic utensils with silver...
i'm tired of the happy meals...
it's time for some gourmet cuisine...
bon appetit!

Keeping It Real
i post things like this to motivate and inspire MYSELF...
i'm really talking to MYSELF...
so if anyone else benefits from it - then it's just the icing on the cake! *wink*
and if some of you are wondering, "where did this come from?"...
don't worry...
we'll be back to regularly scheduled posts...

Goal #27 {kopykake projector}

Monday, February 22

here are just a few reasons why i can't wait to cross off goal #27...(a kopykake projector)

just find a cute pattern/print that you love and create a PERFECT cookie...

yes....these really ARE cookies...

and so are these...

you start out with this....

and end up with this...

all of this amazing inspiration is brought to you by sweetopia...
i've mentioned marian once before...
the first time i saw her beautiful cookies i was HOOKED.
i knew i HAD to get my hands on one of those kopykake projectors.
her tutorials are out-of-this-world and she'll answer all of your questions.
she's just as sweet as her cookies are!

thanks marian!
great big ole "sugary" hugs to you...

as for WHEN i'll be able to cross off goal #27?
all i can say is that it'll be before my next birthday! *wink*
for now...
i just keep referring back to sweetopia to keep inspiring me!

have a sweet monday everyone...
i was up by 4a.m.
at the doctor by 9a.m.
had lunch with my mom at my fave little tea room in mt. dora
just got back home...
and now...
onto finishing up some fun projects while ella scarlet is still asleep...shhhh

Keeping It Real:
Getting up at 4:30 every morning has had me pretty whooped by 8:30 every night.
and pretty much LONGING to take a nap around 2ish...but i don't.
Now...for some odd reason, I keep waking up at 4:00...what's up with that?


Friday, February 19

i've got some important milestones to catch you up on...
milestones for little miss ella pie who just turned 15 months old.

the first:
she finally got her first tooth at 14 months old.
(and it didn't take long for 2 others to pop through - 3 total & one emerging)
look closely...
can you see them?

the 2nd milestone?
ella's hair is officially long enough for pigtails...

i think she looks like ME in this picture...*wink*

such BIG milestones for such a little girl...
how i love her so!

happy friday to you all.
have a FANTASTIC weekend.
i'm HOPING to go pick strawberries with the family...

my head is spinning...

pinch me everyone...
this week has been so completely satisfying/fulfilling.
i'm on a cloud.

i've been featured TWICE in one week now. *blushing*
my tuesday started off with this feature from HWTM.
and then the very next day i was featured on: Half Baked...the cake blog!

i just NEVER expected all of this "attention" and "recognition" for doing what i love to do.

and as if those two things weren't enough...

this morning...
kim & entertaining expert... mentioned in a tweet, my feature with HWTM!
holy smokes...

i think i'm now beyond the clouds...
i'm "over the moon" flattered, excited, honored!

what a way to start AND end the week!
great big ole oxoxo's to you all!


Thursday, February 18

some days i just want to post "pretties"....
today is one of those days...

gorgeous cake stands by clara french
(one of each please....)

beautiful sewing print from emmalynne's etsy shop...
(i DON'T sew...but this print makes me wish that i did) *wink*

inspiration board from postcards & pretties
(LOVE this site...always GORGEOUS inspiration boards)

"a walk on the beach" from cannelle et vanille
(LOVELY food photography & delicious recipes)

beautiful things...
aren't they?
you MUST be feeling inspired by now...
i know i am.

Keeping It Real:
i almost posted some kitchen pictures but i'm beginning to think my kitchen obsession really deserves a weekly post? what do you think? how about "featured kitchen of the week"?

the preliminary stages...

Wednesday, February 17

so here we are again.
in the preliminary stages of planning.
planning a birthday party for ema.
my thoughts are this:

ema is pAssiOnAtE (some people call it stubbon) *wink*
ema is LOuD (some people call it rambunctious)
ema loves mUSiC - especially drums
she was just selected as one of 25 participants (out of the entire school) for the talent show...playing her drums.
ema LiGHtS my fire when she laughs & smiles.
ema likes to have FUN...

i'm thinking something
- not too girly
- fun
- cool
- with music involved

how about this?

i let ema preview this yesterday.
i may have to substitute the "pink" for a cool "blue" color she's picked out.
but it looks pretty good, right?
and no.
the "theme" isn't original, per se.
i'm going to make it as oRiGinAL as possible.
because that's what ema is.
(and because that's the way i operate). *wink*

key factors to consider:
- we are smack dab in the middle of moving/packing
- we're closing on a new home the same week of her b/day (fingers crossed)
- budget will be minimal
- time constraints (approx. 29 days until her birthday weekend)
and my BiG goal?
- do something simple enough anyone can EaSiLy duplicate.

i've got LOTS of ideas circulating around my brain.
i'd LOVE your feedback on what you think.
send me your ideas!
what would YOU do?
what elements would YOU incorporate into a party like this?

it's wednesday...
let's make it ROCK! *wink*

Keeping It Real:
this birthday theme will allow me to incorporate the use of one particular silver element i've been craving to try. i can't wait!


Tuesday, February 16

so here's my big news for the week...
i'm soooo super excited!
the baby shower i posted in january was featured by HWTM yesterday...

go HERE to see the entire write-up

so do you want the full story on how it all played out?
remember when kim from the tomkatstudio featured ella's party?
not only did she feature it...
she later twittered me informing me she'd sent the info. to HWTM!
i just thought that was the sweetest thing...seriously!
i quietly waited.
the holidays passed and no word from HWTM.
january came.
i got the gumption to forward the shower to HWTM -
& i also included the link to ella's party.
jenn from HWTM responded right away and mentioned wanting to feature both parties.
we decided to feature the baby shower first...
and that my friends...
is how i got featured on the incredibly inspirational HWTM blog!
i'm honored.
have you checked out the party themes, home decor and entertaining ideas featured there?
you MUST!

a HUGE thank you to all of you following along...
you are literally experiencing all of this with me.
that's SUCH a cool concept.
technology amazes me.
i'm so grateful for all of this "growth" i'm experiencing.
and grateful to be sharing it with you.

i'm meeting sooo many talented people.
people who quietly cheer me along...
people i can call "friends"...
here's an insanely tight hug from me to all of you today!!!

back to work. *wink*

Keeping It Real
yes...i actually questioned whether or not to send the email to HWTM...
but i'm so glad i just DID it...without too much thought behind it! *wink*

some recent projects...

Monday, February 15

thought i'd share some recently commissioned work:

this adorable 5x7 "we've moved" card. i LOVE it.

this "revised" baby shower invite...
swapped out the black accents for a dark brown & changed up the wording...
looks like a completely different invite...don't you think?

did you notice the use of the same tree on both items?
completely different looks, huh?!
i LOVE the versatility!

i have another item to share but i have to wait on that one.
it's a surprise and i never know who's reading the blog...*wink*

hugs to you all.
hoping your monday is turning out to be "marvelous"!

by candlelight...

clara and ema were gone for the night.
ella had just been put to bed.
chicken salad sandwiches were prepared earlier.
strawberries washed.
blankets were layed out on the hardwood floor.
tealights were lit.
lights were out.
music was softly playing in the background...
we exchanged cards...
and kisses...

it was the perfect way to end the weekend...

what did YOU do for valentine's day?

hugs to you on this beautiful, cold monday morning...

Keeping It Real:
#1: i was STARVING by the time we sat down to enjoy our little picnic.
(waiting until ella was in bed proved to be a LATE dinner).
#2: wax was spilled on the floor when j attempted to move one of the candles.
#3: i wish i could've made the picnic a little more special by wrapping the sandwiches in pretty paper...creating drink wraps...etc. (next year)
#4: goal #10...DONE! yea!!!

picnic highlights

Friday, February 12

here are the rest of our "picnic highlights" from last weekend...
with it being friday, i thought is was the perfect post to segue into this weekend...

happy friday to you all...
grab hold of the weekend...
wrap your arms around it...
and squeeeezzeee......tight. *wink*


Wednesday, February 10

isn't finding the balance between life's many distractions & responsibilites just REALLY hard?
personally, i think it's especially hard for us women.
i know for me, i'm constantly making adjustments...trying to find the balance.
and honestly?
"achieving" balance is not the difficulty.
"maintaining" it is what seems to be near impossible.
but i think there ARE moments...
fleeting as they may be...
moments of perfect balance.
when things seem to all come together.
much of the time we've got to CREATE this balance though...
it doesn't just happen all on its own.
and that's the inspiration behind this new print i've been working on...

what do you think?
i teetered back and forth between using "create it", "find it" or "in search of"...
there was just something about "create it" that just struck a chord with me...
so i went with it.

i'll be offering this print in my etsy shop as an 11x14 print OR....
maybe even as a digital print???

if you NEED it....
like RIGHT NOW...
leave me a comment on my new facebook fanpage...
the first person to leave me a comment there will receive a 5x7 of this print FREE!

(UPDATED...Congratulations Alison're the winner of the free 5x7)!!

it pays to read the entire post! *wink*

Keeping It Real
i originally posted the print with a green background...(which will still be available).
BUT in keeping with the Valentine holiday approaching...i HAD to turn it pink! *wink*

all it takes...

Tuesday, February 9

yes...we've all seen these little morsels before.
they're simple & easy.
but sometimes we forget about the simple things...
because we've already tried them.
but we NEED simple in our lives.
"simple" inspires people who are lacking the time or energy.
& sometimes all it takes is a reminder to keep things simple...
so here's your "official" reminder...

all it takes is 3 simple ingredients & a few minutes of your time...

combine the three & you're minutes away from these....

i call them pretzel buttons...
super adorable, delightfully simple
valentine's day treats

try using the caramel-striped hershey kisses for some added pizzazz!

oh so stylish...
oh so cute...
& oh so delish!
wouldn't these be PERFECT for a party incorporating zebra print?!

preheat oven to 170 degrees.
gather your ingredients.
unwrap hershey kisses.
layout the square pretzels on a cookie sheet.
place one kiss on top of each pretzel.
bake for 5-6 minutes. (until the kiss becomes shiny and soft)
remove from oven.
smoosh an m&m on top (logo side down). this "glues" all 3 layers together
let cool completely. (pop'em in the fridge for 10-15 if you like)

- valentine m&m's were hard to find even a week ago.
i found the breast cancer awareness version & favored the hot pink vs. the lighter shade.
- do NOT make these days in advance for your event/celebration. after 2 days, the 1st ones i made started cracking & turning white...making it look like "old" chocolate. (result from heating chocolate in the oven?)
- be ready to put the m&m's on right when you pull them out of the oven.
- the caramel centered kisses melted easier/faster - don't squish too hard.

have a super tuesday everyone...
feelin' energized!

Keeping It Real
I had to make these twice. The first ones sat for two days, wrapped in cellophane, waiting for me to take pictures. By then the chocolate had turned white-ish. oops!

I went to 4 stores last week trying to find the Valentine's mix of m&m's. I was getting mighty frustrated. There ended up being ONE bag left of the susan g. komen breast cancer awareness mix... in the very last store. lucky me! (so i went ahead & snatched up the st. patrick's day mix - already on display - to avoid frustration next month). *wink*

life's not always a picnic...

Monday, February 8

life isn't always a picnic...
but do you ever just wake up grumpy?
for no apparent reason?
i mean, it doesn't happen very often to me...
but i REALLY don't like when it happens.
and honestly,
there's GOT to be a reason for it.
there can't just be "no apparent reason"...

i'm taking inventory.
i've gone down my list of all the things that seem to be irritating me.
- things that i CAN do something about.
- things completely out of my control.
- things that are ridiculously inconsequential
and frankly...
bottom line is this...
i just need to change my attitude today.
because i have a lot of things to be grateful for.
so what if nothing, over the weekend, seemed to turn out the way i envisioned.
it's no big deal.

- the picnic that ended up to be crazy-windy and a bit chilly WITHOUT a whole lot of pictures i love.
- the treats i was trying to prepare that were SO completely frustrating and not working and ugly.
- the treats that DID turn out a bit cute but were eaten before i could take pictures. (a lot of them eaten by the way...*grin*)
- frustrated about house-hunting...banks taking too long for answers (c''s been MONTHS).

little things...really.
little things in the BIG scheme of things...
i just need to put a smile on -
you know...
just fake it for a little while.
eventually the smile will induce feelings of happiness.
because seriously...
there's nothing to be upset about.
it's just one of those days.
i do intend to change that...

because despite the crazy wind and the pictures i DIDN'T love from our picnic over the weekend...
there was LOTS of sunshine...

and sunshine makes me incredibly happy!

happy monday...
despite my grumpiness. *wink*
who's with me?

so many things to celebrate...

Friday, February 5

i've been feeling completely on cloud 9 for the past week or two.
i think because of several reasons...

the one i said i entered just for fun?
the contest on the creative hostess site...
searching for the most adorable kids party of 2009?

the winners were announced yesterday...

i couldn't believe my eyes!
apparently 200+ entries...
and there were sooo many that were over-the-top creative/adorable.
and i won 2nd place?!
if you want some awesome party ideas you should TOTALLY go here.
scroll down and look through the comments section.
click on the links readers left behind to view the different party entries...
totally inspirational!
and you should definitely go check out the first and 3rd place winners...
a vintage carnival theme by zuesette of marizette paperie won 1st place.
the 3rd place winner was an adorable construction party by Jessica of Juicy Bits...
needless to say i felt very humbled yesterday...
and completely thrilled & surprised!

thank you creative hostess for hosting the contest...
and a special thanks to the judges:
and my dear, sweet friend...

and there's still more things to celebrate...
fun commissioned jobs for invites/announcements...
a sweet personal story sent to me from one of my readers - relating to the "be" print.
(you know who you are)...

& looking forward to accomplishing goal #5 on saturday...
a picnic with the family...
...bubbles & photography included. *wink*

and so many more goals "in progress"....
there's so much power in writing your goals down...
but there's even more power in looking at them everyday...
and doing small things each day to scoot yourself closer to your desired result.

where are you at with your own personal goals?

great big ole hugs to you all...
you make my world go around...

Keeping It Real:
i'm much more motivated to achieve these creative "before birthday goals" than say...losing weight, eating better or exercising.
why is that?
oh yeah.
the creative goals are more fun. *wink*

and what about that "thing" i mentioned i'd be posting?
some sort of valentine's day inspiration?
supplies have been gathered.
and that's about it.
my goal was to have things assembled yesterday...
pictures taken and ready to post today.
you know...
to send you off with some valentine's inspiration for the weekend.
looks like i won't get to post until monday.
darn it!

the greatest compliment...

Wednesday, February 3

i believe one of the greatest compliments i could ever receive would be for someone to be inspired by my ideas.

inspired to the point of creating their own little magic.

back in january, i received a comment from a reader named nealy.
she was inquiring about ella's party -
specifically about the invitation.
she expressed her desire to use the theme for her own daughter's 1st b/day party.

i missed out on doing the invitation... (#communicationfail)
but i offered my support and asked her to follow up with me on the details of her party.

so yesterday...
i was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from her.
she sent a link directing me to her blog with all of the lovely details.
so lovely in fact...
i asked her if i could share it with all of you.
she kindly obliged.
so here's a little collage i put together...

can you NOT take your eyes off of her gorgeous little girl?
everything was so pretty...
and so girly...
for more details you should go check out her blog...

thanks nealy...
your daughter is beautiful...
the party was beautiful...
i'm so glad i inspired you...
because ultimately,
you've now come back to inspire me...


shop is open...

Tuesday, February 2

exciting news...
inspired directly from all of you readers...
my etsy shop is officially open!
only 1 item in there right now.
but hey...
it's a start!

so all of you who were inquiring about purchasing the print from the "blogoversary give-away"...
head on over there...
it's now available.

i'm excited the shop is actually open.
i think i'm even more excited because it's helping me get closer to reaching one of my BBG's (before-birthday goals)
#20: sell something on etsy.
now all i have to do is learn the ins and outs of it all.
i'm sure there are plenty of mistakes to learn along the way...
any of you who are familiar with it and have some advice to pass along...
i'm all ears. *wink*

so go ahead...
who wants to be my first customer?
tell you what...
to celebrate my first sale...
the very first person to purchase a print...
drumroll please...
will get a 2nd print for free...
i'm totally just throwing this idea out there as i'm typing.
i had no idea i was going to offer this amAzing deal until right. this. minute.
oh my.
it's so fun to own your own shop and make such big "executive" decisions...*wink*

make it a wonderful tuesday!

Keeping It Real:
The shop has been "open" for about 2 weeks but with nothing in it. *wink*
I almost gave up opening it today when i realized the extra step of shrinking down the pictures i was going to upload. But i persevered!

And i meant to tell you...
I DID pay for a person's meal at the drive-thru last friday.
BBG #26! DONE!

cookin' up some creativity

Monday, February 1

first up....

chili-cookoff invitation

this is something i've been working on "behind the scenes".
i think it turned out pretty darn adorable.
so adorable in fact, i think i'll attend. *wink*
mike & can count me in!

next up...

i've been busy preparing my jar of "creativity exercises".

this jar contains 100 ideas for "boosting" my creativity.
thank you rhonna farrer
- the genius mind behind the creativity exercises.
this was #19 of my "BBG's" (before-birthday goals)
the idea behind it is to pull 1 idea, randomly, from the jar each day.
some of the "exercises" take 5 minutes.
some take longer.
the idea is to be "prompted" to do "something".
the "something" then leads to furthering your creativity.
workin' that creative muscle...
i LOVE it.

here are a couple of examples:
#13: improve:: something around your house. work. car. make things better.
#77: make progress:: choose a task you've put off. do it.

i'm sooo excited to get started on this tomorrow morning.
i'm the maniac that gets up at 4:30 just to have some "me" time.
what a perfect way to start my day.

if you'd like your own set of creativity exercises, go here!

i've been sketching like a mad-woman and have so many fun ideas to work on.
i'm hoping to have one of those ideas to share with you by the end of the week.
hint: COULD be valentine's day related?

i hope you all enjoyed your weekend.
my saturday morning started off with a massage, facial, pedi & mani -
it was nice to finally use the gift certificate j got me from euro day spa

the rest of my saturday was spent listening to beautiful music.
from this beautiful girl...

clara performed in an all-district band event over the weekend.
she worked her buns off for three days straight.
i'm super proud of her musical accomplishments.

happy monday to all...
it's a new week.
a new month.
a new holiday to celebrate....

Keeping It Real:
the chili cook-off invitations were supposed to have been delivered to the clients on friday.
the special order envelopes that were to arrive never showed.
some sort of UPS re-routing mess....i was SO irritated.

the actual jar for the creativity exercises, ribbons and cardstock strips were leftovers from an unfinished "100 ways to be inspired" class taught by elsie flannigan. ( 5 years ago). see. i knew not to just get rid of the jar.
rhonna's creativity exercises were PERFECT to finish the undone project.

and last but not least...
NEVER schedule a trip to the spa with commitments later in the day.
i went from completely relaxed to 1oo miles an hour trying to get to the
musical event for clara. phew.
oh. and note to self:
schedule the massage AFTER the facial next time.
I'll NEED to relax & wind down after the intense pain inflicted during the extraction process. *ouch*
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