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cookin' up some creativity

Monday, February 1

first up....

chili-cookoff invitation

this is something i've been working on "behind the scenes".
i think it turned out pretty darn adorable.
so adorable in fact, i think i'll attend. *wink*
mike & can count me in!

next up...

i've been busy preparing my jar of "creativity exercises".

this jar contains 100 ideas for "boosting" my creativity.
thank you rhonna farrer
- the genius mind behind the creativity exercises.
this was #19 of my "BBG's" (before-birthday goals)
the idea behind it is to pull 1 idea, randomly, from the jar each day.
some of the "exercises" take 5 minutes.
some take longer.
the idea is to be "prompted" to do "something".
the "something" then leads to furthering your creativity.
workin' that creative muscle...
i LOVE it.

here are a couple of examples:
#13: improve:: something around your house. work. car. make things better.
#77: make progress:: choose a task you've put off. do it.

i'm sooo excited to get started on this tomorrow morning.
i'm the maniac that gets up at 4:30 just to have some "me" time.
what a perfect way to start my day.

if you'd like your own set of creativity exercises, go here!

i've been sketching like a mad-woman and have so many fun ideas to work on.
i'm hoping to have one of those ideas to share with you by the end of the week.
hint: COULD be valentine's day related?

i hope you all enjoyed your weekend.
my saturday morning started off with a massage, facial, pedi & mani -
it was nice to finally use the gift certificate j got me from euro day spa

the rest of my saturday was spent listening to beautiful music.
from this beautiful girl...

clara performed in an all-district band event over the weekend.
she worked her buns off for three days straight.
i'm super proud of her musical accomplishments.

happy monday to all...
it's a new week.
a new month.
a new holiday to celebrate....

Keeping It Real:
the chili cook-off invitations were supposed to have been delivered to the clients on friday.
the special order envelopes that were to arrive never showed.
some sort of UPS re-routing mess....i was SO irritated.

the actual jar for the creativity exercises, ribbons and cardstock strips were leftovers from an unfinished "100 ways to be inspired" class taught by elsie flannigan. ( 5 years ago). see. i knew not to just get rid of the jar.
rhonna's creativity exercises were PERFECT to finish the undone project.

and last but not least...
NEVER schedule a trip to the spa with commitments later in the day.
i went from completely relaxed to 1oo miles an hour trying to get to the
musical event for clara. phew.
oh. and note to self:
schedule the massage AFTER the facial next time.
I'll NEED to relax & wind down after the intense pain inflicted during the extraction process. *ouch*

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