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LiFE | The Anchor Cake

Friday, June 28

This has been on my mind a lot lately...
This is a quote I came up with this morning and then shared on my Instagram feed.
(the apps I used to design this are #abeautifulmess, #phonto and #picfx).

Focused on my most important, enduring & beautiful work...
 I've been trying to do some things differently this week!
Using the list of things I've been doing...
 I was inspired to create what I call...

I love it!
I hope you do too!

I know I could use a reminder to slice myself a piece of Anchor Cake - often!!

I think when we have our priorities straight, 
we really can have our cake and eat it too!

I'd love to hear from you about some of the powerful things you do/have tried
to stay connected with the ones you love!

I hope we will all find ways this weekend to connect!
xoxo, Jessica

One of the main things I've been doing this week
is taking a few minutes in the morning to do some sort of inspirational reading.
I always feel more focused and ready to tackle the day ahead (with a great attitude) when I do that.
I don't know why I continue to fall out of that habit so easily?

PROMiSE ME | My visit to Le Macaron

Wednesday, June 26

The French Macaron…
A small, delicate, chewy-with-a-tiny-crunch "cookie"
containing a sweet center of fruit filling or chocolate ganache.

There has been speculation over the past few years that this tasty little (gluten-free) treat...
will be replacing the beloved cupcake in the competition for the most popular go-to dessert.

I'm not sure if it will actually "replace" the cupcake...(click the "Keep Reading" button below)

DiSCOVER | Video on Instagram

Tuesday, June 25

Just in case you haven't already heard the big news...
Instagram now has video capability!!

CLICK HERE to see the first on-the-go Instavideo I made over the weekend?
I know...not that impressive technically but cut me some slack - this is all still new to me! *wink*

It's similar to the concept Vine offered
with the following key (& fabulous) differences:
- 15 sec video vs. 6 seconds that Vine offered.
- 13 video filters vs. ZERO filters from Vine.
- loads straight to your Instagram feed.

and if you've already started your own Instavideos...
here are some fun links to look at to improve your Instavideo experiences and just for fun:
- Discover your favorite celebrity videos 
- Turn your "auto play" feature off if you don't want videos to automatically start playing...
  (Go to "Settings" and then "Preferences")

Want to get started creating your own Instavideos? 
UPGRADE to the latest version of Instagram right here:

If you don't already follow me on Instagram...
you've got an open invitation to keep up with my life behind-the-blog!
Click right here or just search for me on Instagram: @pnpflowers

My actual VERY FIRST on-the-go video was of my first visit to Mellow Mushroom.
Unfortunately, the battery on my phone was low before I started recording and it died before I finished.
We then went to Le Macaron right after Mellow Mushroom so I was only able to charge my phone in the car for about 10 minutes as we were driving. I wasn't sure I would get it filmed and posted before my phone died again. Lucky for me the timing of it all worked out...just barely!!

Lesson? Make sure your battery is fully charged so you don't have to be so freaked and stressed out about capturing a momentous occasion that you sacrifice video quality! *frown*

RECiPE RADAR | Sweet Potato Chips

Monday, June 24

I've got some mini sweet potatoes sitting on my kitchen counter...
waiting to be turned into something fabulous!

I know just what I'm going to make with them!

Sweet Potato Chips

I found a few pretty photos and recipes on Pinterest to perhaps inspire you to make some too...

I love all of the different seasoning options out there!!
Thinking I'll be creating a Baked Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Sweet Potato Chip first.
Then...since I know I already love Sweet Potato Fries with Rosemary...
I'll be trying out some Baked Sea Salt and Rosemary chips too.

I can't wait to try these out and report back my findings!
If you've got a sweet potato chip recipe you think I might like...share away!
I'd love to hear back from you!

Before you go...
be sure to check back this afternoon to find out who the WINNERS are for the "Sweet Love" Collection Giveaway announced on Friday!

I officially went off of my Whole30 program this weekend!
I didn't make it the entire 90 days as I had originally intended...darn it all
but after being 100% committed over the last 70+ days...
(even while I was on a family vacation - really super hard by the way)...
I absolutely had/have no regrets!
I'll let you know how I "went out" later this week...
and give you an update on the progress I've been able to make!

And guess what?
As of today...I'm already back to following the Whole30 program again!
I still have goals that need to be met and I can't quit until I reach them!
The end! *wink*

DESIGN | Sweet Love Bridal Collection

Friday, June 21

I thought I'd send you off into the weekend with Love on your mind...
thanks to this really cute "Sweet Love" logo I recently designed.

Last month I was approached by my friend, Carmen to create a printable mini wedding suite.
If you don't already know, Carmen owns a super cute party shoppe called The Flair Exchange.
She creates fun hand-made party decor and she has recently stepped into the "wedding" side of celebrations.

Carmen challenged me to create a mini wedding suite including an invitation and matching treat flags
using her Rose Tissue Paper Tassel Garland Kit.
Drawing inspiration from the neutral color palette of...
copper metallics and soft pink rose gold, here's what I came up with...

I loved the design so much...(and felt like there would be many others out there who would like it too)
I decided to create a few more coordinating elements to create a complete "mini celebration" package

There's now a 24x36 printable Chalkboard Poster, Banner, Cut-Outs and Thank You Cards to go along with the invitation and party flags.

The Cut-Outs are one of my favorite elements since they are so versatile.
Create cake toppers, chair signs, stickers, lawn stakes, clings and more!

Here's the best part of this entire collection...
although it was originally intended for a wedding/bridal shower...
it's also perfectly fitting for a baby shower...
anniversary celebration...
or even for Valentine's Day! (pin it now to remember later)

The entire collection is now an INSTANT DOWNLOAD available in the shoppe.
If you prefer to have just the party flags and Fill-In Invitation...visit Carmen's site for the FREE download.  

While you're there - be sure to browse her selections of Balloon TasselsConfetti-filled balloons and Tissue Tassel Garlands. 

But hey...
before we all head out to enjoy our weekend...

How about I randomly choose 3 winners to receive the entire "Sweet Love" Collection?
That's what I'm talking about!!

Enter now using the Rafflecopter Widget below

The contest starts NOW and the winners will be announced on Monday! (June 24th)
Tell all of your friends who are planning bridal showers, weddings, baby showers, etc.
They'll love you - I promise!!

I hope you have a great weekend everyone!

I will soooo be using this collection myself.
I'm in love with the turnout and my creative mind won't stop churning with all of the possibilities!

THE SHOPPE | NEW!! Rooted In Love Chalk Art Printables

Thursday, June 20

the winner for the MarthaCelebrations Pin Party I participated in last week was announced yesterday...
and as I much as I'd love to shout out the winner was ME...
darn it wasn't. *frown*

I have to say...there were a lot of other talented bloggers that contributed and I was thrilled to be among the ones that were hand-picked to participate in helping to launch the fun new party products from Martha Stewart! It was an honor! (See my party submission here - just in case you missed it).

I'll be doing a follow-up post with all of the details on the other fabulous party themes...including the fun ideas from the blogger chosen as the winner.

In the meantime...the rest of you will feel like winners!
You know the hand-drawn Chalkboard Poster shown in the party?
as well as the matching Chalk Art Food Labels and Parfait Potting Station Sign and labels?
Well I finally finished loading all of those INSTANT DOWNLOAD printables...into the shoppe.
The printables will make it super easy to create your own version of the...

"Rooted in Love" themed party I styled

I hope you are as excited about printing them as I was about creating them!

Summer is flying by already...
somebody please put the brakes on this bus!! *wink*

LiFE | Back from a Family Reunion

Wednesday, June 19

We have just returned from a family vacation/family reunion...
and it was awesome!

(Photo I took as we were driving down the highway - headed back home)

I'm still going through photos...
but wanted to share a few scenic images from MY INSTAGRAM FEED...

(Bouquet of flowers Ella picked for me on my aunt and uncle's property) 

 (Photo I took of old barns on our 17 mile bike ride down a mountain) 

(Clara and Ema racing the rain nipping at our heels) 

The weather was beautiful (aside from some rain one afternoon) and we did everything from hiking to biking to white water rafting.

I can't wait to share all of the details with you.
Definitely one of the most memorable reunions we've had!

I adore my family and getting to spend 6 days with 50+ of them was an absolute blast!

I seriously needed this break.
Getting away from the computer/work was a long-time coming.
I'm so grateful

We made some memories - that's for certain.
My aunt and uncle who hosted it went above and beyond to make sure we all had a great time.

Now...back to business as usual. (said with slight disappointment - *wink*)

STYLE IT | MarthaCelebrations Launch Party - Rooted In Love Bridal Shower

Friday, June 7

It's been quiet on the blog…
which is always an accurate indication that things are super busy behind-the-scenes.

One of the fun projects I've been working on is helping to launch the new +Martha Stewart party product line for JCPenney - MarthaCelebrations.

I was chosen (along with a group of other party enthusiasts and bloggers) to style a party using a "Celebration in a Box" shipped to me. I had no idea what I would receive and was thrilled when the box arrived containing fun party items from this collection:

My mind quickly took off and I'm thrilled to share with you today what I came up with...

"Rooted Deeply In Love" Themed Bridal Shower

It's a beautiful theme fit for a Bridal Shower, Baby Shower or even a 
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