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PROMiSE ME | My visit to Le Macaron

Wednesday, June 26

The French Macaron…
A small, delicate, chewy-with-a-tiny-crunch "cookie"
containing a sweet center of fruit filling or chocolate ganache.

There has been speculation over the past few years that this tasty little (gluten-free) treat...
will be replacing the beloved cupcake in the competition for the most popular go-to dessert.

I'm not sure if it will actually "replace" the cupcake...(click the "Keep Reading" button below)
but with more and more cute macaron shops popping up...
our local cupcake shops may be enjoying some friendly competition.

I visited one such local shop this weekend...Le Macaron -  Winter Park, Florida

Visiting Le Macaron was one of the promises I put on my Promise ME list this year.
I've been anticipating the visit and was thrilled to finally stop in for some sampling!
The darling little cookies did not disappoint.

There are a large variety of flavors (and colors)
making these a perfect dessert table item for weddings, birthdays, celebrations and gift-giving!

Here are some iPhone photos from my Le Macaron experience
Cute little display of boxed macarons using a pretty cupcake stand.

 Ella fixing her hair before we head into Le Macaron
She's wearing a cute popsicle shirt and denim skirt from GapKids and pink flower sandals from Target

I didn't realize there were so many different franchises in Florida until I looked at their website.
If you are a Floridian, go here for a complete list of locations to see if there's one in your area!

From what I understand, the Sarasota location is where the macarons are actually baked and shipped to the Winter Park location.
and I'm assuming to the other Florida locations.
I may have my information wrong but I believe that's what the girl working the Le Macaron counter told me.

I highly recommend stopping in and trying one of the 17 different flavors they offer.
My favorite ones were the ones with a chocolate center - of course! *wink*

 You'll find out more about french macarons, see how they are made 
as well as hear from the Le Macaron shop owners.

And if you missed my Instagram Video of Le can see it here.

The Winter Park location was tricky to find because it sits back off of Park Avenue nestled in between some other shops. If you go, look for the Le Macaron sign on the sidewalk. This will lead to a breezeway where you'll walk past a koi pond in the middle. Le Macaron is in the back to the right of Paris Bistro.


Travel Girl said...

Those look delicious.

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

They were absolutely delightful Kissing Chick! I'll be frequenting the shop more often!!

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