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INSPIRE | Promise Me - May, June & July Surprise Winners

Wednesday, July 31

This is MY kind of book...
The pretty cover by Katie Daisy draws me to it...
The title piques my interest...
It's compact size makes me love it...
The inspiration to do one good deed a day lures me in...
and the word "journal" mentioned at the bottom seals the deal...

A sweet and darling little book filled with 
opportunities to experience MONUMENTAL moments!
Daily inspirational prompts encouraging the act of doing something good for someone else.
Most of the suggestions are super simple.
Some take a little more planning and thought.
I love that you can go in any order you want...
selecting the deed you have time for!
No guilt-ridden time constraints to follow.
Just go with the flow...
and journal your experience.

I'm choosing THREE winners today to receive a copy of this delightful, inspiring book.
The three people I'm choosing are participants in the Promise ME adventure we started in February.

Congratulations Andrea, Maria and Kori!
You were all chosen for very different reasons...
but ultimately you were selected to help keep you inspired along your journey!!

I hope you'll be inspired by this beautiful little book
and that you'll continue to give us updates on the Promise ME page!
(Please email me your shipping address: pnpflowersinc AT gmail DOT com)

All unofficial and official "Promise Me" participants...
Put your promises on your calendars...
Make them a priority!
Make YOU a priority.
We are at our HALF WAY mark!
Re-evaluate where you are and make the necessary adjustments to MAKE. THINGS. HAPPEN!
Pin the inspiration you need to help you keep your promises HERE!
Give updates on your progress by commenting on the Promise Me page!
We CAN do this!!

For those of you who want the One Good Deed A Day Book...
either for yourself or as a gift for a friend...

I LOVE it!!!

I'm really bringing to life the "Surprise" aspect of the Monthly Surprise Winners, aren't I?
I mean you just NEVER know when I'm going to announce the Monthly Winners, do you?
Even though I already had the 2 copies of the One Good Deed A Day Books to give away for May & June...the last couple of months just flew right by me!

So...I thought it best I get caught up...
especially since today is the last day of July already!
I figured I may as well get ahead of the game and go ahead and announce July's winner too!
I hope you are down with that?

Ella has my cold now. *sniffle*


Monday, July 29

Senior pictures for Clara...
Band meetings/camp/practice for Ema and Clara...
Sales flyers in the mail about Tax Free Shopping Days approaching...
Pre-school registration for Ella...

These are all indications Summer is quickly unraveling before my eyes.
These things are also reminders each of my children are growing up...
(without my permission by the way)
and the realization there's nothing I can do about any of it is sinking in...again.

I find myself in this position every year...
suddenly frantic over Summer coming to an end.
I inventory the Summer...
thinking about things I WISH we had done...
and reminding myself of the fun things we were able to do.

And THEN...
most importantly...
figuring out the exact number of days...weekends...
I have left to squeeze in some more memories!!

With all of this on my mind...
I realized the other day I haven't enjoyed one glass of lemonade yet this Summer.
How could I possibly let the Summer go by without sipping on some fresh lemonade?
It's high time I make the time to make a fresh pitcher for myself and my family!
Here are some fun variations I found to inspire me to do it...

I hope you'll join me and whip up a pitcher of Lemonade (or even just a glass)
before Summer is officially over.

Pin your favorite for the next celebration you have coming up!
Or how about creating a "Lemonade Bar" - allowing guests to infuse their own lemonade
with whatever they choose.

I'm not sure how potent the results would be without the opportunity to chill/meld for a bit first?
It's a cute, creative idea though?

An awful cold kicked my butt last week.
I battled a high fever for days in a row with flu-like symptoms.
I've still got some congestion and a cough I'm dealing with
but at least the fog has lifted.
I'm so grateful.

Something dawned on me today...
this is my very last Summer with Clara before she graduates High School.
I cannot believe I'm even saying that.
When I realized that this morning, I was in tears.
Why didn't this sink in until now?
Am I in denial?
I've got a pit in my stomach over it.

LIFE | Goodbyes

Monday, July 22

Saying goodbye has never been an easy thing for me.

I actually refuse to say the actual word "goodbye" when leaving a loved one or sending someone off...
fearing it'll somehow jinx their safe return.

I'll use words like "See you soon"...
"Can't wait to see you again"...
"Until next time"...
or just the words "I love you" instead of "Goodbye".
I'm weird like that.

It seems this Summer, for our family, we've had our share of "Goodbye" moments.

...when we left for our Family Reunion in North Carolina, leaving our dog Hamilton behind.
...when we returned to Florida after enjoying a week filled with 50+ family members.
...when Clara and Ema left for Girl's Camp for a week.
...when Clara left for New York for 4 days.
...when Clara left for St. Pete for a couple of days.

and this past week...
an especially somber goodbye...
...when J and Ella flew to Illinois to attend the funeral of his Grandma Jo.

Something I created in Grandma Jo's honor and posted on my Instagram feed last week...
I used a photo I took from a walk through our neighborhood one morning
and the "mask feature" in the new Rhonna Designs App). 

Goodbyes are never easy.

Packing up Ella's suitcase and putting her on an airplane was difficult.
(This is the 2nd time she's flown to Illinois with her dad)

Driving Ella and J to the airport was absolutely treacherous..
especially when Ella unexpectedly burst into tears 5 minutes into our 50 minute drive!
Through alligator tears and sniffles she says,  "It's just that I'm going to miss you so much".
(Where did that burst of emotion come from? She totally broke my heart).

With J's grandmother passing away...
feelings about the passing of my own grandparents naturally surfaced.
The pain just never goes away...not even a little bit.

My brother and I at my grandfather's funeral back in 2004

As hard as it always is to turn around and walk away...
drive away...
or watch someone you love walk away...
saying "Hello" is so much sweeter after you've had to say goodbye. Isn't it?

I'm certain we will see and be with our loved ones again who have already left this world.
I believe as difficult as it is to say goodbye to them...
the joy we'll feel when we are reunited with them will be far greater than any pain we'll experience here.
Knowing this...
Believing this...
makes the pain tolerable. (in a strange sort of way).

If you want to listen to a treasured song I found years ago that reminds me of my grandfather...
and for me, kind of defines the process of saying goodbye to someone you love...
It's called "Send Me a Song" by Celtic Woman - I hope you like it and gain some inspiration from it.

Here's to the joyful "Hellos" we all have to look forward to!


Ema and I had spent a good part of Saturday doing chores before enjoying some quality girl time together. That meant the house was perfectly clean when J and Ella arrived back home yesterday.
Last night, as I walked past the mess in the living room from the "castle" Ella constructed out of foam alphabet letters earlier that afternoon...
I pushed back the feelings of frustration over the unkempt room...
and instead felt grateful to have everyone safely back together! *wink*

SNAPSHOTS | Summer Ice Cream Cones

Friday, July 12

Making time for Ice Cream is top priority during the Summer...
I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who feels this way.

my three girls and I headed out for some cones...

1. Ella with her upside-down chocolate ice cream cone in-a-cup (with sprinkles) - the only way for her to enjoy an ice cream cone without ending up wearing an "ice cream shirt"
2. Ema and Ella - a sweet "sister picture"
3. Clara with her usual chocolate swirl waffle cone - giving me the look of an irritated teenager that says "hurry and take the picture before it melts, MOM!"
4. Ella chowing down
5. Pretty Ice Cream Sprinkles
6. Clara can't keep up with the heat - it's dripping faster than she can lick
7. Ella finishing up.
8. Ema and Ella - all done with their frozen treats and ready to get out of the heat!
9. Ema's standard vanilla/chocolate swirl on a standard cone. (we thought it looked cool licked all the way down like that)!

Make some time this weekend to grab a frozen treat...
in any of these forms you love best...
Frozen Custard
Ice cream
Frozen Yogurt (fro yo)
Italian Ice

You get the idea...
Photograph your favorite, a new flavor you've tried or your even the "usual"picks of your loved ones.

It's been soooo hot...
the girls were zapped of energy by the time their cones were finished!!

And for those of you who were wondering...
I did NOT partake of the ice cream...
on THIS particular day anyway! *wink*

PRESS | Top 10 Entertaining Ideas on Martha Stewart

Thursday, July 11

I am celebrating THIS today...

The "Rooted in Love" party I styled featured on the Martha Stewart website

Earlier this week on Martha Stewart
I was featured along with 10 other bloggers/party stylists

I am beyond thrilled...and feeling so grateful 
to have been recognized and featured on Martha Stewart!

If you missed all of the details I shared here on the blog a few weeks back...GO HERE!
Otherwise, you can check out the full feature on Martha Stewart.

To help you celebrate along with me...
I'm going to choose 3 people to receive this:

Rooted In Love Chalkboard Art Collection
Host your own "Rooted in Love" themed Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, 
Anniversary Party, or Family Reunion using these Chalkboard Art printables I created.

Enter using the Rafflecopter app below!

Winners will be selected on Monday!!
Pick just one or all entry options!

Thanks for celebrating with me everyone!!
Good luck to all of you who enter to win the collection!

ELLA STYLE | Summer Fun on the Play Set

Wednesday, July 10

This happy girl LOVES being outside on her swing set.
We've spent some extra hours out there this Summer and on this particular day...
she really wanted some of her friends out there to swing with her...

Turn up the sound button and PUSH PLAY! 
Watch the 15 second Instagram Video I created...
(I love that you can hear the birds chirping in the background).

1. Giggling over the fact that "Cinderella" just wouldn't sit still in her swing.
2. Oops! "Brownie" and her pink pony fell out of their swing too.
3. Growing up too fast - she doesn't use her hands anymore for walking up or down the slide.
4. Build-A-Bears - "Brownie" actually belongs to Clara but since Clara has outgrown Brownie she's allowed Ella to temporarily care for her. "Cinderella" was a gift from Grandpa and Grandma on Ella's trip to Illinois with her dad.
5. Being a bit shy for some reason with me taking photos! (she's usually asking/telling me to take pictures of her) Ha!!
6. Ella can stand up and swing now too - with much caution at this point.
7. Getting ready to jump in her swing after carefully positioning and re-positioning her friends on their own swings.
8. Cute video showcasing Ella's super sweet personality! I love how this turned out.

Ella Style:
Ella is wearing +GapKids White Bermuda Shorts, Glitter Graphic Ice Cream T-Shirt and her hair is styled in a side-braided pony tail - tied off with a snippet of red gingham ribbon. (Such a small, simple detail I've always loved using on my girls).

I really encourage you to capture the simple things that make up your every day...
Your favorite coffee mug...
the outside activities you do with your family...
your children's favorite play things...
or even the shoes you are constantly tripping over.
I promise... you will miss seeing those shoes left out one day. *wink*

I typically go out in the mornings or after dinner with Ella...
this Florida heat is just too much in the middle of the day.

Ella's side-braided pony tail started coming out in the middle of playing.
I ended up re-doing it as a standard pony tail. (see photo 2)

Which by the way, Photo 2 is my favorite photo!
I think because it encapsulates everything we had going on that morning.
Ella's red cheeks, re-done hair, friends in the grass more often than in the swing
and her stuffed animals in her arms reminds me of how important they are to her - 
and how sweetly she cares for them and integrates them into her every day life.
She's such the sweetest!! 

EMPOWER | Rhonna Designs App

Tuesday, July 9

It's here...
the brand-new...
recently launched...

You know I like to keep you updated on new phone apps...related specifically to photo editing.
This new app is going to blow your doors off!! It did mine!!

It provides a really fun way to dress up your Instagram photos...
& create inspiration to share with the world.
This app is LOADED.
I'm not even kidding.
You won't believe all of the creative elements you'll have right

RECIPE RADAR | Pretty Popsicles

Monday, July 8

What's Summer without popsicles? Am I right?

I've got homemade popsicles on the brain, people...
to the point of almost being completely distracted by the variety of combinations I can't wait to try!

Right now I'm full-focused on collecting some fun popsicle molds to create some masterpieces.
Again, almost to the point of obsession.
Stopping at every store I THINK might carry popsicle molds...
Searching online...
Contemplating scouring thrift stores for some vintage Tupperware molds...

While I continue my obsession search...
here are a few delightful popsicles I've been inspired by.
They are so beautiful...I'm almost certain you'll be left with a "pretty popsicle brain freeze"!

What' even better?
Not only are they lovely to look at...
the flavor combinations sound refreshing and they aren't loaded with added sugars and junk!

(click the "READ MORE" button below)

LIFE| Snapshots

Friday, July 5

The Anchor Cake I shared last week has me reaching for my camera to capture more details from our every day...essentially the fabric of our life together as a family.

1. Ella pointing out her strategy for creating a moat around the sandcastle she's going to build in the "sandbox". (aka vacant flower bed off the back porch).

2. Herbs I'm attempting to revive after our week-long trip to North Carolina.

3. The inside of Ema's Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl Ice Cream Cone - after it's been licked down to the cone.

4. One of Ella's favorite past-times - getting sprayed with the hose while she plays on her swing set.

5. Water balloon Fights - a frequent after-dinner Summer activity.

6. Water balloon fight clean-up - thanks Ella!

7.  Abandoned bird nest we found in one of our fruit trees. The eggs are so beautiful.
     The girls and I check the nest every day hoping we're wrong about it being abandoned.

I'm so much more centered the past week or two.
Just really focused on the important things in my family!

HOLIDAYS | 4th of July Watermelon Centerpiece

Thursday, July 4

Happy Birthday America!!

I hope you enjoy your 4th of July barbecues and celebrations!

I used the NEW Pretty Party Skewers to create the festive fruit kabob centerpiece
for our Neighborhood Bike Parade this past Saturday.
I absolutely love that the party skewers are recyclable!!

Happy 4th of July everyone!!
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