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SUGAR | Mini Banana Pudding Dessert Shooters

Wednesday, February 27

Dessert Shooters are one of my favorite things to make.
Mini + Delicious = a perfect dessert table item.

Aside from dessert tables and celebrations though...
they are a form of "portion control"...
which for me is very important when it comes to sweets because I tend to eat more than I should. *wink*

Thanks to a potluck I participated in last week…
I was inspired to revisit a favorite recipe of mine...

Mini Banana Pudding Dessert Shooters

Surprisingly, I'm NOT a huge Banana Pudding lover...
However, this recipe is something I'll absolutely devour...

RECiPE RADAR | I Heart Naptime's Homemade Reeses

Monday, February 25

When I spotted these the other day...
I instantly pinned them... 

Hover over the image and Pin it too!!

My love for chocolate + peanut butter 
combined with the flashback of something similar offered in our "Junior High" cafeteria...back in the day...
you KNOW I couldn't pass up trying this out.

I'll be back soon with my results...

A huge thank you to Jamielyn from I Heart Naptime for the inspiration.
If you live under a rock and haven't visited her site yet...
you'll want to add her to your list of favorite sites!

She's got a tremendous following and for good reason...
she shares things related to budget-friendly crafts, home decor, diy, recipes and more.

Here's all of the I Heart Naptime social media links to stalk follow Jamielyn - *wink*

If YOU have a favorite peanut butter + chocolate recipe you want to share...
send it my way. 
I'd LOVE to see it...and try it out! *wink*

With the odds working against me today...
I had to postpone my original post.
Ella is sick - has been all weekend.

With a doctor appointment scheduled...
and a load of design work to get caught up on...
My very first "RECiPE RADAR" post has been born.
Short and "Sweet"...
I think I'll be sticking to it on Mondays from now on.
I LOVE the idea of getting to share a sneak peek with you as to what's on my baking/cooking agenda.
I hope you love the idea too!!

FOUND | Spring Cookies + Fun Baking Pan

Friday, February 22

Spring is well on its way...
and these cookies prove it...

Wishing the Spring cookies were available as a mini chessmen these...

LiFE | First Day of Preschool

Wednesday, February 20

We crossed a special milestone last week...
and I just HAD to share the moment with you...

Ella's First Day of Preschool

How can she be 4 years old already?
Attending preschool now?

What happened to this little baby doll?
Ella Scarlet 
six months old

Time sure does fly when you're havin' fun!! *wink*

My heart definitely aches knowing she's my baby...
and my baby is quickly growing up and will be caught up to her teenage sisters in no time! *sigh*
How did this happen?

iNSPiRE | I Am Her

Monday, February 18

Inspiring words/quotes are one of my favorite things to draw inspiration from.
They provide an instant "lift" to my mood, attitude, day and ultimately my life.
They have the potential to lend a new perspective to a situation I may be in the middle of... 
And oftentimes they become little treasures I continually reference and reflect upon.

It can be a simple little excerpt from a book...
words shared through a heartfelt speech/address/sermon...
a great line from a movie...
or the lyrics to a beautiful song.

Today I want to share some beautiful inspiration from inside the pages of a book...

"I Am Her " - written by M.H. Clark
An interactive book filled with "a collage of quotations, vignettes, and thought-provoking questions 
that will remind all the women in your life of their strengths, spirit, and heart."

Keep reading to see more of the beautiful pages from this inspiring book...

iNSPiRE | Promise Me 2013 - 4 Rivers

Friday, February 15

15 Days into the "Promise Me 2013" journey... 
and I am happy to report I've officially crossed off one of the things on my list...

A Visit to 4 Rivers Smokehouse

Alongside the smokehouse portion of this dining establishment is their 4Rivers Sweet Shop.
It's loaded with oversized delicious desserts that are not for the faint of heart.
There are giant cakes, cookies, milkshakes, pies, unique cupcake flavors - like Mountain Dew with the icing rolled in Doritos... and more! (You can even order some fried Oreos while you are dining in the Smokehouse).

Here's what we brought home with us...

Oversized Peanut Butter Whoopie Pie
Why this? Because it was obnoxiously large, I love peanut butter + chocolate, it was unique 
and I'm totally inspired to create some dipped cookies like this! *wink*
This is just the beginning...
Keep reading for the rest of the yummy details...

MAKE iT | Simple Shirley Temples + A Couple of Quick Videos

Thursday, February 14

I've got a last-minute Valentine's Day idea for you!
Surprise your kids for dinner with these special little beverages that only take a few ingredients and minutes to make.

Shirley Temples | The Perfect Valentine's Day Beverage for Kids

7-Up, Ginger Ale or Sprite
Grenadine Syrup
Maraschino Cherries WITH the stems - because they are SO much more adorable - not to mention they are easier to grab and eat. 

1.  Fill your glass with ice - crushed is my preference
2.  Pour 7-UpGinger Ale or Sprite into the prepared glass - just under the rim
3.  Add Grenadine Syrup - the more you use the more red it will become and the flavor will be more pronounced.
      I personally like to keep mine more on the pink side - just because I LOVE pink. But this option really just gives you a
      pink tinted soda - not a REAL Shirley Temple. *wink*
    4.  Add a cherry on top

OPTIONAL: Insert a cute striped straw.

I couldn't get my cute video posted to #Vine I'm sharing it here instead - for fun!
According to this video - it takes mere SECONDS to make this special treat. *wink*

You still have time to run to the grocery store and pick up your soda, cherries and grenadine syrup.
These take mere minutes to make and your kids will think you are amazing! *wink*

– Darling faux-crystal plastic glasses - JoAnn Fabric and Crafts Stores
– Maraschino Cherries - local grocery store - on the canned fruit aisle
– Grenadine Syrup - local grocery store - in the wine/spirits section
– Pink Striped Straws - The TomKat Studio Party Shop

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!
I hope you've been treated extra sweet today!!

I made these Shirley Temples for Ella's little Valentine Party the other day.
I'm making them again tonight for dinner...
because honestly...
it'll be about the ONLY Valentine-related thing we'll be enjoying as a family together!
Unless I whip something out at the last minute...
there will be no special Valentine's Day dinner or dessert tonight for us. *frown*

Let's end this on a brighter note...
Here's another #Vine - Style Video of the details from Ella's party yesterday...

SHARE | FREE Valentine's Day Cards • Chalkboard Style

Wednesday, February 13

If you missed the buzz about these yesterday on my Facebook Fan Page or on my Instagram feed...
You've still got time to print and use these FREE printables I designed before the big day tomorrow...

"You are the Sprinkles to my Cupcake" Valentine's Day Cards

I think they turned out adorable and I hope you do too!
Download these adorable Valentine's Day cards HERE!


Here's the VISUAL How-To

Here’s the VERBAL How-To:

1. Print Cards onto white card stock.

2. Trim to size using scissors or a paper trimmer.

3. Fold in half.

4. Use a 1.5″ Round Craft Punch to create a circle through the middle of the 
folded card.

5. Unfold card and have your child (or yourself) fill it out with a fine-tip sharpie or pen.

6. Fill a mini ziploc bag a little more than 1/2 full with sprinkles of your choice.

7. Refold card and slide the mini ziploc bag filled with sprinkles in between both sides of the card.

8. Staple the card closed – being sure the staple penetrates through the top of the mini ziploc bag.

Check out all of the other creative ideas submitted by so many other talented designers over on Skip to My Lou!
If you've already got your Valentine's Day Cards finished...
you can always "pin" all of the ideas you love for next year! *wink*

A super huge thanks to Cindy over at Skip to My Lou for inviting me to participate!

Ella started her first day of preschool yesterday.
I'm totally using these for the classroom Valentine's Party tomorrow.
I'm a little hesitant since it'll only be her 3rd day there and I'm not sure I'm ready to be labeled as "THAT mom" - if you know what I mean?

But I did get to send one home with her sweet little friend, Elise, after their "Friendship Party" we had at our house yesterday. All of the sweet details coming soon.

PRiNT iT | Chalkboard Art • Valentine's Day

Monday, February 11

After taking a quick poll on the Pen N' Papeflowers Facebook Fan Page over the weekend...
I created something special for you to use on Valentine's Day...and beyond!


After reading through all of the suggestions submitted by fabulous fans...
I decided to use this one, slightly altered, shared by a sweet fan named Kirsten.

It's versatile enough to display all year...
and if you are planning a wedding or wedding shower...
this could very well take center stage on the dessert table you are planning. *wink*

Download the FREE Love Story Chalkboard Art Print:
8x10 Art Print
24x36 Art Print

Use THIS PRINTING TIP and spend less than $3 to print your 24x36!!

I hope you love it!
And if are able to incorporate this into your celebrations or home decor...
Let me know via email at: pnpflowersinc AT gmail DOT com
I always love seeing what you do!!

Up to my eyeballs in final details for Ella's Valentine's Party happening tomorrow!
Think sprinkles + chocolates + valentine day crafts! *wink*

My email account(s) were hacked and I've been locked out.
So if you've been trying to email me...make note of the new email address: pnpflowersinc AT gmail DOT com

HOLiDAY | Mini Chocolate Sweetheart Truffles

Friday, February 8

Nothing says "love" more than "chocolate", right?!
at least for a Chocolate lover anyway. *wink*

How about packaging up some homemade chocolate truffles for Valentine's Day?
I keep going back to this fabulous recipe I shared with you during the holidays.
The results are divine - like "professional quality" divine...
and there's absolutely no baking involved! 

Chocolate Sweetheart Truffles

These Mini Treat Cups are PERFECT for using to make chocolate truffles...they peel off beautifully!

Just follow the same recipe from THIS POST
and replace the topping suggestions with some of the adorable edible heart glitter you see here!

These make a beautiful addition to any dessert table too!
Pin them for your next event!! They'll be a hit!!

Edible Hearts Glitter  by Wilton 
Mini Treat Cups by Wilton
White Metal Cake Stand - Pottery Barn Kids
Double Chocolate Bittersweet - Ghirardelli
Semi Sweet Chocolate - Ghirardelli

I'm behind on posting photos of the Valentine's Party I've been planning.
The party I was going to have for Ella has been postponed several times
because her little friend we invited has been sick! *frown*

SUGAR | Cupcake Sprinkles from The TomKat Studio

Wednesday, February 6

Looking for those vintage pink cupcake sprinkles from my post the other day?
They are now officially available in The TomKat Studio Party Shop.

My sweet little cupcakes and The Pastry Pedestal™ were featured on The TomKat Studio's blog on Monday...
along with the announcement of some new pretty sprinkles in three different colors...

Adorable, right?
Are you loving those hard-to-find sprinkle colors?

Sending a huge thanks to Kim for the feature - I'm thrilled you love how the cupcakes turned out!

Watch for some pretty Valentine's Day treats...coming up!

I seriously think I'm developing an addiction to Kim's shop.
Just when I think I've seen everything she has to offer...
She has to go and add NEW cute stuff!
Like, ALL of the time... *wink*

SiMPLE | Sweetheart Sandwich

Monday, February 4

I thought we'd start things off this week with something sweet and simple.
If you follow me on Pinterest or Instagram, you saw me post this last week...

Sweetheart Sandwich

I had a couple of inquiries as to how to make it...
so I thought I'd share how quickly you can turn an ordinary pb&j into something extra special!
I'll let the photos do all of the talking...

MAKE iT | Quick Game Day Banner

Friday, February 1

We kicked off the Promise Me 2013 earlier today...
now it's time to get ready for Game Day Kickoff!!

With only a day or two left for Super Bowl Sunday party preps...
how about creating a super easy Game Day Banner...

Referee/Penalty Flag Party Banner

– Black and White Striped Favor Bags - referee shirts
– Yellow Napkins - penalty flags
– Referee Whistle
– String or ribbon for displaying
– Tacks or tape for hanging/securing
– Mini Clothespins - for attaching flags and shirts to string

Simply pick a spot you want to display the banner.
Secure the string/ribbon in the fashion you prefer.
Attach the "referee shirts" and "penalty flags" using mini clothespins.
Create a focal point by adding a referee whistle to the middle shirt.

Party Favor Banner :: Tuck party favors in the bags to give guests as they leave.
Make it a Game :: Turn the banner into a game.  Attach a Referee Call (see suggestions below) to each Referee Shirt. 
When a call is made during the game...first person to open the corresponding Referee Shirt gets the hidden prize tucked inside. Or you can open the bag to reveal a surprise party task for one or all guests to do. 

Referee Call Suggestions:
Face Mask, Delay of Game, Illegal Contact, Holding, Intentional Grounding, False Start, Illegal Celebration, etc.

Don't have the cute black and white bags to create a banner?
1. Print out your own black and white striped paper and trim to size.
2. Create a "penalty flag only" banner - nothin' but yellow napkins! *wink*

And if you REALLY want to have some fun...
how about picking up some of these to hand out as guests arrive...


Here's to a great weekend...
and a fabulous Game Day for us all.

Black and White Favor Bags - The TomKat Studio Party Shop
Yellow Napkins - local party store
Whistle - WalMart - camping section - you'll pay double in the Sporting Section.
Mini Clothespins - WalMart - office section
Eye Black Stickers - WalMart - sporting section

We aren't having a Super Bowl party...
but you better believe I'll be handing out the Eye Black Stickers for my little family to wear here at the house.
I'll be keeping the leftover stickers for us to wear for our Operation Phantom Pumpkin in the Fall! *wink*

Oh! Funny Story.
When I originally created the just didn't look right.
I kept looking at it and couldn't figure out what it was.
it dawned on me!
I had originally hung the bags upright - with the stripes running horizontally.
Horizontal Black and White Stripes = Prison Uniform.

iNSPiRE | Promise Me 2013 Kickoff

It's February 1st my friends!!
Today is the day...

It's time to discover those parts of you and those dreams of yours that have been hidden, lost, pushed aside, 
 kept secret or buried simply because of the busy responsibilities that fill up everyday life.

To kick off our first official day of Promise Me 2013...
an official PROMISE ME PAGE has been added to the blog - see the top menu bar
and a PROMISE ME BUTTON has been added to the sidebar!!
Go check it out...
see the official list of participants...(not to mention those of you who've decided to "quietly" participate)!
If you want to join us - we'd love to have you!!

Want to know what made MY list?
– Refresh my calligraphy skills
– Momcation
– Bake Macarons - succesfully
– Eyelash Extensions (silly - but I want to try them anyway). 
– Children's Book - finish this!
– Blow Out
– Whippycake Makeover Session
– Research French Ironstone and start collecting
– 12 Self Portraits I can be proud of
– Vintage Baking Recipes - test at least 5 I can't live without
– 5 New Cupcake Frosting Techniques
– Stainless Steel Baking Rings
– Mellow Mushroom - take the family
– Carve out more time with friends 
– Bird on a Cake Frosting Technique
– Create the "Tag! You're It!" idea I've been thinking about
– Visit Le Macaron French Pastries
– Trip to "The Barn"
– Visit the Ghirardelli Chocolate and Ice Cream Shop
– 4 Rivers with the family
– Milk Paint project
– Create a personalized stamp
– Embossing Stamp
– Bob's River with the family
– Do the Photo Wall I've been dreaming about!

Here's to some fabulous, magical things for each of us!!

A DIY...
completely unrelated to Promise Me 2013...
is coming up later today! *wink*

You know that cute little routine I do with Ella every morning?
The one where we drop Ema off at the bus stop...
Ella sticks her head out of the sunroof and waves to the bus driver...
and then proceeds to wave to neighbors as we make our way back to the house?

Well...yesterday, I pull up to our house...
I pull into the garage...
and I'm so distracted by the landscapers at our house...
carefully ensuring I don't run anyone over...
looking at them in my rearview mirror...
watching them in my sideview mirror.
Next thing I know...
Ella tearfully and frighfully says, "Mom!"
I look up and in my routine/process of rolling up the windows...
I realize I'm in the middle of closing Ella's head in the sunroof!
Like her forehead was being pinned in the sunroof before I even realized it!
Luckily there was no real damage...
except the emotional trauma I caused Ella and myself...
Needless to say...
we BOTH were much more cautious this morning.
Can you believe that?!

And now you know...*blushing*
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