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iNSPiRE | Promise Me 2013 Kickoff

Friday, February 1

It's February 1st my friends!!
Today is the day...

It's time to discover those parts of you and those dreams of yours that have been hidden, lost, pushed aside, 
 kept secret or buried simply because of the busy responsibilities that fill up everyday life.

To kick off our first official day of Promise Me 2013...
an official PROMISE ME PAGE has been added to the blog - see the top menu bar
and a PROMISE ME BUTTON has been added to the sidebar!!
Go check it out...
see the official list of participants...(not to mention those of you who've decided to "quietly" participate)!
If you want to join us - we'd love to have you!!

Want to know what made MY list?
– Refresh my calligraphy skills
– Momcation
– Bake Macarons - succesfully
– Eyelash Extensions (silly - but I want to try them anyway). 
– Children's Book - finish this!
– Blow Out
– Whippycake Makeover Session
– Research French Ironstone and start collecting
– 12 Self Portraits I can be proud of
– Vintage Baking Recipes - test at least 5 I can't live without
– 5 New Cupcake Frosting Techniques
– Stainless Steel Baking Rings
– Mellow Mushroom - take the family
– Carve out more time with friends 
– Bird on a Cake Frosting Technique
– Create the "Tag! You're It!" idea I've been thinking about
– Visit Le Macaron French Pastries
– Trip to "The Barn"
– Visit the Ghirardelli Chocolate and Ice Cream Shop
– 4 Rivers with the family
– Milk Paint project
– Create a personalized stamp
– Embossing Stamp
– Bob's River with the family
– Do the Photo Wall I've been dreaming about!

Here's to some fabulous, magical things for each of us!!

A DIY...
completely unrelated to Promise Me 2013...
is coming up later today! *wink*

You know that cute little routine I do with Ella every morning?
The one where we drop Ema off at the bus stop...
Ella sticks her head out of the sunroof and waves to the bus driver...
and then proceeds to wave to neighbors as we make our way back to the house?

Well...yesterday, I pull up to our house...
I pull into the garage...
and I'm so distracted by the landscapers at our house...
carefully ensuring I don't run anyone over...
looking at them in my rearview mirror...
watching them in my sideview mirror.
Next thing I know...
Ella tearfully and frighfully says, "Mom!"
I look up and in my routine/process of rolling up the windows...
I realize I'm in the middle of closing Ella's head in the sunroof!
Like her forehead was being pinned in the sunroof before I even realized it!
Luckily there was no real damage...
except the emotional trauma I caused Ella and myself...
Needless to say...
we BOTH were much more cautious this morning.
Can you believe that?!

And now you know...*blushing*


Travel Girl said...

Since we're keeping it real...I trashed my list and had to start again. I realized that my list wasn't of things I *wanted* to do but of things I felt needed to be done. It was more of a chore list and that didn't make me happy. Luckily I managed to get a list that does make me happy. Very ready to get started.
-Amanda A

Unknown said...

Wonder Woman - Oh I'm so happy you shared your "keeping it real". I'm SO glad you trashed your first list because you are right; There shouldn't be anything on that list that felt "daunting". This is a fun journey. Your list should be filled with things that make you happy!!

Thrilled you are participating!!

Kelly said...

I have been to Le Macaron French Pastries, in Winter Park. If that is the one you are talking about of course. They are fabulous. The macarons are delicious and they had many different ones to choose from!

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