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paper clay (before)

Thursday, January 29

this is one of my favorite art mediums - aside from paint, watercolors & chalk. i figured if i posted a picture of it i would have to follow through on the creative idea i have in my head for valentine's day...stay tuned for the "after" pictures.

collecting stardust

just something i started lastnight...i've not finished yet. i've got to break out the magical watercolors - i'll repost once it's done. * the paper scanned yellow instead of the really pretty green it's supposed to be.

oh my darlin'....clementines

Wednesday, January 28

clementines....these have become a favorite in our house - i've had to limit everyone to one-a-day because lastweek my oldest daughter consumed 8 in one day! (and these are not cheap). i can't complain too much - it's certainly a more healthy food item to be addicted to. they really are like candy.

ella pics

Tuesday, January 27

some quick pictures from today -

this is my fave from today

show schweet... (baby talk for "so sweet")
i think she actually looks like MY baby picture in this one.

at the top of my "to do" list

for anyone following oprah's "best life" series...putting yourself @ the top of your to do list is of utmost importance. so....this a.m. i got up before any of the children stirred...yes, even the baby...and i went through my a.m. flylady priorities to jumpstart my day. feelin' good so far.

inspirational quote for the day coming from my nine year old daughter - ema. this is actually a quote i wrote down that she came up with and shared with me on february 18th 2006 - yes...she was only six years old! crazy! enjoy...

quick quiet entry

Monday, January 26

10:50p.m. - the house is quiet...i'd love to stay up all night and get the things done I REALLY want to get done - i'll regret it in the a.m. though. so here's a quick note to say i accomplished adding a little music to my blog - hope you enjoy it. or if you don't, just hit the pause button...

a quick shout out to celeste...i am so excited to hear about your ki gig! you so deserve it. and i checked out dina's blog- it's soooo time to catch up. when's the next time you guys are getting together?

Getting Started...

This is my first official post to my latest blog. I'm pretty much experimenting for right now.

Here's a picture of my latest creation - I'll be sending these out soon - after some additional tweaking with size and such...enjoy. (digital graphics originating from Rhonna Farrer Designs - thanks Rhonna!!)

I'll be changing the look of the blog with some custom graphics. I love this stuff. Keep checking in and let me know what you think...

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