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RECIPE | Blueberry Pie

Monday, December 5

It's DAY 4 of the "Five Days of Pie" here on the blog...
and today we're talking Blueberry Pie.

This is actually the very first and only blueberry pie I've ever made.
(and truthfully the first and only photo I took as we hurried out of the house with our pies for Thanksgiving dinner).

I've never been head-over-heels for Blueberry Pie and in my mind, blueberry pie is for the for 4th of July. And actually here in Florida, our very quick blueberry season starts in April and ends in seasonally speaking, it's more of a Spring pie for us.

And could technically say the Key Lime pie I shared on DAY 3 is more of a Summer pie least you have the green key lime to help tie in the Christmas season colors if you wanted to make it for Christmas! *wink*

But...regardless of my personal preference for pie flavors and the fact that fresh blueberries are hard to come by since they are not in season around Thanksgiving, my uncle requested Blueberry pie...and so blueberry pie it was.

Blueberry pie is pretty most pies seem to be.
It's made with a lot of blueberries, a good amount of sugar and a little spice.

So of course, with the pie being so simple, I decided to dress up my pie a bit by creating a braided and twisted lattice crust pie like one I had been inspired by on Instagram.  And I would typically share the link with you because the pie was absolutely gorgeous and amazing but then you'd think less of my own pie. Ha!!

One for you and one for a friend...all on the same sheet for printing!

Okay, never mind...@thejudylab on Instagram is too amazing not to share with you so I'm swallowing my pride... HERE IS THE PIE CRUST I was inspired by. And here is an awesome Cable Knit Crust she made too!  Amazing, right?

You can totally stick with doing a traditional lattice crust top or just a regular full crust with pretty slits cut into the top of mentioned on that beautiful recipe card above. *wink*

Although this blueberry pie has nothing to do with my mama or her mama or any other mama I know, "Mama's Blueberry Pie" just sounded so much more appealing and nostalgic. So yeah...I fancied the name up too!  And I think it's okay since this mama right here is the one that baked the pie, photographed the pie and decided to create a cute recipe card for the pie so I could share it with you. So there you go. Ha!!

Now...I do have to say...I did use FROZEN blueberries for this pie since they weren't in season at the time I made it. Which is why I think my uncle's feedback on the pie was this:

Of the 5 different pies I brought, he said...
"The only one I ate was the blueberry. The taste was great, the crust was great, the only thing I would say is the blueberry stuff could have been a little firmer and not so runny.  Maybe if it was refrigerated it might be firmer? But it was wonderful. " - Uncle Dan

So there you go...even though I increased the flour to 1/2 cup instead of 1/3 cup as suggested by the recipe I was following when using frozen blueberries, it still set up differently than I think it would have had I been able to use fresh blueberries. I'm definitely going to test that theory and report back.

If you love blueberry pie...I hope you'll try this one.
Or at least pin it and print that super cute recipe card! *wink*


I swear it took me an entire hour just to configure the top crust on this pie.
The first "braids" I did I ended up undoing after Ella came in the kitchen and looked at my "almost-done-ready-to-go-in-the-oven-because-I-was-sick-of-messing-with-it" pie crust and said, "I thought you were making braids? Those aren't braids.".  *handsovermyeyes*
She was right!

RECIPE | The Only Key Lime Pie

Thursday, December 1

It's day three of the Festival of Pies here on the blog.
Actually, that's what I should've called it but I really named it "The Five Days of Pie" so I guess I'll stick with that to keep things consistent! *wink*

So yeah...Key Lime Pie is on the pie podium today!!
But this isn't just any Key Lime Pie.
This is the ONLY Key Lime Pie.

And so yeah...I completely copied the name of the recipe from "The Only Pumpkin Pie" recipe I shared with you a couple of days ago...naming this "The Only Key Lime Pie".

But that's completely because this really IS the only Key Lime Pie recipe you will ever want to make and most certainly want to eat.

One thing I've come to learn is that you either LOVE Key Lime Pie... have a total aversion to it.

For's a love affair.
In fact, one of my favorite cupcakes from Cupcake Delights is the Key Lime Delight...just to point that out. *wink*

If you have an aversion to it...I'm so sorry.
But hey! You might know someone who loves it and you can either share the recipe with them OR you can surprise them by baking this for them on their birthday. *smile*

And if you love Key Lime Pie like I're going to love me, like forever, for sharing this today!
It's the creamiest pie I've ever eaten...and I have had a few slices.

It's so delicious.
It's so creamy.
And it's the easiest pie ever to make - literally requiring only three ingredients for the pie filling.

One to print for you and one for a friend...all on the same sheet for printing!

I hope you try it.
And I hope you've been loving the pie recipes I've been sharing this week.
I've got two more coming your way so stay tuned.


My daughter, Clara, is the one that made this pie. Thank you Clara!!
She did a beautiful job, didn't she?
Unfortunately, the photos I took are kind of crappy because they were two-minute pictures I snapped as we were running out the door to have Thanksgiving Day dinner with my family. And the pie had started to sweat from being out of the fridge so I had to photoshop the heck out of the pie so you wouldn't be able to see it as much. Ha!!

RECIPE | Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie

Wednesday, November 30

Good Morning everyone!!
Today marks "Day 2" of the "Five Days of Pie" I've promised you.

If you are just joining us, my daughters and I baked five different pies on Thanksgiving for our family and I've decided you need the recipes. *wink*

No, but really are going to want these recipes because they are just that good.
So good in fact, I'm even taking the time to create super cute printable recipe cards for each pie - just in case you're like me and prefer to use old-school recipe cards rather than setting up the iPad or iPhone in my kitchen while I bake.

Today's pie? Chocolate Chip Pecan

This pie is ridiculously good, as it takes the old-fashioned, tried-and-true pecan pie we've all come to know and love, to an entirely new level. And who am I kidding? Anytime I can add some chocolate to a non-chocolate dessert...well...I'm just not going to say no to that.

It's easy to make, easy to bake and a simple bowl and whisk is the only equipment it will take.

One for you and one for a friend...all on the same sheet for printing!

So yeah...I hope you'll PIN THIS to try the next time you need to make a fantastic dessert.
And if you missed pinning yesterday's pie...oh boy! You're going to want THAT ONE too!

I hope you guys are loving the "Five Days of Pies"...
and those cute printable recipe cards to go with them!!!

Have a sweet day my friends!!


You would never know this unless I told you...
Go back to the first photo and look at the whipped topping at the center top of the pie.
Do you see a small inconspicuous area of one of the whipped topping dollops missing?
And a couple of tiny drops of whipped topping on the crust just above it?

Well...while I was getting ready to photograph this pie, I walked away to grab something, and mind you the pie is sitting on the ground in my studio. Thankfully something in me immediately asked, "Wait! Where's Hamilton?" (our dog)  So I run back in and he'd already licked off some whipped topping and was getting ready for who knows what! Grrrrr!! Thank the Lord something told me to turn right back around. *coveringface*

RECIPE | The Best Pumpkin Pie Recipe EVER!

Tuesday, November 29

This is the BEST Pumpkin Pie you'll ever make...hands-down...not even kidding.
It's the one from my-favorite-bakery-in-the-world-that-I've-never-visited-but-will-one-day...
the Butter Bakery in Vancouver British Columbia.

As promised, this is the first of five pie recipes I'm sharing with you this week;
from the five pies my daughter's and I all baked together for Thanksgiving.

This recipe is easy as pie and truly makes the best tasting pumpkin pie on the entire pumpkin pie planet.

It comes from The Butter Bakery's "Butter Baked Goods" cookbook I bought a couple of years ago. (remember this post). And although I'm sharing the recipe should totally just buy the cookbook because it's filled with so many wonderful recipes and photos AND IT'S SO PRETTY. can keep the crust "easy as pie" by not getting all fancy like I did with hand-cut fall leaves and the wonky looking acorns I tried to make. Ha!

TIP:  I baked the center pie crust decorations separately and then added them to the pie after it had baked and cooled.

You can totally just do a normal crust because it's not going to make a difference on the way the pie tastes. OR...if you want to get a little fancy but not too fancy, you can use mini fall leaf cookie cutters like these or this 2 inch Leaf Cutter Set to make the process super fast.

My daughter, Ema, made this pie...I just added the fancy crust decorations before we popped it in the oven. *wink*

It's easy...AS make and I know you're going to love it!
Now go download the recipe card and print it off to add to your cute recipe box if you have one. (I don't have one but I'm eyeing this one from Rifle Paper Company).

One for you and one for a friend...all on the same sheet for printing!

I hope your day is as sweet as PUMPKIN pie!
Stay tuned for the other four pie recipes coming this week!!


I totally would've used my mini fall leaf cookie cutters instead of having to hand cut all of the leaves but while I was in the middle of making the pie I searched all over my pantry looking for them and then remembered my mom borrowed them last year and hasn't returned them yet. Don't you hate when that happens?

And yes...the crust is totally a bit overdone/overbrown but I think since I used my all natural stone pie plate, it was taking the pie an extra while to bake while the edges were already done. Besides that, I think it makes it look a little more like authentic Fall colors. That's what I'm going with anyway. *wink*

P.S. I'm considering ordering this Large Maple Leaf Cutter and this Oak Leaf Cutter for the center of my pumpkin pie next year. Going to have to work on those acorns though. *giggling*

It's Cyber Monday, Friends!

Monday, November 28

Good Morning everyone!!

It's Cyber Monday...which makes it the ONLY DAY OF THE YEAR when you can save on ANYTHING YOU LOVE in my shoppe!

If you've been eyeing something for some would be the day to snatch it up!
You've got items to choose from like a few different Hot Chocolate Bar Collections, Popcorn Bar Collections, and other fun oversized printable chalkboard signs to make your spirits bright!!

So go be merry and have fun shopping and supporting small businesses on this Cyber Monday!!

Thank you so much for your love and support!!
Stay tuned for the pie recipes I promised you!


Now...I'm off to the dentist this morning! *frown*
And how do you like the new blog header?
It was long overdue for something fresh and new!
Hey! That rhymed!! *wink*

CELEBRATE | Thanksgiving 2016

Friday, November 25

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving with family and friends.
The only photos I took were of the pies my girls and I made together for our family dinner. Ha!!

But with that said...guess what I'll be posting all about next week?

Key Lime
Chocolate Chip Pecan
Crumb-topped Apple

Yep! We had a pie fest at Thanksgiving and I'll be sharing the recipes for all 5 of these pies!!

Until then...enjoy your weekend and watch for the Cyber Monday sales announcement for anything in my shoppe...coming soon!


I didn't take any photos on Thanksgiving because by the time we got to my aunt's house, Ella wasn't feeling well and I completely missed eating with my family as I sat on the bathroom floor holding Ella until she fell asleep. *tears*
She's been dealing with frequent headaches lately that make her nauseous. *frown*
So...we'll be taking her to have her eyes checked this week. *frown*

RECIPE | The Best Chocolate Cake Birthday Cake Ever

Wednesday, November 23

My Ella Pie turned eight years old on November 14th and this is what's left of the cake she requested.
And although right now we are all busy focusing on our Thanksgiving pies for tomorrow, (myself included), sharing this chocolate cake recipe with you RIGHT NOW just could not wait any longer. It's really THAT good. Besides that, I promised everyone on Facebook and Instagram that I'd post the recipe this there! *wink*

If you've been following along my blog for awhile, you know it's a family tradition to allow the person celebrating a birthday to choose their birthday dinner and birthday dessert - usually homemade by mom. Clara typically chooses cheesecake, Ema has chosen a fresh fruit cake for the last five years and Ella has been known to pick ice cream cakes - not homemade.

As you can one ever really chooses a traditional cake - myself included.
So I was really surprised this year when Ella said you wanted a "chocolate cake with blue frosting and a dolphin on top".

The only photo I love of the cake is the mangled cake in the first photo because it was taken 5 days post-party as I was eating the last remaining MOIST bits of it alone in the house one afternoon with gorgeous natural light pouring in from the kitchen window. All of these other cake photos were taken at night because as those of you who saw my Instagram stories know...I finished the cake just barely shy of Ella walking in the door from gymnastics at 6:30 on the night of her birthday.*phew*

Regardless of the funky lighting...I just LOVE how it turned out.
I used Sweetapolita sprinkles , (a mix of New Jersey Shore + A Cherry on Top),  for me to add some fun to the sides and top of the cake. I then used my Cricut Explore Air 2 to create the glittered dolphin and waves cake topper! (also shown on my Instastories)

I'm not a huge fan of cake...even though I love cupcakes.
I've only baked a few "cake" cakes in my life so I'm certainly no expert but I am familiar with lining the pans, greasing the pans, dusting the pans and frosting a layer cake.

As my wheels started turning to figure out which chocolate cake recipe to go with, I remembered my friend, Allison, had recently made a chocolate cake for her daughter's birthday and raved about the recipe she used from someone at church.

I went with it and BAM! It's a winner!!
It's moist for DAYS...and it's oh so chocolatey!!
Which is why I'm sure it's original name is "Too Much Chocolate Cake".
The original recipe called for this to be a bundt cake but I turned it into a 3 layer 6" inch cake with buttercream frosting. I swapped out the regular chocolate chips for miniatures and I've renamed it "The Best Chocolate Birthday Cake EVER"!

I've even created cute recipe cards for you to download and print if you'd like because I love it that much!

Do you love it?
Ella loved it...

Told you she'd just got home from gymnastics practice!
She's still in her leotard.

Anyway...the Sweetapolita sprinkles really make it extra adorable.
AND...if you aren't a cake baker or decorator...the sprinkles let you skip all those fancy piping details. BONUS!!

This cake is SO easy...especially if you do the bundt-cake version.
You could totally make this to surprise your family at Thanksgiving.

Hope you'll try it you guys!
You will NOT be disappointed.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families!!
I am so grateful for your love and support and the stories you guys share with me.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so genuine and real.
The world could use more YOU in it!!


I should clarify that Ella loved the way her birthday cake LOOKED on the night of her birthday because she never even ate any of her birthday cake that night. *gasp* She'd had a fever for three days previously and was okay...but not 100% percent and just didn't want any cake. I was SO disappointed my little birthday girl wasn't even eating her own requested special chocolate cake with blue frosting and dolphins on top birthday cake.

P.S. I still have her American Girl Doll themed birthday party details to share with you too.
But let's kick back and enjoy the Thanksgiving holidays for right now my friends.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have a little girl named Ella who's home with me today...waiting to do something fun together. *wink*

LIFE | Ella's Snowman Costume

Thursday, November 10

Halloween may be long over...but since Ella decided she wanted to be a snowman this year I feel like it's still okay to share her costume as we make our way into the holiday season! *wink*

Besides that, it came out too cute NOT to share.

When Ella first told me what she wanted to dress up as a snowman, I was like "Okay!"
Then she told me she wanted a matching costume for "Little Ella", her American Girl Doll and I was like "Oh boy!" Ha!!

I knew the doll would be more difficult to find things for so we started with her costume first and then found things for Ella.

After trying to find some ideas online, we finally decided on a super simple + sweet costume I pieced together from things I found mostly online: tulle skirts, white tights, white shoes, white leotards (with black buttons sewn on the front), matching scarves, white gloves, matching snowman hat headbands and a few snowflake embellishments.

We both love how it all came together. I've never seen Ella so excited to wear a costume.
I think it had more to do with being able to dress up her American Girl doll - which has become her newest obsession ever since her big sister Clara gave her her old doll a few months ago.

Since I don't sew, (aside from being able to re-attach buttons), when it comes to putting together Halloween costumes it either needs to be things I can just piece together or something I can do with a glue gun. Ha! I'll give you all of the specifics at the end of the post.

I think it all turned out pretty darn cute!
And who knows, maybe you'll be inspired to have your little one dress up like this next year?
Pin it so you don't forget!! *wink*


White Leotard
Black Buttons - JoAnn
White Tulle Skirt
Rhinestone pin on skirt - found at Hobby Lobby
White Tights
Scarf - created from fabric found at JoAnn - a little got glue and then knotting the strings on the ends.
White Sparkly Shoes
Snowman Hat - came as a 2pk and fit Ella perfectly
White Fingerless Gloves - made from a 4pk of baby socks I found at Target - Ha!!
Snowflake Hair Ties - made by hot gluing snowflakes I disassembled from a Hobby Lobby ornament.
Snowflakes on skirt- found at Hobby Lobby in the Christmas crafts section - secured with hot glue

White Leotard - this Etsy shop
Black Buttons - JoAnn
White Tulle Skirt - JoAnn - it was an toddler/infant skirt found with Halloween costumes
Rhinestone pin on skirt - found at JoAnn
White Tights
Scarf - created from fabric found at JoAnn - a little got glue and then knotting the strings on the ends.
White Sparkly Shoes
Snowman Hat - I removed the plastic headband attached and replaced with black elastic.
White Fingerless Gloves - made from a 4pk of baby socks I found at Target same ones used for Ella!
Snowflake Hair Ties - made by hot gluing snowflakes I disassembled from a Hobby Lobby ornament.
Snowflakes on skirt- found at Hobby Lobby in the Christmas crafts section - secured with hot glue

Ella's first idea for a Halloween costume was an ice cube. (no idea where she came up with that one).
Even though I'm always up for a creative challenge, I was relieved when she decided on the snowman costume instead. Ha!! But I think it's funny both ideas were related to ice.

FOUND | Grove Collaborative

Monday, November 7

I'm popping in really quick this afternoon to share something I'm super excited about.
Have you guys heard of Grove Collaborative?

It's a monthly subscription for household beauty, health and cleaning products THAT WORK and are free of yucky things we don't need to be exposing ourselves or our families to.

I hadn't heard anything about them until Lolly Jane Blog posted about them and I couldn't sign up fast enough.

I'm sure there are plenty of mamas out there that get a little crazy like I do about all the garbage in all of the stuff we use to clean our homes and make ourselves look pretty and feel healthy. If you are one of those mamas, you should totally check out Grove Collaborative. They didn't pay me or give me products to write this post. You guys know I only share things that I really like or love and think you might want to check out. So...CHECK THEM OUT!!

So yes! These photos show the items that came in my very first Grove Collaborative box!
I LOVE Mrs. Meyers products...which is what really caught me eye in the first place in the Lolly Jane post because you could earn FREE Mrs. Meyer's products by signing up! YES! Yes please!!

The limited edition "Mum" dish soap, hand soap and multi-surface cleaner all smell SO amazing. I'm not even kidding. It's now my most favorite scent I've ever tried in the Mrs. Myer's line and I'm hoping they'll make it available year-round. It smells like a light, pretty perfume and I've found myself walking around the house with the spray bottle looking for things to clean...just to be able to use it! Ha!!

I actually signed up for the free 60 day VIP trial which gives me free shipping, FREE GIFTS, price matching (hello), exclusive sales (duh), and personal service (yes). And when I say personal are assigned a "Grove Guide" that answers questions, makes recommendations and helps with order scheduling, etc. My guide's name is John! *wink*

Anyway, would you look at this adorable glass cleaner "brush sponge thingy". (pictured above)  The sponge head pops off! It's replaceable. I had no idea until it arrived. So smart. And look at that  beautiful handle.

1. The head office only has 16 employees (and 3 dogs apparently) and their boxes are all hand-packed by their warehouse teams. I've been SO impressed by their customer service.
2. The quality brands they use are good for you, your family + our planet.
3. They stand by their products 100%. You can return a product you don't love - no questions asked.
4. Prices are well below grocery store and big box companies.(and if you do the VIP program they
5. It's a B Corp - a select group of companies that support social, environmental + community
6. I love the product suggestions I receive via email which help me decide what I want in my next

Another thing I love is if you sign up, they have a place where you can actually share $10 with a friend or family member and then you'll receive $10 if that friend or family member signs up. I think everybody wins!!

Anywho....I'm going to stop talking and let you just GO CHECK THEM OUT!
And then come back and tell me what you think. I'd love to know your thoughts on this new-to-me company.

See that walnut scubber sponge? It actually comes in a two-pack but I was too excited to use one before I took these photos so I re-packaged the un-used sponge to make it look like a one-pack. Ha!! Besides, I LOVE their logo too and wanted you to see it up close. *wink*

MAKE IT | DIY Corn on the Cob :: Cricut Explore Air 2 Review

Monday, October 31

Are these the cutest corncobs ever or what?
I whipped these up with my NEW Cricut Explore Air 2  and I must say...I'm impressed!!

That's right! There is a a NEW Cricut on the block my friends and I absolutely LOVE it!
The NEW Cricut Explore Air 2  comes in a variety of beautiful colors and the one my friends at Cricut sent me to review is a BEAUTIFUL mint color! (If you follow me on Instagram you saw me post it when it first arrived on my doorstep and it's a beaut - see video at the bottom of this post)

Anyway, you can use these cute paper corncobs as place card settings for your Thanksgiving table OR you can use them around your home to add some extra charm to your collection of pumpkins and Fall leaves.

Best part is, you only need a few supplies to create these!
These DIY corn-on-the-cobs are easy to put together...and the NEW Cricut Explore Air 2 helps make the process even faster than before. Let's get started...

SUPPLIES (for one corncob):
Cricut Explore® Air 2 machine
Circuit® Design Space  - (here's my custom corncob file created using the 3D Intricate Corn file
Cricut® 12x12” StandardGrip mat
Cardstock in yellow (or white if you'd like to chalk your corn - details below)
Scissors - for cutting raffia
Hot glue gun

Kraft card stock for cutting place cards.
Cricut 0.4 pen - black
Chalk - if you choose to use white cardstock

If you can't get the link to work for my custom corncob file, all I did was customize the 3D Intricate Corn file by eliminating all layers except for the solid corncob layer. I deleted all but one corncob and merged the two separate corncob pieces into one. I also enlarged the corncob to be 6 inches in length and then copy + pasted until I had the number of corncobs I needed.

To create the place card file for cutting, I searched "place card" in Cricut® Design Space and chose one that most resembled what I was looking for. Then I resized it to be 3.25" x 1.9"

DIRECTIONS for one corncob
1. Cut five corncob pieces from yellow (or white) card stock. (watch my video)
2. Use hot glue (or adhesive of your choice) and this .pdf file to assemble.  
    (don't freak out...the instructions are for an acorn but the same concept applies).
3. Cut a long bundle of raffia and knot one end.
4. Apply hot glue to open end of corncob and insert short end of knotted raffia to create cornhusks.
5. Squeeze together to seal and secure.
6. Display place card if desired or simply display with pumpkins and Fall leaves.

If you are using these for place cards you can cut some out using kraft card stock and then hand-write them using your Cricut® pen. 

TIP: You can also create a file in Cricut® Design Space to have the machine write names or even just Fall sentiments like "grateful", "thankful" or "blessings".

Now, if you'd like to take things to the next level, creatively speaking...
how about using white card stock instead of yellow and then use chalk to create the perfect mix of yellows and browns for Fall. Yes?

Just rub a mix of fall chalk colors onto the white paper corncobs and blend with your fingertips until you reach the desired result. I love that it mimics a watercolor effect. So pretty!

No matter if you keep it simple and use yellow card stock or if you decide to go all out and add your magic using chalks...the results are too adorable!!

The hardest part about this project was just trying to decide what I wanted to make in the first place when I perused the thousands of pre-designed images in the Cricut® Design Space. Ha!!

So yeah...if you are already creating your Christmas wish list...I think you're going to want to make sure this is on it. I know you'll love it and will find so many ways to create fun, personalized things for your family and friends.

With Ella's birthday party this coming Sunday, I've already determined I need to make her a personalized birthday girl t-shirt for her to wear AND a matching one for her American Girl Doll.
And probably some cute personalized party favors too! *wink*

So do you want to know what I love about the new Cricut Explore Air 2 compared to my Cricut Explore One?

1. The pretty color selections (rose, serenity blue, mint and classic ivory + gold)
2. The ability to cut or write 2 times faster


my very favorite thing about it...WIRELESS CAPABILITY!
No more ugly cords across my studio hooking my Cricut® to my computer when it's craft time. Yay!!

Want to know more about this amazing, beautiful machine?
Check out this YouTube video to see more specifics. 

Love you guys and hope you are inspired to get started on your Fall decorating...if you haven't already begun.



You guys! It's soooo pretty! Not even kidding.
I created this video using Snapchat and then posted it in my Instagram stories a couple of weeks ago.
Find me on Insta and Snapchat by searching: pnpflowers

CRAFT | Modern Farmhouse Pumpkins

Wednesday, October 5

You guys!!
I've got the cutest Fall tutorial for you today!
It's an updated version of the Vintage Farmhouse Pumpkin  I originally shared THREE years ago.

I'm calling these Modern Farmhouse Pumpkins since I did NOT paint the mason jar bands this time allowing the silver to show through. (this gives it more of an "industrial" feel).  We're also wrapping them in some beautiful May Arts Ribbon instead of vintage paper which really changes the overall vibe of these adorable pumpkins!!

I LOVE how these turned out!!
The brown and ivory chenille dot center ribbon I chose to use for one of the pumpkins gives it a little texture and kind of resembles the cotton branches you're seeing all over the place when it comes to farmhouse decorating.

The Antique Brown/Gold textured ribbon on the 2nd pumpkin compliments the first one beautifully and makes a lovely pumpkin stem too!

I hope you love how these turned out and are inspired to try making one of your own!
May Arts has a huge selection of pretty ribbons to coordinate with whatever home decor style you gravitate towards but if you love my ribbon selections and would like to duplicate them exactly, I've got the direct links included in the MODERN FARMHOUSE PUMPKIN TUTORIAL over on the May Arts website!





To be honest, I wasn't sure how much I would love using the ribbon because I'm already so in love with how the the Vintage Farmhouse Pumpkin turned out using paper.
Well...I blew my own socks off with the results and I just LOVE when that happens.
(Thanks May Arts Ribbon!!) I think they are full of rustic charm and go beautifully with my home decor!! #winning

iNSPiRE | A new adventure...

Monday, September 26

In a world where technology has the tendency to dehumanize our communication, our work, our relationships, our connections, our creativity and our overall life experiences, I'm finding myself choosing more and more of what makes me "feel"...

By that I mean I'm choosing things that uplift, inspire, touch, add joy to and give more meaning to the lives of those around me...and to myself.

Just like this sign says, I've been looking for ways to have my cake and eat it too and I finally decided it was up to me to put on my big girl apron and bake the darn thing!

My work has been shifting in small ways over the past couple of years...intentionally...pointing me in the direction of less time in front of the computer.

I've longed to do more hand-crafted projects that would marry my love of graphic design with my desire to give more life to the inspirational quotes I've been posting regularly on my Instagram feed. This desire, (along with some other life stuff), has given way to a new business adventure with my daughter, Ema.

Let me introduce you to the brand new...

This little creative division of Pen + Paper Flowers was something I started to dream about two years ago and just hasn't left me alone since.  Earlier this year I reached out to a couple of friends to run my ideas by them. I definitely had hesitation, especially with the signs, since I have friends that make signs already and I didn't want to come across as a copy cat.

However, one friend, in particular, pointed out what a natural transition all of this was.  And that's how my heart felt too. Using my graphic design talents to create handmade items that will add warmth and charm to any home seems to be the perfect extension to what I already do and love. much as I love the idea of having a cute storefront somewhere, I also know the long demanding hours something like that requires and I did not want to take more time away from my family.

I'm not really interested in another online store either. The purpose of Willow + Wildflowers Market is to get me out of the house and interacting with people in my community on top of getting me out from in front of the computer.

Insert Trader Mae's, a local furniture and decor market. 
My daughter and I are renting a small space to display the items we make and aside from restocking and keeping the space pretty, we don't even have to be up there.

Right now, (and by right now, I mean we literally just opened this past Saturday), we are doing hand-painted wooden signs. My goal is to eventually offer a line of pillows along with some signature homemade linen sprays I've been making for our own home.

The goal here is to keep things simple. Simple signs, simple pillows and simple linen sprays. That's it.

Willow + Wildflowers Market is a line of home decor items that I would personally have displayed in my own home. So yes, there are a lot of "nods" to my love for baking and my vintage farmhouse style.

Each piece is cut, sanded, painted, stained and hand-painted by Ema and I.
We didn't know what we were doing when we started. We just started.

Sometimes you just have to jump...and we did.

The "Love is always the Answer" sign above is the first sign to have sold. (thanks Mom)! *wink*
I have no idea what will become of Willow + Wildflowers Market or where this will take us.
What I do know is this is an opportunity to strengthen my relationship with one of my daughters as we work side-by-side. And it feels good.

It also feels good to have a paintbrush in my hands again...creating the small details of these signs. There's just something extra special about something handmade. And to think these signs will be hanging in the homes of people in my community...well that's just pretty special too.

I'd love to know what you all think of the signs!!
But more importantly, I'm wondering if you've been feeling the same way about technology and the influence it's having on the maker community.  I'd love to hear your thoughts and creative things you've been doing to step away from all of your devices.

If you love what you see and want to see more, follow the Willow + Wildflowers Instagram feed for behind-the-scenes sneak peeks of new items and our process for making these.

As always, thanks for being part of my journey...

Ema and I literally had one sign made when we were surprised with a phone call on Monday evening that we had an official space at Trader Mae's if we wanted it. We spent the next 4 days painting and creating 8 signs to have up just in time for the big Fall Festival on Saturday and Sunday. Eeks!
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