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FRIENDS | August + May Design Co.

Thursday, June 27

One of the greatest gifts I've been given from having started this blog years + years ago has been the opportunity to discover, find, meet and even befriend some incredibly talented, creative + kind people.

Pam of August + May Design Co. is one of those people.
We actually met on Instagram but this blog is ultimately the crux of how my IG account was started, thus allowing Pam and I to discover each other on that platform.

Earlier this week I received this surprise box of beautiful things she created and I am just so grateful for her friendship and her creative gifts.

Pam creates beautiful things. Among her many talents, she teaches watercolor classes and if she didn't live all the way in Austin, Texas I would attend on a regular basis. I love these simple, gorgeous botanicals she created and can't wait to have them framed and hanging in my home.

Speaking of Texas, those of you who've been following me on Instagram know I was able to meet Pam in real life when my cousin and I travelled to Waco, Texas last December. Pam drove from Austin to Waco to meet up with us and she was wonderful. She took us to her favorite little shoppes and a delicious Taco spot for lunch in Waco. And you may also remember I purchased some of her pretty things at the Linen + Cake shoppe in Waco too ...including some of her pretty tassels. (see my "Magnolia" highlights bubble on IG).

I was so excited to see she included two more of her beautiful tassels in the surprise box she sent. I just love the combination of the raw wood beads and the different yarn selections she uses.

So yes...I've been crushing on her pretty things for some time and now these sweet + simple gift tags she sent may be a new obsession for me. I'm not sure how I'll ever be able to use them...they're just so pretty.

These two pretties absolutely stole my heart. The fact that Pam hand-lettered Ella's name on one and then signed the back of the other with a sweet note makes these both so super special. In fact, when Ella saw the one with her name on it she's been begging to have it - and I keep putting her off. *wink*

Everything is just so lovesome...I'm smitten with it all!
Thank you for your generosity Pam...and for the sweet friendship I now cherish.

You can find all of Pam's pretty things right here...

August + May Co. on:
Etsy Shoppe

And while you are on should SO check out the video I created of when I opened the surprise box Pam sent!! CLICK HERE - and if you don't hear any music using this link, just go straight to my Instagram to watch it. *wink*

Love you friends!!

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I had Pam's box for almost 5 days before I could open it because I knew I wanted to create
THIS VIDEO to document and share everything and my summer schedule didn't allow for it right away. It was driving me nuts because I had no idea as to what was inside but I just knew I'd love everything! And I did.

FOUND | The Dani Bench

Thursday, June 20

I found a treasure recently that has stolen my heart and I just had to share it with you. 
Introducing the Dani Sugarboo + Co.

This bench is such a charming, skinny little piece of goodness - reminiscent of the antique, primitive chinese benches I've been crushing on in the home decor world  - but this one doesn't cost a small fortune. 

How or where did I find this treasure? 

I started following @withlovedani on Instagram - cannot remember how or why or who tagged her, but when I discovered her IG account, she was in the middle of moving from Celebration, Florida - a charming town I've always been in love with back in Orlando.  

I was immediately intrigued + connected to her because of the Celebration community and then she hooked me in for good when I realized she and her hubs, (and their two dogs), were heading to Georgia to create a new life and were diving into the renovation of a newly purchased beautiful, historical home. 

Fast forward a little bit and one day on her IG stories she mentions "the dani bench",  shows a picture of it and references how to get one.

BOOM! It was love at first sight.

Here's what I love about the bench.
I love it's simplistic, primitive charm.
I love how skinny it is and that it doesn't take up a whole lot of space but is still a statement piece.
I love that there are only a handful of benches available at a time.
I love the texture and imperfections.
And I love that each bench is unique in color, size, leg style, wood grain, etc.

I also love that the buying process took on an almost underground, black market nothing but Instagram conversations, less-than-detailed images to choose the bench I wanted and a final phone call for making the purchase. It was exciting to say the least.

And I LOVED the surprise of unpacking the bench on the day it arrived on my front porch to see what it actually looked like. (see the video here).

Now...I just need to decide on the perfect spot in the house to put it. 
Or maybe I actually need another one... *wink*

If you love it, come see me on Instagram and message me there: @pnpflowers
I'll put you in touch with the right people.


PS - Let's stay cozy + connected in-between posts...find me on Instagram for daily inspiration.
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PSS- the bench was nicknamed the "Dani Bench" because @withlovedani keeps referring more and more people from Instagram over to Sugarboo for purchasing their own benches when she shares/posts all about the one she personally purchased and loves. (love how supportive she is of small businesses). 

PSSS - Check out all of the other fun things at Sugarboo...soooo many pretties to fall for.

I was a bit nervous giving my credit card info over the phone to a complete stranger, but I trusted Dani so much I took a deep breath, said a little prayer and went for it. I'm so happy I did.
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