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CRAFT | Valentine's Day Treat Packaging Idea :: The TomKat Studio

Friday, January 31

Box up your Valentine's Day treats with this adorable packaging idea!
I made chocolate covered oreos but I could totally see using these ideas too:

Mini Chocolate Sweetheart Truffles
Chocolate Hugs and Kisses
Conversation Hearts
Dove Chocolates

I'm sharing all of the details over on The TomKat Studio so head over there to learn how to put this together.

Getting ready to make some mini donuts for another project I've got to photograph today.
Bummed the sun isn't out for great lighting - "Pretty please, Mr. Sun… could you peek out from behind the rain clouds for just a little bit at some point today? Earlier than later, please! *wink*

iNSPiRE | She Loves How She Lives

Wednesday, January 29

Another "She" quote I shared on Instagram earlier today…
I thought posting it here on the blog would be good too! I hope you enjoy it!
Follow me on Instagram for ongoing inspiration...

I'm well aware of the serious love affair I have with the Cantoni font…
I seriously can't help myself! I find a way to incorporate into everything I'm designing and creating lately. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to step away from using it.
I hope you all don't mind too much! *wink*

SHARE | FREE Valentine's Day Printables :: Skip to my Lou

Tuesday, January 28

Hi all!!
I'm sharing another FREE Valentine's Day printable today!
This time, instead of something for a classroom valentine exchange, I've got something to spoil the teacher or someone else you love!

I love how this gift card envelope has more dimension with the addition of the felt heart.
And of course I love the play on words between "heartfelt" and "felt heart". *wink*

I LOVE giving sweet treats to teachers…baked goods, candy, etc. You KNOW that's my thing.
But I know teachers are absolutely bombarded with it and their hips probably don't appreciate it much. *wink*
I think gift cards are the best - even if it's only $5 bucks! I know some people think gift cards are  impersonal but I think creating a DIY gift card envelope like this one helps bridge that gap…don't you?

You can get the fun download RIGHT HERE!
There is lots of other eye candy to get lost in over at Skip to My Lou so plan to visit awhile over there!

Honestly…I think a cute cupcake WITH this gift card envelope using a gift card to my favorite cupcake shop will probably be what I end up doing for Ella's teacher. I can't help myself! *wink* This cupcake box might be just what I need to package it all together!

INSPIRE | She Makes What Matters Happen :: FREE Art Print

Monday, January 27

It's Monday and if you are like me you've got a to-do list staring at you that might seem a mile long…
or maybe you are even smack-dab in the middle of writing one right now.

Before we had down that busy road, consider with me the things that REALLY matter this week and be sure those things are on your list. These particular tasks should include things that will fill your soul, lift your spirits and that invite us to invest our time and attention into the lives of those we love. Our lists will all be different but here are a couple of things I've got on my own list for this week:

Tea Party with Ella.
Quality time with Clara.
Quality time with Ema.
Phone calls to my Mom and brother.
Return phone call to my aunt.
Thank you notes.
Special Gratitude Blog Post for Compendium.
Quiet time for reading/prayer. (everyday if possible)
Crafting time.

I plan to make time this week to make sure these simple things…the things that matter most to me…get done. My quality time with Clara could be a 15 minute conversation in her room before bed. A quick run up to the yogurt shop with Ema might give us a small window to connect and for me to just tell her how much I love her. Phone calls to those you love and thank you notes are the simple things that make the world go around. The point is…the things that matter most aren't typically the stressful deadlines or the overdue projects. It's not about "managing" our lives…it's about "living" them. And you aren't really living if you aren't connected and present in the lives of those you love. Right?

So how about something to motivate us all and keep us focused on that truth...

If you follow me on Instagram you are very well aware of the fact that I post an inspirational Art Print at least a few times a week - much like the one I'm sharing today. I call these my "She Said" quotes and they are meant to empower women. I create the quotes as I'm led and inspired and they often represent something I need reminding of in my own life. I started out writing them as daily inspirational lunch notes for my oldest daughter when she was going through some struggles last year. They have now taken on a life of their own. "She" is a combination of the person I am…as well as the person I aspire to be. I write/design/create these "She" quotes to inspire ME…my daughters…and other women. Plain and simple. And I know this whole concept was ultimately born from my love for the "She" book by Kobi Yamada.

I say all of that because I thought it would be fun to share today's "She Said" quote as a FREE download with you today. You can print this puppy out and frame it or hang it somewhere to keep you focused on what matters most. I've got three different versions for you to choose from. The white background shown at the beginning of the post and then two different chalkboard backgrounds shown below. (links for downloading are at the bottom of this post).

Chalkboard Background • Colored

Chalkboard Background • Black and White

Use the links to download your favorite:
She Makes What Matters Happen - White Background
She Makes What Matters Happen - Chalkboard • Color
She Makes What Matters Happen - Chalkboard • B&W

I hope you enjoy the Art Print today and if you happen to print them out, snap a picture, tag me @pnpflowers and use the hashtag #shesaidpnpflowers in social media so I can find see them!

Happy Monday everyone!

I'm behind on EVERYTHiNG…work related as well as stuff I need to do around the house.
But believe it or not I'm okay. I'm doing what I can today with what I have today and life seems so much more manageable without the guilt I'm typically drowning swimming in. Amazing, right? *wink*

LIFE | Ella's Birthday Photo Shoot

Tuesday, January 21

It rained ALL day the day we had Ella's Rainbow Unicorn 5th Birthday Party. (but of course you would never know that since I haven't posted party details yet). *blushing*

Anyway, because of the rain, I wasn't able to get any great photos of Ella on party day in the polka dot birthday dress I had made for her! But it all worked out because I knew I wanted to be able to include some fun photos in the thank you notes I still haven't sent out AND since I ended up not incorporating this fabulous diamond clear 36" balloon into the party details I knew a birthday photo shoot using that amazing balloon was a no-brainer! The next weekend I...

SHARE | FREE Monthly Printables BLOG HOP :: Valentine's Day

Monday, January 20

I've got a FUN SURPRISE for you today!! I've been asked to participate in a year-long BLOG HOP where I, along with 7 other fabulous designers, will be sharing a FREE monthly printable.  

For the month of January, we each designed Classroom Valentine's printables and I went with these "You Are the Colors in my Rainbow" themed cards. I think you'll LOVE how simple these are to put together! (plus, you have two styles to choose from: White Background or Chalkboard Background).

Colors in my Rainbow Classroom Valentine's Day Cards

Colors in my Rainbow Classroom Valentine's Day Cards 

Simply print, trim with scissors, insert mini ziploc bag filled with Skittles® and staple together. Done!
(It works best to have your little one sign the back before you assemble it).

I hope you love how easy these are! I think they turned out adorable and I'm thrilled to have been asked to participate. If you missed the links above for the FREE downloads, here they are again:

Check out the rest of the fun options you have to choose from created by the 7 other fabulously talented designers that make up our monthly blog hop group!  Love the cute variety we all came up with! Links to these fun FREE downloads are listed below the collage of images!

 FREE Valentine's Day Classroom Printables

1. Skip to My Lou > 2. PNPFlowers > 3. Catch My Party > 4. HWTM - Hostess With The Mostess > 5. Paper and Pigtails > 6. Living Locurto > 7. NoBiggie > 8. Nest of Posies

I'm wearing my oldest daughter's cute frog slippers right now trying to keep my toesies warm.
It's been COLD here in Florida the last few days…low 30's - highs in the mid 50's.
I'm NOT a fan of cold weather - it makes me really grumpy, people.

EMPOWER | Lara Casey Power Sheets

Thursday, January 16

Here's one of the other tools I'm using to help me "navigate"…Lara Casey Power Sheets.
I discovered them while researching the Emily Ley Simplified Planner I shared the other day - the first tool I started using to Navigate.

The package arrived with these darling Lara Casey postcards! I just LOVE the idea of passing along the inspiration onto someone else by dropping a postcard in the mail to a friend!

And I had to smile when I read this on the very front page of the Power Sheets bundle…really cute detail!

I had the opportunity to attend a 1 hour Lara Casey webinar yesterday and I'm definitely inspired.
I'm realizing more and more that creating to-do lists and using a planner isn't really about how many things you can get done. For me, (and it should be this way for all of us), it's more about using these things as tools to make sure you have time and energy for what matters most.

These power sheets are designed to help you figure out what really matters most to you. It's not about how to make long to-do lists and effectively cross things off. It's really not. I love what I'm learning so far.


Here are some other things that popped off the pages of the Power Sheets when they arrived as well as some quotes that struck a chord with me during the webinar yesterday:

"Life is too short to play small. I created each PowerSheet to help you strategically plan action steps to make what matters happen."

"Goals can be overwhelming if they aren't connected to what matters. They can make life busier…"

"Step into your dreams - make a mess along the way."

"Just because everyone is going in one direction doesn't mean you should too. Everyone could be wrong."

"Don't wait to do the good things that are on your heart."

"The journey is the good stuff."

"Live on purpose."

"Done is better than perfect."

"Perfect doesn't exist."

"You can't steal 2nd base and keep your foot on 1st."

"Busy is the enemy of peace."

"Don't move so fast you miss your life."

"Do the 'right' hard work."

"Baby steps count."

"Progress…not perfection."


I'm hoping someone else out there needed to hear something I shared today.
Maybe you'll be inspired to try the PowerSheets too?
In any case, I will absolutely continue to share what I learn along the way!

Let me know if you've tried the Lara Casey PowerSheets and what your feedback is on them.
I'd love to know the things you all are doing to empower your life.


I had to laugh because I hadn't filled out any of my powersheets prior to the webinar yesterday.
I had been waiting to buy a binder to put them in. Wouldn't you know Lara specifically mentioned "Don't wait to buy the perfect binder or find the perfect pen…just start filling them out and make them messy…that's how you get to the good stuff." *wink*

SHARE | Her Story Begins Art Print :: Kleinworth and Co.

Wednesday, January 15

I had the opportunity recently to do a guest blog post for Kleinworth & Co. and I decided to do a motivational art print to kick off the New Year! I had not had the privilege of knowing Gina, the wife, mother and blogger behind Kleinworth & Co.  until our paths crossed from us both being contributors now for...

EMPOWER | Getting Organized

Tuesday, January 14

I promised to share a few tools I'm using this year to help me NAVIGATE.
Being more organized and keeping my priorities in check is imperative, so I invested in something new this year...

I believe I discovered Emily Ley on Instagram and have been following her ever since. 
Just to give you a little taste of the inspiration behind this particular planner and some insight about Emily, here's an excerpt from the first page of the planner…

SHARE | DIY Paper Flowers : SNAP! Creativity

Monday, January 13

Aside from selecting my One Little Word for 2014...
I've also been having fun getting creative and crafty.

Take for instance these super easy DIY paper flowers I created using some scrapbooking paper, scissors and some hot glue.

Easy DIY Paper Flowers

I've been adding them to mirrors and frames and I plan to...

LIFE | Navigate (part II)

Friday, January 10

So I finally shared my "One Little Word" with you earlier this week…
and I'm back today to share the 2nd part of the extra long blog post and give you a little more insight into my selection as well as share with you an amazing resource I have found. So let's start with the resource first…

In 2011 I chose "FRESH" and called my "word for the year" my "focus word".
I skipped right over even picking a word in 2012 and then...

iNSPiRE | Navigate (part I) - One Little Word 2014

Wednesday, January 8

1. to move on, over, or through
2. to direct or manage...
3. to ascertain or plot and control the course or position of...
4. to pass over
5. to walk or find one's way

Like many of us, when I think of navigate I think of the captain of a ship.
Someone responsible for the vessel…the crew…and for the overall experience of the journey.


I've been wanting to write this post for days but…

LIFE | Reflections of 2013

Thursday, January 2


Happy 2014 everyone! I'm finalizing my thoughts about my "Action Word" for 2014 and will be sharing that soon. (check out the words I chose for 2011 and 2012.)

I'm also making good use of the new Emily Ley Simplified Planner I purchased to help keep me organized and focused in 2014. (can't wait to receive the Lara Casey Power Sheets to use as a supplement for filling my planner with what matters most).

So while I'm wrapping up my thoughts on my action word and enjoying the last few days of the kids being out of school…here's a 15 second video I shared on my Instagram feed yesterday of the bits and pieces that helped make up 2013 for me. Enjoy! Turn up the volume to hear the snippet of beautiful music called Moonbeams by Sareena Dominguez

Looking forward to the new year ahead and wishing you all buckets of happiness, success and good health for you, your family and friends.

I thought I had picked out my action word yesterday and was really excited about it - started my blog post summary about the reasons I picked it and everything. Then as I was in the shower at the end of the day a different word popped into my head. So that's why I'm not ready to share it yet! *wink* I'll keep you posted.
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