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LIFE | Reflections of 2013

Thursday, January 2


Happy 2014 everyone! I'm finalizing my thoughts about my "Action Word" for 2014 and will be sharing that soon. (check out the words I chose for 2011 and 2012.)

I'm also making good use of the new Emily Ley Simplified Planner I purchased to help keep me organized and focused in 2014. (can't wait to receive the Lara Casey Power Sheets to use as a supplement for filling my planner with what matters most).

So while I'm wrapping up my thoughts on my action word and enjoying the last few days of the kids being out of school…here's a 15 second video I shared on my Instagram feed yesterday of the bits and pieces that helped make up 2013 for me. Enjoy! Turn up the volume to hear the snippet of beautiful music called Moonbeams by Sareena Dominguez

Looking forward to the new year ahead and wishing you all buckets of happiness, success and good health for you, your family and friends.

I thought I had picked out my action word yesterday and was really excited about it - started my blog post summary about the reasons I picked it and everything. Then as I was in the shower at the end of the day a different word popped into my head. So that's why I'm not ready to share it yet! *wink* I'll keep you posted.

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