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Thursday, January 16

Here's one of the other tools I'm using to help me "navigate"…Lara Casey Power Sheets.
I discovered them while researching the Emily Ley Simplified Planner I shared the other day - the first tool I started using to Navigate.

The package arrived with these darling Lara Casey postcards! I just LOVE the idea of passing along the inspiration onto someone else by dropping a postcard in the mail to a friend!

And I had to smile when I read this on the very front page of the Power Sheets bundle…really cute detail!

I had the opportunity to attend a 1 hour Lara Casey webinar yesterday and I'm definitely inspired.
I'm realizing more and more that creating to-do lists and using a planner isn't really about how many things you can get done. For me, (and it should be this way for all of us), it's more about using these things as tools to make sure you have time and energy for what matters most.

These power sheets are designed to help you figure out what really matters most to you. It's not about how to make long to-do lists and effectively cross things off. It's really not. I love what I'm learning so far.


Here are some other things that popped off the pages of the Power Sheets when they arrived as well as some quotes that struck a chord with me during the webinar yesterday:

"Life is too short to play small. I created each PowerSheet to help you strategically plan action steps to make what matters happen."

"Goals can be overwhelming if they aren't connected to what matters. They can make life busier…"

"Step into your dreams - make a mess along the way."

"Just because everyone is going in one direction doesn't mean you should too. Everyone could be wrong."

"Don't wait to do the good things that are on your heart."

"The journey is the good stuff."

"Live on purpose."

"Done is better than perfect."

"Perfect doesn't exist."

"You can't steal 2nd base and keep your foot on 1st."

"Busy is the enemy of peace."

"Don't move so fast you miss your life."

"Do the 'right' hard work."

"Baby steps count."

"Progress…not perfection."


I'm hoping someone else out there needed to hear something I shared today.
Maybe you'll be inspired to try the PowerSheets too?
In any case, I will absolutely continue to share what I learn along the way!

Let me know if you've tried the Lara Casey PowerSheets and what your feedback is on them.
I'd love to know the things you all are doing to empower your life.


I had to laugh because I hadn't filled out any of my powersheets prior to the webinar yesterday.
I had been waiting to buy a binder to put them in. Wouldn't you know Lara specifically mentioned "Don't wait to buy the perfect binder or find the perfect pen…just start filling them out and make them messy…that's how you get to the good stuff." *wink*

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