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Monday, January 27

It's Monday and if you are like me you've got a to-do list staring at you that might seem a mile long…
or maybe you are even smack-dab in the middle of writing one right now.

Before we had down that busy road, consider with me the things that REALLY matter this week and be sure those things are on your list. These particular tasks should include things that will fill your soul, lift your spirits and that invite us to invest our time and attention into the lives of those we love. Our lists will all be different but here are a couple of things I've got on my own list for this week:

Tea Party with Ella.
Quality time with Clara.
Quality time with Ema.
Phone calls to my Mom and brother.
Return phone call to my aunt.
Thank you notes.
Special Gratitude Blog Post for Compendium.
Quiet time for reading/prayer. (everyday if possible)
Crafting time.

I plan to make time this week to make sure these simple things…the things that matter most to me…get done. My quality time with Clara could be a 15 minute conversation in her room before bed. A quick run up to the yogurt shop with Ema might give us a small window to connect and for me to just tell her how much I love her. Phone calls to those you love and thank you notes are the simple things that make the world go around. The point is…the things that matter most aren't typically the stressful deadlines or the overdue projects. It's not about "managing" our lives…it's about "living" them. And you aren't really living if you aren't connected and present in the lives of those you love. Right?

So how about something to motivate us all and keep us focused on that truth...

If you follow me on Instagram you are very well aware of the fact that I post an inspirational Art Print at least a few times a week - much like the one I'm sharing today. I call these my "She Said" quotes and they are meant to empower women. I create the quotes as I'm led and inspired and they often represent something I need reminding of in my own life. I started out writing them as daily inspirational lunch notes for my oldest daughter when she was going through some struggles last year. They have now taken on a life of their own. "She" is a combination of the person I am…as well as the person I aspire to be. I write/design/create these "She" quotes to inspire ME…my daughters…and other women. Plain and simple. And I know this whole concept was ultimately born from my love for the "She" book by Kobi Yamada.

I say all of that because I thought it would be fun to share today's "She Said" quote as a FREE download with you today. You can print this puppy out and frame it or hang it somewhere to keep you focused on what matters most. I've got three different versions for you to choose from. The white background shown at the beginning of the post and then two different chalkboard backgrounds shown below. (links for downloading are at the bottom of this post).

Chalkboard Background • Colored

Chalkboard Background • Black and White

Use the links to download your favorite:
She Makes What Matters Happen - White Background
She Makes What Matters Happen - Chalkboard • Color
She Makes What Matters Happen - Chalkboard • B&W

I hope you enjoy the Art Print today and if you happen to print them out, snap a picture, tag me @pnpflowers and use the hashtag #shesaidpnpflowers in social media so I can find see them!

Happy Monday everyone!

I'm behind on EVERYTHiNG…work related as well as stuff I need to do around the house.
But believe it or not I'm okay. I'm doing what I can today with what I have today and life seems so much more manageable without the guilt I'm typically drowning swimming in. Amazing, right? *wink*

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