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Tuesday, January 14

I promised to share a few tools I'm using this year to help me NAVIGATE.
Being more organized and keeping my priorities in check is imperative, so I invested in something new this year...

I believe I discovered Emily Ley on Instagram and have been following her ever since. 
Just to give you a little taste of the inspiration behind this particular planner and some insight about Emily, here's an excerpt from the first page of the planner…

"This little book is my labor of love- created between potty training, inbox managing and meal planning. As a designer, wife, daughter, friend and hopeless over-achiever, I have attempted to juggle many things a number of ways. In 2011, as I began my most important adventure yet, (as mama to sweet Brady Ley), I discovered that balance isn't something that's achieved or found. Instead, balance is an intentionally choreographed dance: a constant shift from foot to foot. And even in the moment where balance doesn't exist - joy, founded on grace and intentional simplicity - can.

By prioritizing, simplifying and being truly intentional with our time, we have the opportunity to celebrate the joy that's found within our journey, not necessarily at the end of it. And by uncovering that coveted free time by decluttering, untangling and simplifying, it is truly possible to do it all." 

Having a planner is not new to me.
One of the first ones I had was by Stephen Covey YEARS AGO and I absolutely LOVED it.
Over the years I somehow got away from using a planner altogether so I'm excited to get back in that seat and get to feeling more in control of my every day.

So far I've determined the 2 most important things I need to do to make this planner work is:
1. Take time at the end of every day (right before bed seems to work best for me) to look at my calendar and make sure I know what's happening the next day as well as what needs to be done.
2. LOOK at the planner during the day to keep me on track. *wink*

I'll keep you posted on how I like the planner.
Here are a couple of other planners I thought about trying too:

Do you have a favorite you'd like to share!? I'd love to know what you all use to keep yourself organized.

I'm also looking at the Emily Ley Simplified Life Binder; But I really think I need to focus on using THE PLANNER effectively first instead of letting the over-achiever in me take over and distract me with other tools I think I need. The first day I used my new Emily Ley planner I filled in things on the calendar and created a list of "To-Do's" for the next day. Then I went 3 whole days without even looking at it! NOT productive doing it that way! *wink*  I hate to admit it but it seems like inconsistency is the only thing I'm consistent with lately.  I'd like to change that about me so I'm taking one day at a time! Wish me luck!

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