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IN THE KITCHEN | Watermelon All-Fruit Cake

Tuesday, May 12

We were finally able to celebrate Em's March birthday last week so, of course, her annually requested fresh fruit watermelon cake was in order. 

We went with a rectangular shape this year to change things up because you know I always like to push the creative boundaries and challenge myself to come up with something new.

However, I can't take the credit for the finished cake this year. I only helped with some final shaping of the watermelon base before Em and her friend worked together to add all of the other fruit. It turned out beautiful. I love the attention to detail with the placement of fruit varieties...especially how they used the sliced strawberries in alternating rows to finish off the top of the cake. 

If you've never tried your hand at making a fresh fruit watermelon cake I hope this post inspires you. (see the step-by-step linked below)

They are the prettiest and yummiest guilt-free whole food cake and hits the mark on everyone's dietary restrictions, unless you can't eat fruit, since it's dairy-free, gluten-free, grain-free, processed sugar-free, nut-free, vegan and my favorite...whole30 approved. 

When we slice it up for family, we usually have whipped cream for those that want it. (for the vegan and dairy-free people, you can also serve it with the canned almond whipped cream or coconut whipped cream varieties found in the refrigerated section of your local grocery stores).

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The fresh fruit cake that started it all <-- we've come a long way. Lol
Step-by-Step Fresh Fruit Watermelon Cake
16th Birthday Fresh Fruit Cake + Cakelets
15th Birthday Fresh Fruit Cake with pomegranate

COVID-19 social distancing was the reason for the delay in being able to celebrate with Em.
A wonderful visit from her and a her friend last week helped make it happen. She actually thought she was just coming up for a visit...the whole time I was scheming to surprise her with a belated 21st birthday celebration! We even got her with silly string - also a family birthday tradition. *wink*
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