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Chasing Slow...

Monday, July 31

We have been in our new house for nearly eight weeks now.
Summer is coming to a close and school starts back in eleven days.
And all I did was blink...

I have so much to share with much I want to say.
Today, however, I only want to share this book...because this book is all the feels.

I can hardly put it down because it has filled me up.
"Chasing Slow" is beautifully written...pages penned with truth and authenticity while the story itself is riveting. Erin Loechner has most certainly shared her heart and in the process has stolen mine.


Here are some excerpts that struck me during my reading - I've only just finished chapter 9 :

"Sometimes the most holy thing we can do is to be still. To sit down and twirl the fork and eat the pasta."

"The only thing worse than being a victim is resenting the survivors." 

"Do you know what happens when we victimize ourselves? When we hand over the power to circumstances? We lose everything that matters. We lose the freedom to change, the grace to rise above, the strength to get up off the couch. We have given the power away. We can no longer conjure it when we need it most. And let's be clear: we will need it most."

"...success is not a mountain, not a flood, but a mirror. It reflects what the world wants from you, and so you smile and brush the hair out of your eyes, and you play along."


If any of that resonated with you...I encourage you to get your hands on a copy and be ready to be inspired...and moved.

And if you want to connect with Erin on social media...well I've made it simple for ya:
BLOG: Design for Mankind
INSTAGRAM: erinloechner
FB: DesignforMankind
PINTEREST: Erin Loechner / Design for Mankind


I don't want this summer to be over...
because it's just another summer I will never get back.
And there are just too many of those in my life already! *wink*
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