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iNSPiRE | Garden Inspiration

Monday, August 22

I've been "growing" an herb collection this Summer, friends!
I'm so proud of myself...except for the fact that everything is in a complete wilt right now with some of the plants yellowing. *covering my eyes*

I have been obsessing over the idea of creating a Potting Station for the back porch. (Isn't the one above just dreamy)?

I have really been trying to step up my game with caring for plants and flowers around my home. So far my results are shameful but nonetheless...I've started an "All Things Garden" Pinterest board to keep me inspired. I thought there might be a few of you out there who might enjoy some garden inspiration too...

This looks fun! And would also make a charming gift idea!
I'm totally trying it!!

I shared this photo on Instagram because I was inspired by the fact that @michelle_janeen makes a habit of bringing in her floral clippings and branches inside her home.

Which then inspired me to wrestle with my bougainvillea bush, (I've got scratches from the unforgiving thorns to prove it), to bring some pretty branches and blooms inside to display on my kitchen windowsill. (I shared this photo on my Instagram too).

This collection of old watering cans is a brilliant idea for dressing up your garden space.
(This was actually part of a chicken coop...hence the chicken shown in the photo). So cool, right?

Although my "All Things Garden" Pinterest board is a bit sparse right now...I intend on adding more and more to it so I hope you'll follow along and be inspired as I'm inspired!

Happy Monday, friends!

Ella is home sick today...making this her first official "sick" day of Second grade. Boo!
She tossed her cookies last night after eating at Grandma + Grandpa's house.
I'm pretty sure it was a combination of an afternoon filled with cotton candy, water slides, sno cones, food truck food and the torturous Florida Summer heat + sun that probably dehydrated her. *frown*

STYLING | Alice in ONEderland First Birthday Party

Tuesday, August 16

I'm so excited to share the details of this beautiful Alice in "ONE"derland themed first birthday party with you today. 

The thing I love most about this party is that although the theme isn't original, the black and white party decor and party printables I created using the famous illustrations from Sir John Tenniel are (1) fresh and (2) extremely versatile!

Take for instance the custom designed 32x40 dessert table backdrop you see above!
It makes a bold statement serving as the focal point of the table but also fades into the background allowing the color from the adorable pastries, cakes and sugary treats to bloom and pop beneath it.

Of course, it's the little details that always make my party-styling heart do cartwheels...
like these carefully crafted custom tea bag sugar cookies from Flourish Sweet Shop.

Fairytale pinks, yellows, greens, (along with the famous "Alice Blue"), were used throughout the mix of sweets on the dessert table to add an element of magic and "wonder".

Beautiful, floral "Cheshire Cat Cupcakes" created by Taylor at Cupcake Delights, "Queen of Hearts" chocolate covered oreos made by moi, "Mad Hatter Macarons" from my fave local French bakery - Le Petit Sweets as well as the tea bag sugar cookies from Flourish Sweet Shop were all beautiful individual treats that filled the dessert table. They were almost too pretty to eat. 

Then there were two pretty cakes...

The cute Teapot Cake from Nikki Bakes Cakes was the smash cake. (shown above)
Nikki also made the fondant Alice and Hat cake toppers you see on the blue "Alice Cake". (below)
Cupcake Delights made the Alice cake and then I placed the fondant toppers from Nikki on top. I also added the "Ryot is ONE" that I designed and cut out from gold card stock using my Cricut. 

One of my favorite party elements was the printable paper table runner I designed. (pictured above) and the party banner on front of the table. Both really added just the right amount of contrast to the solid blue table cover and pretty desserts on the table. (yep, that's one of those cheap, blue, plastic table covers)! *gasp* *wink*

And here is the adorable birthday girl, little Miss Ryot Merie, all dressed up in her cute Alice in Wonderland birthday romper!! Could she be any cuter?? 

There were so many other party details that I (1) didn't snap photos of or (2) got photos of but just weren't post-worthy due to the mix of poor lighting and my old camera that has since been replaced. *wink*

For instance, there was a DIY photo booth area set up with a black and white backdrop I designed that matched the other party printables. Not to mention a lot of fun Alice in Wonderland themed photo booth props for party guests to go crazy with.

For those interested, all of the party printables will be in the shoppe by the end of the week. (In fact, when that happens, I'll update the direct links listed below).

I hope you've been inspired to host your own Alice in Wonderland (ONEderland) themed party!
I really enjoyed putting this together for Ryot's mama and daddy...but most especially for Ryot! *wink*


Mini Favor Cake Domes (plastic) - with a single white gumball inside - that's how small they are!

Sharing this party has been a long time coming! It was hosted and styled last December for my sweet second cousin, Ryot. Her daddy is my cousin and just knowing he's actually a daddy now completely melts my heart! 

Also, I have to mention...
Lisa, from Flourish Sweet Shop is the sweetest to work with! 
She's always so open to my creative, (and specific), ideas and the tea bag cookies were no exception.
She was actually in the middle of a move when I reached out to her about this cookie order. Despite the chaos of her current life situation, she was willing to work with me. In order to keep things as simple as possible for her, we decided she would make and bake the tea bag cookies and then only complete the white royal icing details I'd previously sketched out and sent to her. Once I received the "flower-less" cookies from Flourish Sweet Shop, I used frosting to glue on the flowers you see on the finished cookies. Didn't they turn out adorable? 

LiFE | First Day of School :: 2016

Wednesday, August 10

Yep! I have a 2nd Grader and a Senior this year! *huge sigh*
Today is the first day of school and I managed to snap a few photos of Ella on her way to school.
I'm hoping to catch Ema, my Senior, when school gets out this afternoon.

I also managed to whip up some cute signs this year too!
Right now I've just got "2nd grade" and "Senior" but if you need a flowery sign for your child's grade, leave a comment and I'll get it created for you right away.

Why is the start of every school year such a struggle emotionally.
I really just don't want my kids to grow up you guys. I know you all can totally relate.
Raise your hand if you just want to keep them little enough to snuggle with...forever.

iNSPiRE | Slow Down

Friday, August 5

It's for all the mamas out there feeling their heartstrings being tugged on as we say goodbye to the Summer of 2016 with our kiddos and hello to a new school year! Or for any mama out there feeling the feels only us mamas feel. *wink*

Love you all...

P.S. Thanks for sharing this with me Allison!!

I never want Summer to end...and of course, it always does. *frown*
P.S. The song is "Slow Down" by Nichole Norman

FUN | Baby Einstein + Project Nursery Pin Party

Wednesday, August 3

Hello Pen + Paper Flowers friends!!

Looking for some fun + fresh new party ideas to take your mind off Summer coming to an end and the busyness of a brand new school year biting at our heels?

Join me, and several other fabulous ladies, as we host a fun "Pin Party" in collaboration with Project Nursery to celebrate Baby Einstein's 20th anniversary.

All three of my daughters experienced so much of their learning and discovery through using Baby Einstein educational toys and products and I'd bet my right hand you all can claim the same thing.

The signature bright colors and familiar characters of the Baby Einstein brand not only capture and keep the attention of our little ones, they also make the perfect platform for creating a memorable First Birthday for your little one. 

Hop on over to the Project Nursery + Baby Einstein First Birthday Party Pinterest Board for immediate inspiration. We've already started pinning and will continue to pin fabulous ideas over the next 48 hours.

I look forward to meeting you over there...

School starts back for my kids on Wednesday, August 10th.
Summer was seriously too short. Boo!
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