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Monday, August 22

I've been "growing" an herb collection this Summer, friends!
I'm so proud of myself...except for the fact that everything is in a complete wilt right now with some of the plants yellowing. *covering my eyes*

I have been obsessing over the idea of creating a Potting Station for the back porch. (Isn't the one above just dreamy)?

I have really been trying to step up my game with caring for plants and flowers around my home. So far my results are shameful but nonetheless...I've started an "All Things Garden" Pinterest board to keep me inspired. I thought there might be a few of you out there who might enjoy some garden inspiration too...

This looks fun! And would also make a charming gift idea!
I'm totally trying it!!

I shared this photo on Instagram because I was inspired by the fact that @michelle_janeen makes a habit of bringing in her floral clippings and branches inside her home.

Which then inspired me to wrestle with my bougainvillea bush, (I've got scratches from the unforgiving thorns to prove it), to bring some pretty branches and blooms inside to display on my kitchen windowsill. (I shared this photo on my Instagram too).

This collection of old watering cans is a brilliant idea for dressing up your garden space.
(This was actually part of a chicken coop...hence the chicken shown in the photo). So cool, right?

Although my "All Things Garden" Pinterest board is a bit sparse right now...I intend on adding more and more to it so I hope you'll follow along and be inspired as I'm inspired!

Happy Monday, friends!

Ella is home sick today...making this her first official "sick" day of Second grade. Boo!
She tossed her cookies last night after eating at Grandma + Grandpa's house.
I'm pretty sure it was a combination of an afternoon filled with cotton candy, water slides, sno cones, food truck food and the torturous Florida Summer heat + sun that probably dehydrated her. *frown*

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