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Monday, November 30

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As always...thanks for your ongoing love + support!!
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It's J's birthday today!
Prepping for his birthday celebration tonight!

FREE | It's Officially Pie Season Art Print :: The Cake Blog

Tuesday, November 10

Oh yes it is, friends!!
Pie Season is officially upon us.
You can celebrate with me by downloading this FREE ART PRINT I designed for The Cake Blog this month.

I'm dreaming of the fabulous Pumpkin Pie and the amazing Apple Crumb Top Pie I made last year!
They were both ridiculously amazing and I have to admit I'm feeling a little guilty for never having posted either of the recipes here when I promised that I would.

So...that means I'll be making these pies EARLY just so I can post them here in plenty of time for you to make them for your own Thanksgiving Dinners if you'd like. Be prepared to knock some socks off!

In the meantime, print out this fabulous art print to get you geared up.
Shoot! Why not print and frame this for a pie-loving friend too? *wink*
Or just download the wallpapers for your digital devices if you prefer!!
Download the 8x10 Pie Season Art Print + Digital Wallpapers now!!

Hope you love it PNPF Friends!!

I'm hesitant to make the pies.
I'm going to want to eat every little crumb from each of them! *blushing*

Also, it's been very busy around here.
It was my birthday last week - and I was spoiled. Thank you family!!
Ella's 7th birthday is THIS Saturday - and there's not a big party planned...again...this year. *grrrr*
She's chosen to invite a couple of friends to a bounce house facility, do pizza and then take them all out for a special birthday dessert of her choice. Her birthday decision doesn't feed into my creativity and love for party planning at all's not my choice - it's her big day!! And I love that she's grown up enough to decide and create a day she's excited about.

BUT, I DO get to be creative with her when we make some special treats for her gymnastics teammates and I've already ordered mini cupcakes from her favorite cupcakery for her class on Friday. I'm also excited to make her a special birthday dessert when we celebrate on Sunday with family. I'm just waiting on her final decision - she's leaning towards chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and dolphin accents. Hmmmm??? *giggling*

FREE | Curiosity Crumbs Art Print

Friday, November 6

As we head into the weekend I wanted to share something with you for those of you who didn't see this on my Instagram feed. (by the way...would love to have you follow me since I post pretty regularly over there).

This art print was inspired by a podcast I listened to on the Jess C. Lively Show with writer, Elizabeth Gilbert. One of the very last things Elizabeth Gilbert said in the podcast was this:

"The curiosity channel is where God sprinkles the breadcrumbs on the great trail to find ourselves."

I loved it so much I decided to create a hand-lettered reminder.
And now I'm sharing it with all of you!!
You can download it for FREE right here!!

I hope you love it!!
Stay curious, friends...and enjoy your weekend!!


Don't laugh...but when I originally posted this on Instagram I spelled curiosity wrong!
I fixed it for you but honestly would have never realized it if a follower had not requested this as an art print!! Which is how it ended up here on the blog! Oops!! *blushing*
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