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Friday, November 6

As we head into the weekend I wanted to share something with you for those of you who didn't see this on my Instagram feed. (by the way...would love to have you follow me since I post pretty regularly over there).

This art print was inspired by a podcast I listened to on the Jess C. Lively Show with writer, Elizabeth Gilbert. One of the very last things Elizabeth Gilbert said in the podcast was this:

"The curiosity channel is where God sprinkles the breadcrumbs on the great trail to find ourselves."

I loved it so much I decided to create a hand-lettered reminder.
And now I'm sharing it with all of you!!
You can download it for FREE right here!!

I hope you love it!!
Stay curious, friends...and enjoy your weekend!!


Don't laugh...but when I originally posted this on Instagram I spelled curiosity wrong!
I fixed it for you but honestly would have never realized it if a follower had not requested this as an art print!! Which is how it ended up here on the blog! Oops!! *blushing*


Unknown said...

Thank you for your generosity in allowing strangers to download and be inspired by your creativity. I am looking forward to reading your future posts.
Sincerely - Kimberly Jo Hendrix
P.S. Without your permission I shared your quote with kin, I hope it was okay to do so.

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Sharing is my pleasure Kimberly Jo Hendrix! Thanks so much for being here and taking time to leave a comment. And it was completely fine for you to share the quote with your family!! xoxo

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