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Tuesday, October 27

The other morning, I let my dog out of the back door to do his usual routine potty break.
I stood there for a minute, like I usually do, and surveyed the backyard.
I took in the areas of grass that look pitiful, the overgrown koi pond I've been wanting to replace with a fire pit (for 3 years now) and I also just listened to the wind for a minute as it gently rustled the dense forest of trees just beyond our property line.

I stood there lost in another world until I caught a glimpse of the pitiful rose bush to my left that has been neglected through the years and yet still produces a rose or two every now and then - for no good reason. Except of course to remind me it's still alive and barely breathing - no thanks to me.

There it was. A single bloom. Staring back at me.
I had actually seen it the morning before but didn't give it much thought. Today, however, I decided to make my way over to it while Hamilton finished his business.

The roses from this bush are always the most beautiful pale pink and as with all roses, the petals are soft and plush. I leaned into the single rose, closed my eyes and took a very slow, intentional, deep breath in.

I paused...surprised at how beautiful it smelled and how the scent seemed to instantly calm my mind and spirit. Keeping my eyes closed...I did it again, breathing in everything the rose could possibly give me while letting everything else in my mind go.

It's almost as if I had to confirm my initial experience by repeating the process because I almost didn't believe it. How in the world did I find myself in the middle of something so spiritual...from something so ordinary. Whatever the reason, it was exactly what I needed although I hadn't a clue I was even looking for it.

It was a very eye-opening moment for me despite my eyes being closed.
I finally understood with absolute clarity what it actually means to "Take time to smell the roses."

I thought I'd already had this figured out a few years prior when I had an epiphany about the importance of simply taking time to look at them and smell them and even clip them instead of just walking past them.

However, that little epiphany didn't even compare to what spoke to my heart and soul on this particular day. Unsuspectingly, when I closed my eyes and breathed deeply in...
I was fully in the present moment; A moment that seems quite elusive in my life - and I know for many of us.

It was just me and that rose...
and when I closed my eyes I was able to shut everything else out except for the healing that came from the smell that filled every nook and cranny of my withered soul.

Parenting struggles, health concerns, life challenges to name a few - they've taken their toll on me over the last several months and it's been exhausting.

As magical as that moment was...there's something even better?
I've since been able to recreate the experience each time I'm lucky enough to find a bloom or two on the bush. It was not a chance moment never to be repeated. It's actually a place of recurring opportunity. How awesome is that!!??

It's something I wish I could bottle up and keep with me in my pocket so I don't have to wait for new blooms to transport me to that place. I would totally send a bottle to each of you as well.

And yet I think that's where the significance of it really comes into play.
Each rose represents a fleeting moment in life.
Will I take advantage of the moment while it's there right in front of me and breathe it all in?
Or will I allow life to be so busy that I miss it?

The next opportunity you have...I hope you'll find a fragrant rose,
close your eyes, quiet your mind and breathe in slowly and deeply.
There's something very magical about it...something uniquely spiritual.
I finally get it now.

What are ways you keep yourself grounded? Connected? Spiritually fed?
Share your magic. I'd love to hear.

Look...I've smelled roses before and honestly, it's not my favorite scent.
In fact, I avoid anything "rose" scented in candle or potpourri form because it always seems a bit musty and old to me.

BUT....I'm telling you...I've been smelling all of the wrong roses.
This. rose. bush. is. different.
These types of roses do not smell like any other rose I've smelled.
I didn't even realize roses could smell this pretty and after some research, I've since discovered there are all sorts of fragrances for all of the different varieties of roses out there.
I'm currently in the process of putting my feeders out there to find out the name of this specific variety and I promise to post it here when I do! For now, we're just going to refer to it as "Pink Magic". *wink*

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