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CUTENESS | Snickety Snacks

Friday, June 27

I'm just dying over these adorable photos sent to me by Brittanie from Snickety Snacks….taken by Love Knot Photo.

I worked with Brittanie recently to come up with some cute signage to help promote the pretty sweets she and her mom bake up for weddings and other celebrations. I love the brilliant idea of theirs to use the posters I came up with underneath their gorgeous confections - instead of as a backdrop...even though it's still technically a backdrop. LOVE!

The mother-daughter team work together baking up amazing treats for special occasions…but they have also recently started offering a variety of dessert buffets too as part of their services.

If this photo shoot is any indication of the work they do…I'd say they are well on their way to superstardom! *wink*

The chalkboard background really makes everything pop off the page! Don't you agree?
And that adorable "Love is Sweet" tag I designed is pretty darn cute too!

Keep up with Snickety Snacks in a number of ways:
BlogWebsite, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest!

Sure wish Snickety Snacks lived near me - I have a feeling we'd be doing a lot of collaborations together!

IN THE SHOPPE | Patriotic Posters

SHARE | Fun Ideas for 4th of July

Monday, June 23

Hello sweet friends. I sure hope you've been enjoying your Monday.
Mine sort of got away from me - hence the "late-in-the-day" blog post.

I hope you saw the FREE "As American As Apple Pie & Ice Cream" Art Print I sort of sneaked in on Sunday. (shown above). It was all part of the bigger plan I'm sharing with you today!

I've teamed up with 4 of my very favorite blogging friends to completely inspire you for all of those 4th of July celebrations we have coming up!  It's less than two weeks away now you know! 

Check out these adorable ideas which include

FREE | 4th of July FREE Chalkboard Art Print

Sunday, June 22

Well hello friends - here's that little something I promised to share with you from Friday's post.
Remember the hand-lettered artwork I posted?
Well here is PART of the the surprise I've been working on...

"As American as Apple Pie and Ice Cream"  5x7 Art Print

Download your FREE favorite version right here:
As American as Apple Pie and Ice Cream 5x7 Art Print - WHITE background 
As American as Apple Pie and Ice Cream 5x7 Art Print - CHALKBOARD background 

You get two 5x7's on one 8.5 x 11 Sheet so you can print one for yourself and share one with your friend. OR keep one at home and take the other one to the office! *wink*

Hope you love it!
Stay tuned for more hand-lettered artwork as well as more 4th of July fun!!

We are celebrating over here!!
Sweet Ella Pie no longer has dermabond attached to her forehead!
See the details RIGHT HERE on my Instagram Feed! Yay!!

BEHIND THE SCENES | Patriotic Projects + Hand Lettering

Friday, June 20

Thought I'd send you off in to the weekend with a sneak of what I'm working on for next week…
I rekindled my love for hand-lettering again when I did the Rooted In Love Collection Poster and when I created the super cute FREE Kitchen Art Print awhile back but then... 

Life has just been busy.
So, I picked up my pencils and pens again for a fun project for the 4th of July.
Watch for something special to post on Monday!

Here are some things you may have missed this week from INSTAGRAM:

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.
Follow me on Instagram for peeks at my #100HappyDays posts on Saturday and Sunday!
Today is Day 34. Are you participating too?

Is it crazy to feel like Summer is almost over even though we are only in our 2nd week of Summer break? It flies right by!

FREE | Monthly Printables Blog Hop :: Happy Birthday

Tuesday, June 17

There's been a whole lot of happy going on around here lately!!
Just in case you haven't noticed...there have been a lot of back-to-back celebrations including
Ema's Birthday, Clara's Senior Prom, Ella's Pre-K Graduation, Clara's Birthday and Clara's High School graduation. (not to mention all of the celebrating over the delicious peaches from our peach tree).*wink*

I'm now in the midst of planning…

LIFE | Sunshine + Summertime

Thursday, June 12

It's flat out Summertime….and I'm so enjoying lots of sunshine and this gorgeous girl.
I just love her little heart of gold and her quirky but confident sense of style.
She had no problem the other day pulling on her winter boots to wear with her Summer dress as we cheerfully headed out the back door to

YUM | Easy Peach Salsa

Monday, June 9

I took some of those and...

GOOD THiNGS | Peach Peeling Made Easy

Friday, June 6

I finally understand all of the hype.
I listened for years as the "older folks" discussed the beauty of it all…the joy it brought them.
But I just didn't get it.
They could seriously talk passionately on the subject for hours…days even.
The magic of it all just escaped me.
My lack of understanding would not allow me to wrap my brain around it let alone embrace the miracle of it.

Until now…

CRAFT | Make Pretty Things :: Heidi Swapp

Thursday, June 5

Remember me mentioning my desire to dive back into scrapbooking? To rekindle that love affair for it when I was a design team member for an online scrapbooking site. To revisit the passion I shared with so many others...back when attending scrapbooking conferences was cool and I met this superstar.

Scrapbooking conferences and retreats have been replaced with blogging-focused events over the last five or so years as a direct result of scrapbooking having taken a backseat to creative pursuits. I've watched so many of my favorite scrapbooking stores close down over the years and have sadly watched the scrapbooking aisles in my favorites craft stores shrink from 3 to 4 full aisles down to only one - maybe two.  

But change is coming friends!  I'm seeing a clear shift and it's been

HAPPY | Chalkboard Popcorn Bar :: Barn Wedding

Wednesday, June 4

You have no idea how happy this makes my heart!!
I worked with a customer to create a custom "He Popped the Question" sign for the popcorn bar she was setting up for a wedding - a sign to coordinate with the Chalkboard Popcorn Bar Collection I designed.  She just sent me pictures of how everything turned out and

SHARE | FUN Gift Ideas from Uncommon Goods

Tuesday, June 3

You guys!!! Have you ever checked out the Uncommon Goods website?
I am in LOVE with all of the unique products and gift items they have available.
I have put together a collage of some of my favorite things from their Personalized Gifts section (see above) but they are all just too cute not to give you

LIFE | Another milestone for my family...

Monday, June 2

This gorgeous bouquet of orange and white roses represents another milestone for our family.
These were presented to Clara Louisette, my oldest daughter, on Friday night following her graduation from MDHS.

I am so very proud of this girl…who also happened to
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