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LIFE | Sunshine + Summertime

Thursday, June 12

It's flat out Summertime….and I'm so enjoying lots of sunshine and this gorgeous girl.
I just love her little heart of gold and her quirky but confident sense of style.
She had no problem the other day pulling on her winter boots to wear with her Summer dress as we cheerfully headed out the back door to
 feed the neighbors koi fish and cat.

Apparently, she likes to spoil the fish and overfeed them. Oops!

I just love her curiosity and fascination with nature and animals.
Honestly, I think we are all born with it and it just wears off most of us as we age.
I remember being absolutely mesmerized by animals myself. In fact, I can admit I was slightly smitten with animals…thinking I was a natural dog trainer at one point and had even convinced myself I was an animal whisperer - having a deep connection and understanding of all things related to nature. When I watched Grizzly Adams I just knew bears and I would absolutely connect instantly should I ever chance to encounter them.

I recall one day in particular, when I was about eight or nine, I was getting ready to go somewhere with my grandparents, (most likely to the Navy Base because we went there all of the time to shop at the Commissary). I was waiting on my grandparents outside so we could load up in the van when I suddenly spotted our barn cat trotting by with a baby bird in it's mouth. I immediately chased the cat until it gave in to my demands to drop it. I tenderly scooped up the frightened and confused baby bird, cradled it close up against me and ran up to the barn where I thought it would be safe. I quickly constructed a nest in the corner of one of the empty stalls out of the hay we fed to the horses.  My grandparents were calling so I bid farewell to the bird and promised to return later to feed it and care for it. When we arrived back to the house hours later I ran straight to the nest only to discover it's sweet little body to be lifeless. I was heartbroken.

I had a traumatic experience with a little duckling too that still haunts me to this day. But I'm not going to focus on that…I'd rather love on my sweet Ella today and get lost in how sweet and innocent she is... And how happy and lucky I am to be her mom. She is SUCH an awesome person.

Black Winter Boots | Kohl's
Summer Dress | Target

The last photo doesn't portray Ella's irritation with me from all of the photo-taking. I'm sure if you could've seen her expression she probably had on a grumpy face. She just kept huffing and puffing every time she heard the snap of my camera! Ha. Guess she's really growing up - despite my heartfelt pleading. *wink*

No face shots of Ella this time - the dermabond still hasn't fallen off from our trip with her to Centra Care. It will be 3 weeks tomorrow since she fell and hit her head while playing with her BFF. We were told it would fall off within a week. Thinking I was misinformed?

I do have to say…it's been funny to watch people when we are out in public. Not one person has asked "What happened to your head?" I truly believe people think it's a birthmark or something. It looks a little creepy I do have to say. But even people that know her and have seen her before don't even ask. I can't help but wonder if they are frantically trying to remember if she's always had the "birthmark" and just to be safe they just don't ask. It's kind of humorous. Definitely can't wait until it's gone.

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