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Monday, June 23

Hello sweet friends. I sure hope you've been enjoying your Monday.
Mine sort of got away from me - hence the "late-in-the-day" blog post.

I hope you saw the FREE "As American As Apple Pie & Ice Cream" Art Print I sort of sneaked in on Sunday. (shown above). It was all part of the bigger plan I'm sharing with you today!

I've teamed up with 4 of my very favorite blogging friends to completely inspire you for all of those 4th of July celebrations we have coming up!  It's less than two weeks away now you know! 

Check out these adorable ideas which include
recipes, entertaining ideas, home decor and 4th of July printables!! 

 from Kim at The Celebration Shoppe

(Holy Peanut Butter + Chocolate! I'm totally down for this tasty treat) YUM!

by Chris from Celebrations At Home
The idea of an ice cream bar could not be more perfect for the 4th or any Summer celebration! LOVE!

by Jillian from Catch My Party
Scrap fabric garlands are SO easy to make and allow for so much fun and creativity!

by Bird from Bird's Parties
Cute spoons and presentation too - don't you agree! So adorable! 

by Jessica from Pen N' Paper Flowers

And there you have it! Pure 4th of July inspiration at its finest!!
Hope you love it!

Can you believe 4th of July is like 12 days away?

Which also means the graduation party we are having for Clara and 3 of her beautiful cousins is coming up quick! Eeps!!

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