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YUM | Easy Peach Salsa

Monday, June 9

I took some of those and...

made some of this…

Easy Peach Salsa

Get the recipe I shared over on the SNAP! Blog!!
It's really easy and it's perfect for all of those Summer BBQ's and poolside celebrations you'll be going to.

And of course it was awesome to be able to use my homegrown peaches!! *wink*

It's Whole30 approved too - for those who are committing to eating clean.
(or for those of you who need to re-commit…like me)! *wink*

I was inspired to make this because one of my favorite store-bought salsa's is Newman's Peach Salsa.
It's super yummy…but Newman's DOES have sugar in it so this homemade version is a great substitute if you are looking to avoid that.

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