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Tuesday, June 24

So here's what I did with that other hand-lettered art I shared with you the other day.
I turned it into a 24x36 chalkboard poster…and I…
absolutley love it. I love the whimsical vibe it's giving off in our home.

I also had it printed with a white background for those of you who aren't into the whole chalkboard look. (I personally love it - it'll never get old in my book).

I mounted the posters onto 36x48 foam boards (one black and one white). I picked mine up at Hobby Lobby and then used some cute washi tape to secure them. I love that I can easily swap out the posters with the next fun poster I decide to make! PLUS, by mounting them to foam board I can move them around the house…since I find myself rearranging stuff ALL. OF. THE. TIME! *wink*

And here's a 24x36 version of the FREE 5x7 I shared with you already!

Guess what?!
Now you can have these posters for your house too!
I decided to load them into the shop as a bundle.
You GET ALL THREE for $10 bucks - and they are an INSTANT DOWNLOAD. *high five*

But hey! Since you are LUCKY BLOG READERS, how about $5 bucks off now through June 30th - Pay only $5 for all three posters!  Use the COUPON CODE: 5LUCKYBUCKS

Since my original post about how to print oversized chalkboard posters…
I've come to understand a few things that will be quite helpful during the printing process.
Some of these suggestions are from my original postsome of the tips are new!

1. After you download the file and save it to a flash drive you can take it to any print shop that has a large format printer.

2. I originally suggested asking for an engineer print but I have found that sometimes the printer they use for these can produce lines on the artwork - especially when the printer needs some servicing OR is low on ink.  So instead, I just ask them to print it on their normal large format printer. It produces a higher quality print - without the lines.

3. The Chalkboard background art prints will have a white border. You can trim it off yourself, have the shop trim it for you for an additional fee or just leave it. (which is what i did with the prints shown in this post).  The white background won't have a border - *wink*

Hope you love them.
Hope you print them.
Hope you display them loud and proud! *wink*
Hugs everyone!!

Shhh! No one tell the print shops we are stealing from them - okay?
Paying under $3 for these huge posters totally makes me feel like I am.
But then I remember it's actually payback for how much they charge to print color posters ($20)! *wink*

I keep anticipating walking into the print shop to find a sign posted that reads:
Artwork containing a black background now costs the same as color prints. Nooo!!!
We'll just continue to keep this little secret of cheap chalkboard printing all to ourselves…shall we!? 

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