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LIFE | Another milestone for my family...

Monday, June 2

This gorgeous bouquet of orange and white roses represents another milestone for our family.
These were presented to Clara Louisette, my oldest daughter, on Friday night following her graduation from MDHS.

I am so very proud of this girl…who also happened to
earn the highest honor - Summa Cum Laude 

Aside from attending Band class for one period a day, Clara actually completed her Senior year doing online classes - and it was NOT an easy task.

There were many moments, as a mom, I worried whether or not she would actually really finish.
But boy did she…and she finished STRONG! I could not be happier to have been able to watch her walk across the field with so many of her friends and be handed the diploma she worked so hard for.

It's an exciting time in her life - with so many new adventures ahead.
More than anything, I hope she follows her heart - the roadmap to her dreams!!

We were concerned graduation would be postponed due to rain.
Although we had to whip out the umbrellas for about 20 minutes of the graduation we were so lucky the light rain drizzle wasn't enough to delay the ceremony.

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