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iNSPiRE | 100 Happy Days :: Days 1 thru 14

Friday, May 30

The last 14 days have gone by quickly since having started the 100 Happy Days Challenge.
For those of you who don't follow me on Instagram I wanted to post an update here on the blog to share with you the "happy things/moments" I've been documenting via photography and posting to Instagram. I shared DAY 1 HERE and now here are Days 2 through 14...

A walk with Ella and Hamilton

Ghirardelli Chocolate

DAY 4 
Ema and Ella playing a game of "Go Fish" after school one day

Cute packaging of a shirt I ordered from Pebby Forevee as part of Clara's 18th birthday 
Shirt reads "Feed Me and Tell Me I'm Pretty" - *LOVE*

Clara's BEAUTIFUL 18th Birthday Card from my FAVE Stationery & Paper Company - Papyrus

Ella's Pre-School Graduation Preps - see the whole party HERE

Ella with her best friend after a trip to Centra Care for a gash on Ella's forehead. 
Required dermabond - no stitches but was still a traumatic visit.
Obviously NOT a fun day - but so happy to have had Elise with Ella to comfort and distract her and to have been able to capture this sweet moment of them walking together after it was all over.

Fun package of straws from The TomKat Studio

DAY 10
Ella and I feeding the neighbor's Koi fish (and cat) while they were out of town.

DAY 11
Peach picking with Ella - from our own tree, mind you! *wink*

DAY 12
Mini milk and chocolate chip cookies

DAY 13
Box of fun things from the "Make Pretty Stuff" collection by Heidi Swapp

DAY 14
Picking more peaches for some homemade salsa

I've really been having fun with this whole #100happydays challenge.
It's caused me to really pause throughout my day and find the good and document the happy.
There are so many things that can go wrong or disappoint or potentially "ruin" your day - but there is always…ALWAYS something good to find and appreciate - even it's tee tiny.

One thing that's made it even more fun is that my family has been participating too.
We are using a chalkboard in our hallway to write down something different every day.
I love seeing what everyone comes up with.

Ema and Clara haven't participated in writing on the chalkboard every. single. day.
But when they have, it's been thoughtful at least. *wink*

J annoyed me the other day when he wrote "Mom's piles - 3 new ones"…referring to little collections of things I leave around the house with the intentions of putting them away properly, (could be laundry, craft things, mail, returns that need to be made, receipts, you name it). I didn't realize how happy those piles made him. Guess I'll have to come up with some more to make sure he's extra happy! *wink*

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