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Wednesday, May 14

For those of you who follow my Instagram feed, you know that I post an original inspirational art print every day. (except on weekends).

I thought it would be fun, and maybe even enlightening, to fill you in on the process of how I come up with these art prints.

Every morning between 6:00a.m. and 8:00 a.m. I find time to sit quietly alone and read for a few minutes…in search of inspiration to start my day. (I don't use the entire 2 hour period…I just find some time within this 2 hour window). 

Right now my selection of books includes Simple Abundance, Hands Free Mama and Everyday Grace.

I read Simple Abundance EVERY morning, Hands Free Mama once a week and Everyday Grace if I'm needing something more.

I take notes while I'm reading - writing on the pages of the book…mostly in pen…sometimes using my watercolor pencils.

After I finish reading, I scan back through any notes or areas I've highlighted and wait for inspiration.
Sometimes I know right away what I want to say/create…
sometimes it takes several minutes to come up with something…reworking and rewording until I like it.

The idea behind creating these daily art prints is to motivate, encourage, uplift, remind, push, reflect, empower and ALWAYS TO INSPIRE.

You might be surprised to know that it's ME I'm trying to inspire…and I'm ALWAYS thinking of my daughters…hoping these will be treasures they will reach for as they continue to grow and become women. There are often times I will post something with Clara, Ema or Ella specifically in mind…knowing a struggle or difficulty they may be experiencing.

I will even pick up on the characteristics of my daughters and even other women that inspire me and I'll create a quote based on the the strengths of that person and the way that I see them - or the way they've empowered me.

I have also created an "Instagram Art" page using the "Notes" feature on my iPhone so that I can log any quotes I randomly think of throughout my day - which happens quite a bit! So if I'm not "feeling" something from my reading, I'll reference my "notes" too.

Once I've got my quote figured out, I use the Rhonna Designs app to add splashes of color or graphics but mostly I use Phonto for creating the text.

And then after I'm done creating the visual…I write up a little blurb to further explain the quote and post it to my Instagram feed. Then I sit back and "marvel at the magic of it all". *wink*

I marvel at comments like, "this is exactly what I needed to hear today!", "Love it!" or "Oh yes! Truth! Thanks for the reminder!", or how about this one from today: "Your posts always speak to me! Have an awesome day!"

I'm so glad the inspiration I am seeking personally is able to spill over into the lives of other people who are also searching.

The Instagram Art Prints are always about moving forwardbecoming betterevolvingbeing gratefulloving the people in my lifefocusing on what matters mostfollowing my dreams and ultimately striving to be the very best "She"(me) I can be. There are so many things I hope to be one day…and these are just little reminders to help me get there! *wink*

And that my friends is how the cycle of inspiration works…
I love that the inspiration starts with me reading an inspirational book…which leads to me creating inspirational art prints…to me sharing those art prints with others via social media…which inspires others... who then share with their friends by reposting and tagging and finally…the sweet comments inspire ME! It all comes full circle.

I'm inspired…I share it…others are inspired…they share it…and I'm inspired that they are inspired! Ha!! Awesome! It really doesn't get any better than that!

The IG Art Prints I've shared here today are the ones I created when I was experiencing SNAP! Conference. I needed them. They actually tell a little story about how my whole SNAP! experience unfolded - if you read between the lines! *wink*

One other thing to note…
I actually had some of these turned into "polaroid prints" using Persnickety Prints.
Persnickety Prints can print anything directly from your IG feed…

Look how cute they turned out!!

I LOVE them!
I hope you enjoyed a little more insight into my process for creating these daily IG Art Prints.
More importantly, I hope you were inspired in some way.
Even if it is just to have your own IG Feed printed using Persnickety Prints! Ha!!

If you'd like to keep up with the daily Art Prints, you can follow me on INSTAGRAM here!

Love you guys - thanks for being here!

You'll be happy to know I was able to take Ema to her birthday lunch this afternoon! Yay!!
We, of course, went to our annual birthday lunch spot: Garden Gate Tea Room.
It's probably my favorite day with Ema as of late. She's 15 now and there are days/weeks when I feel like we just butt heads constantly. But today was a good day. Good conversation. Good attitude. Lots of smiles and probably a little too much dessert. *wink*

Today is one of those days when I feel like things are going pretty smoothly…
despite Clara having strep throat, Ella developing a slight cough and runny nose and J waking up this morning with a very sore throat too.


dawn@joyfulscribblings said...

We have a lot in common. My son is 18 and my daughter turned 15 today. I too am a seeker and Iove, love, love your art prints. As a matter of fact, I was looking on your Etsy shop to see if you sold them, because I would buy them. I can't tell you how thrilled I am that you shared your creative process. I have the book Simple Abundance, but haven't picked it up in a few years. I journal every morning and now you've inspired me to check out some of the tools you use and maybe try my hand at creating one. Thanks for sharing your process. Meeting you was one of the many highlights of my SNAP experience.

johnsonpeter said...

this is wonderfull art prints, very nice to see this

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