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SUGAR | Supermom Dessert :: Easy Whoopie Pies

Thursday, May 15

Do you have a favorite dessert you enjoy making that makes you feel like a "Supermom"?
You know…the desserts your kids rave over and beg you to make over and over again.
Desserts that teachers are still requesting you bring them…YEARS after you first shared them with the staff?

I LOVE desserts like that.
I have a handful of them and these Homemade Oreos, Polar Pies, Whoopie Pies (whatever you want to call them)…are
definitely one of those desserts!!

I've shared the recipe here before and they are SO good and SO easy I've decided to share the recipe again over on the SNAP! Blog today!

They are super easy to make and since they adapt easily to any celebration or holiday they are perfect for tucking into your recipe file under Easy & Fun Party Desserts.

I loved using the pearlized Sixlets from Sweetworks to add some fun to the presentation and patriotic vibe I was going for. (Memorial Day is coming up you know). Such an easy thing to do but it makes all the difference! You could also roll these tasty treats in sprinkles to coordinate with your color scheme.

But don't save this recipe for parties only. They make great after-school snacks, edible gifts and you'll love having them over the Summer because you can freeze them - which is my all-time favorite way to eat them! (Come to think of it…maybe I'll call them homemade ice-cream sandwiches in the Summer - or maybe I'll just stick with Polar Pies)? *wink*

Let me know if you try them…
I'd love to hear you gush about how much you love them too! *wink*

These are seriously one of my kids' favorite treats.
They were SO happy to have me make them again - it had been awhile!
The teachers up at the elementary school had been requesting them as well so I made 50+ for Teacher Appreciation last week. There wasn't one left!! Not kidding!!


Anne said...

I love easy! I can't wait to try these. And the fact that I can probably just leave 'em in the freezer and pull one out when the craving calls (or when the kids beg for one) is even better! Thanks!

Kelly said...

Jessica these look absolutely delicious. I am definitely going to give these a try. Thank you for sharing this recipe again with all of us.

xo Kelly

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