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Monday, May 12

My daughter, Clara, shared this video with me last week and I was moved…
not just by the message of the video…
but even more by the fact that she…as a teenager…was moved by it as well.

I hope you'll take the time to watch this...
it falls right into play with the Hands Free Mama book I've been reading.  I'm fully aware of how social media can suck the life right out of our lives. So the message of this video isn't something new and profound for me.  BUT…I really appreciated the poetry and the visual this video conveys. I think we need constant reminding to put down our phones, iPads and any techy toy to play with WHO really matters.

Here's one of my favorite excerpts:

When I was a child, I'd never be home.
I'd be out with my friends on our bikes we would roam.
I'd wear holes in my trainers and graze up my knees…
We'd build our own clubhouse high up in the trees.

Now the parks are so quiet, it gives me a chill
See no children outside and the swings hanging still.
There's no skipping or hopscotch, no church and no steeple.
We're a generation of idiots, smart phones and dumb people.

So LOOK UP from your phone…
shut down the display…
Take in your surroundings - make the most of today

There's even more good stuff to listen to and see in the video…
I really hope you are moved…and inspired to LOOK UP!!

I was pretty much "unplugged" for the last 4 days.
I'd like to say it was by choice but honestly it was because my daughter lost her phone and I let her use mine because she was doing some overnight dog-sitting. I needed to be able to get a hold of her as well as provide a way for her to be able to reach out in case of an emergency. I have to say though…I thoroughly enjoyed not having it on me.

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