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INSPiRE | 100 Days of Happy

Friday, May 16

And just like that…I've started the 100 Days of Happy Challenge.

I've seen the hashtag #100happydays floating around social media over the last couple of months and today…for whatever reason
I felt motivated to get started on this, like right. now.

I really think it has a lot to do with the fact that I've been bombarded with heartbreaking stories of loss and tragedy on social media over the last few weeks. I've also discovered several classmates of mine have passed away. These stories are filled with gut-wrenching emotion and are all reminders to me about how short life is and that despite our daily challenges there are opportunities everywhere to help us focus on the good and to find our HAPPY!

So what IS this challenge? You can read all about HERE…
but essentially, for ME, it's a challenge to document, through photographs, something EVERY DAY over the next 100 days that make me happy. A gratitude journal with pictures! *wink*

Day 1

Fresh Cut Roses from around my house, vintage bud vases (and a mini parfait glass), 
AND my kitchen window.

WHY am I doing this?

1. This is a great way to make sure I'm engaged in my everyday surroundings and to be fully appreciative of all that I have.

2. I love the concept of keeping a gratitude journal , however, sitting down at night to reflect on my day and record things I'm grateful for isn't something I've been able to be consistent with - I'm always too tired. *frown*  This #100HappyDays concept should TOTALLY work for me.

3. I'd love to create a scrapbook of "100 Days of Happy" when I'm all done. I'll have the images printed by Persnickety Prints and then use Project Life  to quickly assemble a keepsake of things I can look back on - reminders of things that make me happy!

4. I'm posting to Instagram and taking photos on a daily basis anyway, why not make it even more meaningful?

HOW am I doing this?

I'll be posting my daily pictures on Instagram but when you register for the challenge you can select ANY social media platform. Instagram just happens to be my favorite. I despise Facebook you guys…I really do!

And even though I don't normally post on the weekends,  I try to stay off of social media and be focused on my family - I'll be making an exception over the next 100 days.

I hope you will join me….in whatever capacity will fit your lifestyle. 

This challenge is about YOU…not about everyone else in the world.
It just so happens that you have the opportunity to inspire others in our own pursuit of finding the good, appreciating the little things and having HAPPY be part of our every day by sharing on social media.

However, it doesn't have to be posted on social media if that's not your thing.
You could start a gratitude journal/page/sheet and just list one thing every day.
Whatever works for you.

If you just aren't feeling up to participating, I hope you'll at least follow along WITH me on my Instagram Feed.

I'm excited to be heading into the weekend…
and even more excited to be starting this challenge.
I look forward to seeing my results at the end of 100 days!

Honestly, I'm bummed that I didn't start like 6 days ago because the 100th day would've fallen exactly on the first day back to school in August. Regardless…I think having this challenge to participate in over the Summer will be a GREAT way to really appreciate my time with my kids. I'm thinking I may get them involved in the challenge somehow too. (have to put more thought into that one).

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