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RECIPE | Crumb Topped Apple Pie

Monday, January 23

Good morning my sweet, sweet friends!
We have been stuck on Pie #4 from my "Five Days of Pie"...haven't we?

Truth be told..."stuck" is exactly how I've been feeling over the last month or so.
I was wiped out from my projects with Hersheys along with various "life" things that have been going on behind the scenes and I just could not muster up the energy to re-bake this crumb-topped apple pie for you after realizing I didn't have any great photos of this particular one.

And then it also seemed silly to share the pie since the Christmas holidays are over AND I have been trying to avoid sweets. I just couldn't convince myself baking an apple pie in January made any sense when I wouldn't be able to eat any of it. (or shouldn't eat any of it). *wink*

The good news is...I tossed all sense out of the window and baked it anyway.
Mainly because I just couldn't see myself posting anything else when my Five Days of Pie had not been properly finished out. I couldn't just skip right over it and move onto something else. Not right.

Most importantly, this Crumb-Topped Apple Pie is something I know you all will love and I just HAVE to share it with you. Especially because there have been so many of you asking for the recipe ever since I mentioned it! apologies for keeping you waiting while I crawled out from the creative crater I'd fallen into.
I most definitely want to tuck this delicious recipe into your pocket for the next time you are looking to bake a pie - especially because this pie is easier than average since it doesn't require a standard pastry crust.

One to print for you and one for a friend...all on the same sheet for printing!

If you are just joining us for the "Five Days of Pie", here are the direct links to the other four pies shared previously...all come with cute printable recipe cards too! *wink*

The Only Pumpkin Pie
Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie
The Only Key Lime Pie
Mama's Blueberry Pie

And if you'd like to see the short step-by-step video I created when Ella and I made this pie for Thanksgiving...

Thanks again for loving me despite my imperfections!
You guys are sweet as apple pie and I appreciate your love + support...always!!


I had ordered a NEW PIE DISH to bake the apple pie in for Thanksgiving BUT of course it arrived AFTER the fact. *frown*

So....when I re-baked this crumb topped apple pie specifically for this post, I finally got to use it and I have to say it's lovely! If you are looking for a pretty, white, deep dish pie plate this one gets five stars from me!!
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