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Monday, January 13

Aside from selecting my One Little Word for 2014...
I've also been having fun getting creative and crafty.

Take for instance these super easy DIY paper flowers I created using some scrapbooking paper, scissors and some hot glue.

Easy DIY Paper Flowers

I've been adding them to mirrors and frames and I plan to...

add them to my fireplace mantle and a few other spots around my home.
In this photo I started creating a garland or flowers by hot gluing them to a piece of ribbon.
(I ended up ripping them off and just using double-stick tape to create clusters instead.)

Want to make some too?
I shared the step-by-step instructions over on SNAP! so I hope you'll take a few minutes to go check out the full tutorial over there!

Feeling energized and ready to face the week ahead…
but I think I'll just focus on making today absolutely awesome!

I've received an outpouring of support via email from so many of you about the posts I shared last week! (Part I and Part II) So many of you have shared that you too have been feeling similar things and you've been so appreciative of me having shared my "One Little Word" and my thoughts behind it. (despite how lengthy/wordy the posts were *blushing*)  Some of you have even sent me encouraging quotes that happen to have the word I selected mingled in.  I LOVE that! Thank you! Thank you for being here…thank you for your love and support…thank you for your cyber hugs! I appreciate every single one of of you and I look forward to sharing more of what I discover over the course of this next year!

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