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RECIPE | The Best Pumpkin Pie Recipe EVER!

Tuesday, November 29

This is the BEST Pumpkin Pie you'll ever make...hands-down...not even kidding.
It's the one from my-favorite-bakery-in-the-world-that-I've-never-visited-but-will-one-day...
the Butter Bakery in Vancouver British Columbia.

As promised, this is the first of five pie recipes I'm sharing with you this week;
from the five pies my daughter's and I all baked together for Thanksgiving.

This recipe is easy as pie and truly makes the best tasting pumpkin pie on the entire pumpkin pie planet.

It comes from The Butter Bakery's "Butter Baked Goods" cookbook I bought a couple of years ago. (remember this post). And although I'm sharing the recipe should totally just buy the cookbook because it's filled with so many wonderful recipes and photos AND IT'S SO PRETTY. can keep the crust "easy as pie" by not getting all fancy like I did with hand-cut fall leaves and the wonky looking acorns I tried to make. Ha!

TIP:  I baked the center pie crust decorations separately and then added them to the pie after it had baked and cooled.

You can totally just do a normal crust because it's not going to make a difference on the way the pie tastes. OR...if you want to get a little fancy but not too fancy, you can use mini fall leaf cookie cutters like these or this 2 inch Leaf Cutter Set to make the process super fast.

My daughter, Ema, made this pie...I just added the fancy crust decorations before we popped it in the oven. *wink*

It's easy...AS make and I know you're going to love it!
Now go download the recipe card and print it off to add to your cute recipe box if you have one. (I don't have one but I'm eyeing this one from Rifle Paper Company).

One for you and one for a friend...all on the same sheet for printing!

I hope your day is as sweet as PUMPKIN pie!
Stay tuned for the other four pie recipes coming this week!!


I totally would've used my mini fall leaf cookie cutters instead of having to hand cut all of the leaves but while I was in the middle of making the pie I searched all over my pantry looking for them and then remembered my mom borrowed them last year and hasn't returned them yet. Don't you hate when that happens?

And yes...the crust is totally a bit overdone/overbrown but I think since I used my all natural stone pie plate, it was taking the pie an extra while to bake while the edges were already done. Besides that, I think it makes it look a little more like authentic Fall colors. That's what I'm going with anyway. *wink*

P.S. I'm considering ordering this Large Maple Leaf Cutter and this Oak Leaf Cutter for the center of my pumpkin pie next year. Going to have to work on those acorns though. *giggling*

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