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Monday, November 7

I'm popping in really quick this afternoon to share something I'm super excited about.
Have you guys heard of Grove Collaborative?

It's a monthly subscription for household beauty, health and cleaning products THAT WORK and are free of yucky things we don't need to be exposing ourselves or our families to.

I hadn't heard anything about them until Lolly Jane Blog posted about them and I couldn't sign up fast enough.

I'm sure there are plenty of mamas out there that get a little crazy like I do about all the garbage in all of the stuff we use to clean our homes and make ourselves look pretty and feel healthy. If you are one of those mamas, you should totally check out Grove Collaborative. They didn't pay me or give me products to write this post. You guys know I only share things that I really like or love and think you might want to check out. So...CHECK THEM OUT!!

So yes! These photos show the items that came in my very first Grove Collaborative box!
I LOVE Mrs. Meyers products...which is what really caught me eye in the first place in the Lolly Jane post because you could earn FREE Mrs. Meyer's products by signing up! YES! Yes please!!

The limited edition "Mum" dish soap, hand soap and multi-surface cleaner all smell SO amazing. I'm not even kidding. It's now my most favorite scent I've ever tried in the Mrs. Myer's line and I'm hoping they'll make it available year-round. It smells like a light, pretty perfume and I've found myself walking around the house with the spray bottle looking for things to clean...just to be able to use it! Ha!!

I actually signed up for the free 60 day VIP trial which gives me free shipping, FREE GIFTS, price matching (hello), exclusive sales (duh), and personal service (yes). And when I say personal are assigned a "Grove Guide" that answers questions, makes recommendations and helps with order scheduling, etc. My guide's name is John! *wink*

Anyway, would you look at this adorable glass cleaner "brush sponge thingy". (pictured above)  The sponge head pops off! It's replaceable. I had no idea until it arrived. So smart. And look at that  beautiful handle.

1. The head office only has 16 employees (and 3 dogs apparently) and their boxes are all hand-packed by their warehouse teams. I've been SO impressed by their customer service.
2. The quality brands they use are good for you, your family + our planet.
3. They stand by their products 100%. You can return a product you don't love - no questions asked.
4. Prices are well below grocery store and big box companies.(and if you do the VIP program they
5. It's a B Corp - a select group of companies that support social, environmental + community
6. I love the product suggestions I receive via email which help me decide what I want in my next

Another thing I love is if you sign up, they have a place where you can actually share $10 with a friend or family member and then you'll receive $10 if that friend or family member signs up. I think everybody wins!!

Anywho....I'm going to stop talking and let you just GO CHECK THEM OUT!
And then come back and tell me what you think. I'd love to know your thoughts on this new-to-me company.

See that walnut scubber sponge? It actually comes in a two-pack but I was too excited to use one before I took these photos so I re-packaged the un-used sponge to make it look like a one-pack. Ha!! Besides, I LOVE their logo too and wanted you to see it up close. *wink*

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