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PRiNT iT | Chalkboard Art • Valentine's Day

Monday, February 11

After taking a quick poll on the Pen N' Papeflowers Facebook Fan Page over the weekend...
I created something special for you to use on Valentine's Day...and beyond!


After reading through all of the suggestions submitted by fabulous fans...
I decided to use this one, slightly altered, shared by a sweet fan named Kirsten.

It's versatile enough to display all year...
and if you are planning a wedding or wedding shower...
this could very well take center stage on the dessert table you are planning. *wink*

Download the FREE Love Story Chalkboard Art Print:
8x10 Art Print
24x36 Art Print

Use THIS PRINTING TIP and spend less than $3 to print your 24x36!!

I hope you love it!
And if are able to incorporate this into your celebrations or home decor...
Let me know via email at: pnpflowersinc AT gmail DOT com
I always love seeing what you do!!

Up to my eyeballs in final details for Ella's Valentine's Party happening tomorrow!
Think sprinkles + chocolates + valentine day crafts! *wink*

My email account(s) were hacked and I've been locked out.
So if you've been trying to email me...make note of the new email address: pnpflowersinc AT gmail DOT com


kissthekitty said...

thank you so much for this printable - I'm having trouble with the 24X36.
I'd love to add this to our new bedroom when we move this weekend however when I download the file & go to open it, i get an error message saying a drawing error occurred.
is it something i'm doing wrong? the 8X10 opened up no problem.

thanks again :)

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Hi there...I'm so sorry I'm just seeing your comment.

Were you ever able to open the 24x36?
Depending on the version of Adobe you have, sometimes that can present a problem, as well as the fact that some computers that don't have a Large Format Printer attached to it sort of freak out when attempting to open the file - even as a preview. It assumes you are going to try and print the file from your printer - which clearly won't allow it.

Let me know where you are at in the process so I can help resolve it for you.

I LOVE that you are going to hang it in your new bedroom! Yay!!!

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