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SiMPLE | Sweetheart Sandwich

Monday, February 4

I thought we'd start things off this week with something sweet and simple.
If you follow me on Pinterest or Instagram, you saw me post this last week...

Sweetheart Sandwich

I had a couple of inquiries as to how to make it...
so I thought I'd share how quickly you can turn an ordinary pb&j into something extra special!
I'll let the photos do all of the talking...

That's it!
You're done!
Unless, of course, your little one loves the crust removed. (like in the very first photo).

Use something like this Krust Remover to do the trick!
It's a simple little contraption that works like a charm.
I first shared it with you when I used it for Ella's Pocket Full of Posies birthday party.

I told you it was simple.
Feel free to swap out the cookie cutter shape to accommodate any celebration/holiday season.
I do hope you'll try it out!

Just in case you missed it...
The 3 winners for the Live-Inspired Giveaway was announced on Friday!
I've emailed the 3 winners and have only heard back from 2 of them.
If I don't hear back from the third winner in the next day or so, I'll be picking another winner!!
So if you were chosen and you haven't responded to the email that I sent you - I need to hear back from you soon!

Also, Promise Me 2013 started on Friday!!
Did you see the "Kickoff" post?

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The Krust Remover works the best with "soft spread" sandwiches.
It's a bit trickier working with ham, lettuce or bulky sandwich toppings.

We wore our eye black stickers yesterday for Super Bowl Sunday!
I love when my family humors me and participates in the silly things!! *wink*

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