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HOLiDAY | Mini Chocolate Sweetheart Truffles

Friday, February 8

Nothing says "love" more than "chocolate", right?!
at least for a Chocolate lover anyway. *wink*

How about packaging up some homemade chocolate truffles for Valentine's Day?
I keep going back to this fabulous recipe I shared with you during the holidays.
The results are divine - like "professional quality" divine...
and there's absolutely no baking involved! 

Chocolate Sweetheart Truffles

These Mini Treat Cups are PERFECT for using to make chocolate truffles...they peel off beautifully!

Just follow the same recipe from THIS POST
and replace the topping suggestions with some of the adorable edible heart glitter you see here!

These make a beautiful addition to any dessert table too!
Pin them for your next event!! They'll be a hit!!

Edible Hearts Glitter  by Wilton 
Mini Treat Cups by Wilton
White Metal Cake Stand - Pottery Barn Kids
Double Chocolate Bittersweet - Ghirardelli
Semi Sweet Chocolate - Ghirardelli

I'm behind on posting photos of the Valentine's Party I've been planning.
The party I was going to have for Ella has been postponed several times
because her little friend we invited has been sick! *frown*

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