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MAKE iT | Simple Shirley Temples + A Couple of Quick Videos

Thursday, February 14

I've got a last-minute Valentine's Day idea for you!
Surprise your kids for dinner with these special little beverages that only take a few ingredients and minutes to make.

Shirley Temples | The Perfect Valentine's Day Beverage for Kids

7-Up, Ginger Ale or Sprite
Grenadine Syrup
Maraschino Cherries WITH the stems - because they are SO much more adorable - not to mention they are easier to grab and eat. 

1.  Fill your glass with ice - crushed is my preference
2.  Pour 7-UpGinger Ale or Sprite into the prepared glass - just under the rim
3.  Add Grenadine Syrup - the more you use the more red it will become and the flavor will be more pronounced.
      I personally like to keep mine more on the pink side - just because I LOVE pink. But this option really just gives you a
      pink tinted soda - not a REAL Shirley Temple. *wink*
    4.  Add a cherry on top

OPTIONAL: Insert a cute striped straw.

I couldn't get my cute video posted to #Vine I'm sharing it here instead - for fun!
According to this video - it takes mere SECONDS to make this special treat. *wink*

You still have time to run to the grocery store and pick up your soda, cherries and grenadine syrup.
These take mere minutes to make and your kids will think you are amazing! *wink*

– Darling faux-crystal plastic glasses - JoAnn Fabric and Crafts Stores
– Maraschino Cherries - local grocery store - on the canned fruit aisle
– Grenadine Syrup - local grocery store - in the wine/spirits section
– Pink Striped Straws - The TomKat Studio Party Shop

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!
I hope you've been treated extra sweet today!!

I made these Shirley Temples for Ella's little Valentine Party the other day.
I'm making them again tonight for dinner...
because honestly...
it'll be about the ONLY Valentine-related thing we'll be enjoying as a family together!
Unless I whip something out at the last minute...
there will be no special Valentine's Day dinner or dessert tonight for us. *frown*

Let's end this on a brighter note...
Here's another #Vine - Style Video of the details from Ella's party yesterday...

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