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STYLiNG | The Pastry Pedestal • Sparkle + Shine Style

Thursday, January 31

For the girl who has loved all-things-silver and platinum for most of my life...
especially the last 20 years...
I'm quite surprised by my gravitation towards the "gold" trend in fashion, home decor and style that has resurfaced.

You've seen bits and pieces of my pink + gold color palette HERE and HERE...
as I've been planning and prepping for a sweet Valentine's Day celebration.

Today...I'm hoping to inspire you with this super-easy technique 
for adding a little glitz and glam to your next showcase of sweets.

The Pastry Pedestal • Sparkle + Shine Style

This easy technique doesn't require much time or skill...
you'll be tapping into your inner child when you get out the glitter and adult-style glue.

Supplies needed:
The Pastry Pedestal™ Starter Kit
Glue Dots 1" Glue Lines (or use the Continuous Glue Lines if you prefer).
• Glitter of your choice  (see RESOURCES below for links to the ones I'm using today)

Prepare to use Glue Lines by separating them from the roll. (approx. 9 lines for every Pastry Pedestal™ Round) 

Apply Glue Dots Glue Lines by pressing onto the edge of The Pastry Pedestal™ Round.
Peel away the Glue Dots liner.
Continue until the entire edge of the The Pastry Pedestal™ Round has been covered with Glue Lines.

Pour glitter onto a flat surface.
Paper or plate or better yet...a paper plate since you can easily fold it up to pour excess glitter back into its original container.

Roll the edges of the The Pastry Pedestal™ Round into the glitter, pressing as you roll.

Remove any excess glitter by shaking, tapping and even blowing on the edges.
You can even try using a small paintbrush to remove any excess? I didn't.
This will help prevent glitter from coming into contact with food items you'll be displaying - or making a mess of the rest of  your dessert table/display. *wink*

Try using different glitter grain sizes and colors too. The one above was created using fine gold glitter. This one below is shown with a larger grain glitter.

In my opinion, I'm in love with both options!!
It really just depends on your preference for the end result.

After adding some sparkle to The Pastry Pedestal™, top it off with a pretty pastry of your choice.

Do you love them?
I can't stop staring at them!!
For me, they are "squeal-worthy" results, do you agree?
I HOPE you agree! *wink*

Last day of January!! Can you believe it?
Already one month out of our NEW YEAR - gone! Just like that!!

I'm excited to join you back here tomorrow with another simple DIY
for the official kickoff to Promise Me 2013!!!

Last day to enter to be chosen as one of THREE WiNNERS for the inspiring 52 Weeks of Gratitude Kit!
Go here for the full details about the kit itself  --------> 52 Weeks of Gratitude Kit by Live-Inspired
Go here to actually enter the giveaway --------> Enter to WiN!!

The Pastry Pedestal™- 
Glue Dots Glue Lines - JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores
Fine Gold Glitter - Florentine Gold from the 3-pack glitter kit via The TomKat Studio Party Shop
Large Gold Glitter - JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores
Polka Dot Baking Cups - JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores (Easter section)
Vintage Pink Cupcake Sprinkles - The TomKat Studio Party Shop

Those pretty cupcakes I took photos of are STiLL sitting out - displayed in my office.
I'm surprised ants haven't found them yet...
although I would guess being displayed on The Pastry Pedestal™ makes it a challenge to get to?


Emily said...

Love this! Very creative

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Thanks Emily!! This is one of my favorite little projects this year so far. It's easy and adds instant glam! Thanks again for subscribing and being here.

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