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COLOR | Valentine's Day Inspiration

Monday, January 14

First, let me say how absolutely wonderful it is to have a steady, consistent internet connection again!!
I. am. SO. grateful.
After nearly a week of hit or miss service...
I'm back up and running!!

Let's celebrate with a blog post, shall we?!

I've been putting together some ideas for Valentine's Day...
and thought it would be fun to share with you my typical process for determining a color palette.

Valentine's Day 2013 - Color Inspiration

This is my starting point.
The final outcome can vary considerably.
But this gives me a good foundation to get me going...
and also serves as something fun to continue referring back to along the way.

I'd love to know what you are doing for Valentine's Day!!
Any special plans?

Be sure to stay tuned for some cute Valentine's Day ideas
and watch the blog this week for a giveaway you won't want to miss!!

Sources of items shown here:
Paper Flag Punch - TomKat Studio Shop
Polka Dot Tissue Paper - Hallmark
Pink Fiskar Scissors - Office Depot
- White Embossed Swirl - The Paper Company
- Embossed Gold Dot
- Yellow/Gold Card Stock - Iced Cocoa (Canvas Texture :: Coredinations Foundations)
- Dark Pink - Lotus Flower (Canvas Texture :: Coredinations Foundations)
- Light Pink - Pastel Pink (Smooth Texture :: Coredinations Foundations)

Embarrassing moment: (even though no one was around)
I was SO frustrated by my internet being down last week...
after the 100th phone call to my internet provider...
being on hold for 40 minutes every phone call...
being disconnected numerous times...
and ultimately getting nowhere day after day...
I actually threw/slammed my iPhone down on my desk
and broke a key right off of my keyboard! 
Not. good.
(Don't tell J)
And yes...
I do get mad.
But it's not really who I am most of the time...*blushing*

I'm thrilled to be back up and running.
I'm sure my keyboard and phone are too! *wink*

1 comment:

Renee said...

Oh, Jessica, I am glad that your internet and phone are up and running.

This color palette is so yummy. Thanks for sharing the process with us. Think of all of the possibilities....I am sure you already have. Thanks, too, for all of the inspiration!!

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