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ELLA STYLE | Summer Fun on the Play Set

Wednesday, July 10

This happy girl LOVES being outside on her swing set.
We've spent some extra hours out there this Summer and on this particular day...
she really wanted some of her friends out there to swing with her...

Turn up the sound button and PUSH PLAY! 
Watch the 15 second Instagram Video I created...
(I love that you can hear the birds chirping in the background).

1. Giggling over the fact that "Cinderella" just wouldn't sit still in her swing.
2. Oops! "Brownie" and her pink pony fell out of their swing too.
3. Growing up too fast - she doesn't use her hands anymore for walking up or down the slide.
4. Build-A-Bears - "Brownie" actually belongs to Clara but since Clara has outgrown Brownie she's allowed Ella to temporarily care for her. "Cinderella" was a gift from Grandpa and Grandma on Ella's trip to Illinois with her dad.
5. Being a bit shy for some reason with me taking photos! (she's usually asking/telling me to take pictures of her) Ha!!
6. Ella can stand up and swing now too - with much caution at this point.
7. Getting ready to jump in her swing after carefully positioning and re-positioning her friends on their own swings.
8. Cute video showcasing Ella's super sweet personality! I love how this turned out.

Ella Style:
Ella is wearing +GapKids White Bermuda Shorts, Glitter Graphic Ice Cream T-Shirt and her hair is styled in a side-braided pony tail - tied off with a snippet of red gingham ribbon. (Such a small, simple detail I've always loved using on my girls).

I really encourage you to capture the simple things that make up your every day...
Your favorite coffee mug...
the outside activities you do with your family...
your children's favorite play things...
or even the shoes you are constantly tripping over.
I promise... you will miss seeing those shoes left out one day. *wink*

I typically go out in the mornings or after dinner with Ella...
this Florida heat is just too much in the middle of the day.

Ella's side-braided pony tail started coming out in the middle of playing.
I ended up re-doing it as a standard pony tail. (see photo 2)

Which by the way, Photo 2 is my favorite photo!
I think because it encapsulates everything we had going on that morning.
Ella's red cheeks, re-done hair, friends in the grass more often than in the swing
and her stuffed animals in her arms reminds me of how important they are to her - 
and how sweetly she cares for them and integrates them into her every day life.
She's such the sweetest!! 

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