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Tuesday, June 25

Just in case you haven't already heard the big news...
Instagram now has video capability!!

CLICK HERE to see the first on-the-go Instavideo I made over the weekend?
I know...not that impressive technically but cut me some slack - this is all still new to me! *wink*

It's similar to the concept Vine offered
with the following key (& fabulous) differences:
- 15 sec video vs. 6 seconds that Vine offered.
- 13 video filters vs. ZERO filters from Vine.
- loads straight to your Instagram feed.

and if you've already started your own Instavideos...
here are some fun links to look at to improve your Instavideo experiences and just for fun:
- Discover your favorite celebrity videos 
- Turn your "auto play" feature off if you don't want videos to automatically start playing...
  (Go to "Settings" and then "Preferences")

Want to get started creating your own Instavideos? 
UPGRADE to the latest version of Instagram right here:

If you don't already follow me on Instagram...
you've got an open invitation to keep up with my life behind-the-blog!
Click right here or just search for me on Instagram: @pnpflowers

My actual VERY FIRST on-the-go video was of my first visit to Mellow Mushroom.
Unfortunately, the battery on my phone was low before I started recording and it died before I finished.
We then went to Le Macaron right after Mellow Mushroom so I was only able to charge my phone in the car for about 10 minutes as we were driving. I wasn't sure I would get it filmed and posted before my phone died again. Lucky for me the timing of it all worked out...just barely!!

Lesson? Make sure your battery is fully charged so you don't have to be so freaked and stressed out about capturing a momentous occasion that you sacrifice video quality! *frown*

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