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RECiPE RADAR | Sweet Potato Chips

Monday, June 24

I've got some mini sweet potatoes sitting on my kitchen counter...
waiting to be turned into something fabulous!

I know just what I'm going to make with them!

Sweet Potato Chips

I found a few pretty photos and recipes on Pinterest to perhaps inspire you to make some too...

I love all of the different seasoning options out there!!
Thinking I'll be creating a Baked Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Sweet Potato Chip first.
Then...since I know I already love Sweet Potato Fries with Rosemary...
I'll be trying out some Baked Sea Salt and Rosemary chips too.

I can't wait to try these out and report back my findings!
If you've got a sweet potato chip recipe you think I might like...share away!
I'd love to hear back from you!

Before you go...
be sure to check back this afternoon to find out who the WINNERS are for the "Sweet Love" Collection Giveaway announced on Friday!

I officially went off of my Whole30 program this weekend!
I didn't make it the entire 90 days as I had originally intended...darn it all
but after being 100% committed over the last 70+ days...
(even while I was on a family vacation - really super hard by the way)...
I absolutely had/have no regrets!
I'll let you know how I "went out" later this week...
and give you an update on the progress I've been able to make!

And guess what?
As of today...I'm already back to following the Whole30 program again!
I still have goals that need to be met and I can't quit until I reach them!
The end! *wink*

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