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unintentional inspiration...

Friday, January 29

unintentional inspiration...

i adore it.
it's one of those moments when you accidentally stumble across something you weren't really looking for...

and you leave completely inspired.

that's what happened yesterday.

randomly clicking on links to other links led me to this:

an adorable design concept, don't you think?
cardvelopes? so cute.
LOVE the colors on this and the illustrations.
and this is actually a free download...
so go and get it HERE!

but that was just the beginning.
i was intrigued by natalie jost and her blog.
she's got LOTS of fun things to look at.

i skimmed through her "tutorials"...
for instance:

but wait...
it gets even better...

i was completely intrigued by the items she offers in her etsy shop.

want the icing on all of this designer cake?

she's got a store too.
"olive manna"...
a name created by the combination of her three daughter's names:
olivia, emma & audrey anna
so cute.

you should definitely take a minute...
or five...
or twenty...
and go browse through her sites.
LOVE her.

LOVE unintentional inspiration.
don't you?

Happy Friday - hug the weekend...

Keeping It Real: (completely unrelated to this post - merely a follow up)

Remember me mentioning yesterday that I was going to cross off one of my "before birthday goals"?
Goal #26: pay for someone else's order at the drive-thru.
I forgot to do it!
Can you believe it!?
& we'll conveniently skip over the reason why i was even AT a drive thru twice in one day. *wink*
So, anyway...
I DID redeem myself.
I ended up paying the tolls for two people behind me on the toll road.
That was pretty cool.
Such a small thing.
But such a big impact on me.
I could get addicted to that feeling. *wink*
I'll have another drive-thru opportunity today - I WON'T forget this time.


Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Thanks for sharing your inspiration here. :o) I love the idea of paying for someone else as a random surprise. I'm going to copy you and do that the next time I'm in a drive-thru! Enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

these valentines are so cute! i love that i accidentally stumbled upon them here!

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